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    Forward assist question

    I don't think the AR charging handle works that way. It really won't 'push' and it's a nice way to break a handle.
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    Do you oppose Scumer-Toomey-Manchin amendment?

    "Shall not be infringed." Elegant, no?
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    David Kopel on Toomey-Manchin (It's worse than we think)

    Thanks for posting that. I'm spreading it around.
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    Will "the panic" end before 2016?

    It'll either end or there will be an AWB before 2016. There is going to be an election panic every presidential election.
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    Are you an active member of the NRA?

    Yes, I am an active member. I have the hat, cards, and all that stuff.
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    Ak FTE, is it a mag problem?

    Try different mags. That's how you'll figure it out.
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    What has changed since 94'?

    The first thing that has changed is the gun community. Guns have never been more mainstream than at any point before the nation became urbanized. We have had a time when we lost a major component of our rights. We don't want it to happen again. We now realize just how easily it can all go away...
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    I am writing a paper and need help

    John Lott: More Guns Less Crime.
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    Aussie visiting the South in April - what to see

    I don't know much, but if you watch Gun Gripes, or anything else by Iraqveteran8888 (gun gripes, we'll shoot your stuff, etc...), then you can see them in person. Moss Pawn is in Georgia. Enjoy your time here!
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    Hasta la vista AWB!

    Well done, everybody! That's the kind of turnout and activism I like to see. We must be forever vigilant. More importantly, we sent a message that we will not be ignored or trivialized.
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    Studying The High Road

    I'll bite. A PM will be coming in seconds.
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    Ak style pistol grip

    You can do it, but AK and AR grips attach differently to the rifle. Go with the Troy grips. Just one question: wouldn't a traditional style AK grip potentially be too short and narrow to work properly on an AR?
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    THR member talking gun laws on Huckabee

    Great! You handled yourself well on television and made very cogent arguments for our cause. Is this something that you do professionally, or at least regularly?
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    whats a heavy weapon?

    Small arms is a general imprecise term for a weapon that a single footsoldier carries and uses. It’s everything from pistols to GPMG’s, although the definitions vary depending on which military is using the term. Heavy weapons are things that are normally handled by crews and not carried by...
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    The faces of THR

    Wow, serious zombie thread! It’s been dead since before I was a member. I resurrected this one because there was another thread about getting to know the faces of THR. Jorg kindly gave a link to this thread, so the necromancy was performed. Anyway, this is me on a typical day, plugging away on...
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    What do the fellow members look like?

    I don’t think that avatars are necessary. I actually like the utilitarian streamlined interface. Thanks for weighing in on this, Jorg. I didn’t know that we even had a picture thread.
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    how are things different this time from the previous AWB?

    This is my attempt at explaining it. The gun rights movement has never been this strong. AWB94 came off of a long trail of antigun victories such as NFA34, GCA68, and FOPA86.There was much less vocal opposition to the ban. Bill Ruger was the most infamous of the high profile gun people who...
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    Crime Stats: UK versus USA
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    Biden Lies - Imagine That.......

    A politician lied. Who wuddathunkit?