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    .45 Colt? Who Changed the Diameter?

    Colt changed it just before WWI when they started making the 1911 Government Model; and for the reason Old Fluff states, commonality of barrel making tooling. In any case very few guns were made by Colt using the smaller bore size - because nobody wanted to buy one. SAA production was rarely...
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    Black Powder In a 1911 45 ACP

    Possible - definitely. For how many shots I'm not certain, I wouldn't plan on needing a new magazine before I had to clean the gun. Black Powder leaves MUCH more ash & residue behind, which will eventually prevent the slide from cycling properly and the pistol will jam. Just don't know if it...
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    what is that little beige envelope??

    Did it perhaps have a fired cartridge case inside for those areas that require one to be sent to law enforcement before the gun is sold?
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    Model 53 22 Jet need some help

    Not quite right, the FIFTH screw was on the sideplate, the FOURTH screw is at the front of the trigger guard. From the pictures I can't tell if the fourth screw is there or not, so it could be either a 3 or 4 screw revolver.
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    2 problems with first Reloads

    You did right with the 45 ACP, you started with the starting powder load, now you work up towards the maximum load which is identified as 5.3 grains for your bullet. So load up 10 cartridges with 4.4 grains of 231, and 10 cartridges with 4.6 grains of 231, 10 with 4.8 grains, and 10 with 5.0...
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    Lead-free shooting is expensive: a hard and fast rule?

    What it really comes down to is lead is cheap. You try to replace it with another metal and you have to pay more, whether copper or bismuth or one of the tungsten materials. You have to pay more for the basic material to make the bullets, and it takes more energy & effort to form bullets out of...
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    Dillon 550B vs RCBS Pro 2000

    The APS strips do load much easier and faster than the tubes. When I bought my Pro-2000 it came with a selection of APS strips (different sizes and colors so you can have large pistol strips be easily different than large rifle) and the tool to load the APS strips. This tool is just a big square...
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    Ignorant Question

    S&W has much weirdness in it's model number system, none as much as with the 45 Colt/45 ACP guns. Until after WWII, S&W only made 45 caliber guns as special order. After the war the Model of 1950 was available in three calibers, most were 44 Special, some were 45 ACP and a few were 45 Colt. The...
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    Ruger, Old and New??

    The "new" Vaquero uses a smaller cylinder frame and cylinder and cannot handle the "Ruger Only" 45 Colt loads listed in the reloading manuals. It is a throwback to the old 3-screw 357 sized guns, including using the old grip frame size (XR3, instead of the later XR3-RED). It is very similar in...
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    RCBS Pro 2000

    I've had my RCBS Pro-2000 for 5 years now, and it's still going strong. I haven't used another progressive as when I was looking I decided on the Pro-2000 for it's APS priming, 5 stations and manual indexing being the key features. Unlike spencerhut I like the spent primer catcher bottle, a...
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    Pistols Powders - When Introduced?

    Handloader magazine has had a long running column on individual powders, which cartridges each is best known for, structure, chemistry and history. So buying one of the Handloader DVD sets would be a good place to start. Many reloading manuals also contain articles on powders, and there have...
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    Origin of buckshot, and size?

    Here's a link to a shot size chart. Note that European and U.S. sizes aren't always the same. And steel shot is the same diameter as lead shot, but lighter in weight so that larger sizes are used when replacing lead shot. BB is a good size in lead for geese, but since we can't use lead anymore...
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    6.5 Carcano question

    The military 6.5 cartridges, whether Italian, Swedish or Japanese, used 160 grain bullets which are very heavy for the caliber, and therefor long in length. Modern cartridges for hunting in these calibers are usually loaded with 120 and 140 grain bullets instead of the heavy 160 grain bullets.
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    Help First Revolver Id Needed S And W

    From the patent dates it sounds like a pre-WWII M&P K-frame. A picture would be great, does it have adjustable target sights, or just a groove along the top and a half-circle front sight? Can't really tell age as there isn't yet a good breakdown of year vs serial number for these guns, S&W never...
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    45-70 Help Needed

    I think your problem is with your crimp; inconsistent velocities like you are seeing are usually the result of inconsistent burning of the powder. With the light for caliber bullet you are using I think that you need a better crimp to hold onto the bullet to let the pressure rise faster and give...
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    a bit of history?

    Herters just sold other people stuff under the Herter name, they weren't manufacturers. Ideal was started by John Barlow in the late 1880's and was one of the first independent companies that just made equipment for reloaders. They published the first reloading manuals, made bullet molds, tong...
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    Which press more user friendly?

    By far the most user friendly progressive press is the RCBS 2000. Easiest to change die plate, just pull two pins and switch plates, then re-insert the pins; the powder measure is NOT mounted on the die plate so you don't need to mess with it when changing dies. Easiest to change shell plate...
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    reloading by grams?

    European reloading is done by grams, bullet weights, powder weights, all that we do in the US with grains they use grams. If you are using European reloading data, then use grams. If you are using US reloading data, use grains. You are much more likely to make a mistake trying to convert your...
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    Question on the .357 Magnum

    Case body crimp to prevent the bullet from being pushed further into the case. This is sometimes done to ammunition that is meant for tube magazine rifles so that the recoil when a shot is fired and subsequent impacts inside the tube magazine among the cartridges don't push the bullets into the...
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    .41 Mag

    Walkalong Get a Redding profile crimp die. I screwed up one time and reloaded 10 cartridges without any powder in them. When I fired them off the bullets never moved; the primer backed out and tied up the gun which was a pain but the crimp held onto the bullet. I just don't think that any...