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    Gunderson Electronic Scale

    I am in need of help from anyone who knows about or can point me in the direction of more information about Gunderson electronic powder scale & measuring device. I have checked the archives here and Googled my brains out trying to find any information. Any help at all will be appreciated.
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    .357 or .45

    General Geoff even tho I dont reload that particulerly hot of a round in my 686 that load can be safely done.
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    20 Gauge: Tell me about it.

    My HD gun is a Mossberg 500 in 20 gauge. Finding a good HD round in 20 isn't that hard. At close range just about anything coming out of the barrel will make you dead or wish you were. IMHO there is nothing better than a shotgun for CQ HD.
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    Bersa Thunder 380

    Love my Bersa. Ok! It's my wifes Bersa ,but I still love it. Also if your interested you can get some wrap around rubber on that grip. My hands aren't real big so the grips feel really nice in my hand.
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    How reliable is the 1911 platform?

    I have never had a 1911 fail me and it not be my fault. I've owned 16 of them in a 13 year period. I love the platform. It's the best one for me and thats all that counts.
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    Why doesn't anybody make a real 1911-A1?

    My comment was to the guys who speak as if the only good 1911 was made in the 30's and that new 1911's just never work. As to the original poster Colt's WW1 1911 is as much like JMB's original design as your likely to find. If I was you I would save few more dollars and go that route. Also I...
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    Best .380 ACP Ammo?

    I like 90gr. corbon hp. Those little suckers got some pop. Some of you guys talk about getting shot with a HP as if it's a walk in the park. I can see it now. Ha HA little man i can't believe you actually think you could hurt me with any thing less than a FMJ in .380. I will squash you for...
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    Why doesn't anybody make a real 1911-A1?

    Driving me nuts Some of you guys drive me nuts with your "They just don't makem like they used to guff". Please!!! I'm 34 and not old by any count , but I've owned a few 1911's. The count now is 16 1911's in 13 years and I would like to say that I have never, I repeat never had all the problems...
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    Lee 45acp die problems, I'm going nuts!!!

    Red dog you need to flare the case mouth more.
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    243 107gr charges?

    Bill I'm sorry to say I don't know squat about the .243. I just wanted to say hi to a new member and say someone who does know something about .243 will probably be by soon.
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    Petite wife possibly interested in a small HD pistol – guidance requested

    I recently took my wife to shoot a Bersa .380 I bought some time back for her. It was her first time shooting it. She liked it really well. Loaded with 90 Grain CorBons I believe it will do the job nicely for home defense. Also I bought aftermarket rubberized finger groove grips. Well worth the...
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    Best way to remove stuck bullet?

    I had the same problem about a month or so ago. Mine was a .45 in a 3.5 in. barrel. I used a old cleaning rod section and a gunsmithing mallet and it came right out. Scared the crap out me. Luckly for me it didn't go far enough in the barrel to chamber the next round because when it went off it...
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    CZ-527 Carbine in .223

    I can agree on the spring strength. Loading that last round was surprisingly more diffecult than I thought it should have been.
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    CZ-527 Carbine in .223

    As I push the bolt forward the round tries to lift up to quickly and starts to feel like I'm pushing rusty nails through it. It's like that first round to the last. I believe the mag is the problem but the bolt has more play than I believe it should. I already took it back to the dealer and he...
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    CZ-527 Carbine in .223

    I need to know if any one has had feeding issues and if so how was CZ about correcting the problem? Also when I bought the rifle I thought the bolt felt pretty smooth but when I got the range and started having problems the bolt felt pretty sloppy. Thank you for any possible help.
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    Can you safely back out a live primer?

    SR if you don't want to mess with loading those cases why don't you just wait till you get your pistol back and drop your primed cases in the cylinder and fire the primers. That way instead of doing something that could be potentially dangerous you don't have to be careful you can just be safe...
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    Measuring groups

    I like to use 3 or 5 shot groups and then measure from the center of the furthest hole to the next furthest hole. Good shooting.
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    1911 not going back into battery

    Rock Steady it's possible that your putting to much flare on the case mouth. Reduce case mouth flare or buy a Factory Crimp Die from Lee. Happy reloading.
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    Experiences with the Lee Classic Turret Press?

    Cabelas has them cheap I know some of the places that have been recomended have good deals but cabelas has the best I've seen so far.Here is their ad. "You won't find a more versatile, solidly built automatic press for a price this low anywhere. The long stroke permits work on rifle cases...
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    Difficult "Gun Nut" Quiz - Have fun

    5/10 I got the 5 easy ones. The movie questions are bogus.