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    Ammo Chess Set

    without a doubt, the single coolest set of chess pieces I have ever seen.
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    Bad time at a Gun Shop in CO

    yeah, GMG has gone to pot as of late. The last couple of times I've been there, I was highly disappointed. Not to long ago I was looking to either sell or trade one of my nicer AR's. long story short, they offered me $400 cash/trade value for a gun that's has $400 leupold glass on top, and...
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    Any shooters/hunters in Hawaii?

    @rideandcarry: I'm not military, my wife is an army doctor and she's being stationed at trippler. We've already been talking to as many military people as we can about the island. @HUD: thank you for the link, very useful. I am aware of the gun laws in hawaii, not to happy about them, but...
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    Any shooters/hunters in Hawaii?

    I'm going to be moving to hawaii (oahu specifically) the first of july, can anyone point me to any good shooting ranges/clubs and are there any hunting opportunities? any and all help will be appreciated.
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    What else can be enjoyed like a fine gun?

    I appreciate a quality set of tools even more so than a fancy gun.
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    "Most displeased with gun" part 2

    most displeased: a ruger p95 I bought, every time I fired it the magazine dropped out. most pleased: Ruger Redhawk alaskan, it's just a joy to look at, to hold, and to shoot.
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    Deer processing

    you could always do what I did. get a job at a processing plant and work there for a year or two. I can render a deer from field to freezer in about an hour and a half now.
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    Anyone using Varget for .223?

    the combination of Varget and hornady 68grn BTHP's has been one of my favorites for quite a while. This combo has produced very good results for me. edited to add: my loads always crunched too, never gave me any problems though.
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    20 minutes in Illinois

    I grew up in southern illinois, and still go there a couple of times a year to see family. Illinois is not someplace I take any chances with firearms. It is a very unfriendly place with regards to firearms. Your best bet would be to case and lock them in the trunk.
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    what happens to your gun after a self defense shooting?

    should I be involved in a self defence shooting I don't KNOW what will happen, but what I EXPECT to happen, assuming I survive... My gun will be taken as evidence. I will probably spend some ammount of time in a holding cell, and be interviewed by police. I will have to apprear in court. I...
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    Total Number of Guns in the US

    I hope there are far more than the government thinks.
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    Reloading the 45 Colt?

    If you're loading lead bullets you want to keep the velocities less than 1000 fps to avoid 'leading' the barrel. I shoot a lot of 45lc, and I like a 255 FP pushed at about 900 fps.
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    US PASGT Torture Test

    don't forget to duct tape a couple extra plates to the front and ~in honor of geko45
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    Trading your Skills for Guns/Accesories

    I did a quick stamping job on a barrel and got 1000 primers for 2 minutes worth of work.
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    Everybody now.. what's your all time favorite gun slogan?

    "In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice."
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    Buying condo: Homeowners association rules prohibit hazardous, dangerous materials

    there's my vote, but I also can't imagine buying a place to live anywhere I could even see my nearest neighbors house.
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    Hot Water Blueing Kit?

    looks to be rust bluing, and rust bluing is a bit labor intensive. just FYI
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    Who here has used a gun in self defense

    only had to draw my gun once, and didn't need to discharge it to end the situation.
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    More Remington Golden Bullet woes with my Marlin 60

    my marlin 60, hates those cheap rem gold crap things too. they're dirty as hell, and have given me nothing but problems. switch to a little higher quality ammo, and the problem is likely to go away. it did for me anyway.
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    What gun for feral hogs?

    +1 on the puma 92 I've got one in 454, and it does the job very well.