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    kahr ejector

    There should be two pins and the one nearest the extractor has to be positioned correctly. Beyond that, make sure the tunnel in the slide is clean and free of any burrs. Regards, Greg
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    1911 Picture Thread: 2019 Edition

    My Springers Regards, Greg
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    Question for Kahr owners

    In a fully functional Kahr pistol, the striker is not under striker spring tension when it protrudes from the breech face. The end of the striker spring does not push directly on the striker, rather it pushes on the striker spacer. The spacer has some travel, front to back, in the striker body...
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    Two MkIIs

    Nice! :) Regards, Greg
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    Question for Kahr owners

    I'd say normal. At the end of it's forward travel, the Kahr striker is not under any spring tension. It's possible for the striker to rebound back into the slide when dry firing (especially if the trigger is being held back). Regards, Greg
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    Browning Buckmark issues

    Any chance that the barrel retaining screw is not snugged down?
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    Size difference between S&W Shield in 9mm v. 45 ACP?

    From here: "My .40 S&W Shield’s slide measures .902 at the widest point, while the slide on the M&P45 Shield is .953 inches." I can't find my accurate caliper at the moment. Using the one I did find, I'm confident at .90" for my 9mm Shield's...
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    I shot it loose, now what

    Excellent suggestion :)
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    Remington 10mm hunter

    My R1S has a firing pin block (series 80 style). Regards, Greg
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    CZ Love! Pic Thread

    My 75 B ..with Kadet kit The 82 Regards, Greg
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    Remington 1911 R1

    +1 on a Kimber conversion, no fuss or fitting:) My trigger had a slight catch/gritty feel. I found a burr/flashing and a deformed spot along the top edge of the slot in the frame for the trigger block lever; removing/fixing that smoothed the trigger out. Regards, Greg
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    Diamondback DB9-the best pocket 9mm?

    How are the current DB9s holding up for you folks that have them? I had one about three years ago. It would break the ends off the trigger return springs every so often. Then the trigger spur snapped off, followed shortly by the replacement trigger spur doing likewise. The second time DB...
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    Finally finished with my custom Ruger MkII. Pics

    There's an interesting read in the paragraph titled "1996" on this page that suggests Ruger allowed AMT to keep producing the 25/22 Lightning rifle. If you haven't already seen it, this site links to some old...
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    Finally finished with my custom Ruger MkII. Pics

    The factory trigger on some Mark 1/II pistols (those with adjustable sights) came with an "over travel" adjustment screw. The procedure to adjust it is cumbersome: Text from the now defunct: "Overtravel Adjustment of the Ruger Mark...
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    Project Mannlicher Custom is done!

    Gorgeous rifle, well done sir! Regards, Greg
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    My grail gun

    Congrats PaPaG :) Fred Fuller said it better than I could have, so I'll just quote him (with my thanks). Regards, Greg
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    R1 in polished stainless

    Nice!, I really liked that MMC sight back in the day. Regards, Greg
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    Ruger MK III or Browning Buckmark for traget use?

    If you haven't seen them before, you might want to try the magazine adjustments on this page: As to the Ruger 22/45/Buck Mark 5.5 question: I'd go with the 5.5 simply because they are harder to find. That said, I think you would be well served...
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    Another Custom Glock By Gorilla Gunworks

    Nicely done! Regards, Greg