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    NRA President David Keene Pens a Reasonable Defense of the AR15

    Thanks Westfair for posting that video - that was incredible. But I was watching the former marine cpl who posted the letter to Feinstein, and he brought up a point when the CNN interviewer mentioned something about Feinstein's willingness to protect hunting and sporting rights - he said, and...
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    This might be the last decade for the 2nd Amendment

    I didn't read every response so forgive me if this is redundant, but I see where the OP is coming from and don't 100% disagree with him or Alaska. Since the AWB and the damage it did to the Dem majority, only the most fervent of antis in congress were willing to discuss the issue of gun control...
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    Article: Gun Control Doesn't Survive Christmas

    I definitely disagree with the article. Obama now has nothing to lose. He's won a second term and is essentially done running elections, he "won" the fiscal cliff debate with the raising of taxes and virtually no dent in spending - he's going to take his clout for a ride and see who else besides...
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    Private sales background checks

    The thing is, putting in place any number of background checks would not have prevented this tragedy. You will never be able to legislate crazy out of the population.
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    So much for the promise Ruger will fix their firearms

    I have to say I agree with most of the posts here - 25-50K rounds is a lot. They could have easily said that the problems with the gun were normal wear and tear, and we can get you a new one at retail 699. So they're offering you 310 dollars for a very well used, dysfunctional firearm. I'm...
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    XCR or AR15 + mods?

    GoTigers has the right idea. If you're goal is to prepare for the worst of times, you're focusing too much on one situation. If there is a true SHTF scenario, running out of food and water is going to be a statistically more relevant dire strait than single handedly scouring the countryside...
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    Tell me the good and bad of the S&W M&P15 magpul

    I have an M&P 15, had it for a couple of years now and it's been nothing but great. If you can get a discount on one then it's that much better. The MOE version comes already loaded with a few upgrades which is nice, the only downside being that the handguard doesn't allow you to attach a...
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    Should I get a survival rifle?

    IMO, the only reason you ever need to justify the purchase of a new firearm is that you want one! ;) I never thought I was a rifle guy until well before obama was elected I decided to get an AR before prices went up and Obama potentially outlawed them - then I got hooked. So be warned.
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    Berreta 92fs????

    Does anybody still like them? Heck yeah! My beretta 92FS was the first pistol I bought on my own and still have it - it's what I compare everything else to. Yes it's big and heavy, but man is it nice to shoot. Never had an issue with mine - absolutely love it.
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    Sig 556 worth the $$$$???

    I have a 556 Patrol SWAT - got it about a year ago as prices on them dropped. For what I paid for it I love it - love the trigger, I like the balance of the patrol swat - haven't had any probs with it so far. At the price they were originally charging: 1500 - 1800 I don't know, but for around 1k...
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    David Fortier's gathering of gun writers

    Great video Sturm - what an awesome event to get to go to.
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    The best survival rifle Cartridge

    A "survival" situation can take on many meanings. To some, weathering a job loss is a survival situation, to others it means the governments' chem trails leading to the zombification of the masses, and only those with the right combination of AR accessories are immune. In my world, the best...
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    how many duplicates do you own?

    my wife and I have Glock 19s and she has a G26 - so their is some redundancy there. I have a sig 229 and I want to get a 229 e2 so that I have a second pistol that can use it's mags. I used to not think about redundancy until recently - now it's a little more of a priority.
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    Sen Chuck Schumer on "Meet The Press"

    I hate these situations where certain politicians force us to defend our rights and freedoms, using a tragedy like this as a backdrop, so it is spun that as a community we're a bunch of heartless gun mongers, when in reality the fact that this tragedy occurred had nothing to do with...
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    Giffords shooting / mass murder

    Thanks for posting that John - thankfully he had the presence of mind not to draw and open fire on the guy holding the gun who was not the shooter. This is exactly why even though we have the responsibility to protect ourselves and those around us, we cannot act in haste - this guy made the...
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    Giffords shooting / mass murder

    Just from what I've read so far and have heard in some of the interviews, it seems that the citizens in the immediate area were not armed, and those who were armed came onto the scene after the gunman was tackled and disarmed. From an armed citizen perspective (whether concealed or open), I...
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    Shooting Games?

    I understand where oldbear is coming from. Owning, maintaining and becoming proficient with a firearm is a serious endeavor and shouldn't be taken lightly. At the same time, you can be responsible and still have fun. If shooting were a chore, many of us wouldn't be so enthusiastic about it. But...
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    A Good Folder Knife

    I am a big Kershaw fan - right now my EDC is a Kershaw Blackout - an assisted opener, decent blade, has retained it's edge through various uses, is light in the pocket and has a clip. I've also carried a RAM and a Needs Work G10 - I'll rotate them depending on my mood. I keep a Blur in each car...
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    AK Muzzle Device Video Comparison- Slant, Tapco 74-Style (in HD)

    Paul - great video and well thought out demonstration of the differences. I like that you included no brake at all in your demo - helped put things into perspective - nicely done.
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    a garand question

    Thanks for the info everyone - that helps out a lot. Decisions...Decisions...Decisions