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    Wolf Small Rifle Primers for AR

    Thanks to all I keep my rifles in good repair. The Jards use 3# springs. I tried a lighter spring and had one triple on me during an action shooting run. Replaced with the 3# spring and haven't had a problem since. I've done some research with other sources also, and the general...
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    Wolf Small Rifle Primers for AR

    Anyone have experience with Wolf Small Rifle Primers and/or Small Rifle Magnum Rifles out of AR? Wideners has a notation recommending SRM for semi-auto because the SR are copper, SRM is brass. I'm using match triggers and want to find that sweet spot where the primer ignites the powder...
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    Loading 357 Sig - Canted in Case?

    Thanks for the replies I took 3 steps that seem to have helped: 1) Backed off the OAL 5 thousandths to make sure the bullet seats to the "ledge" vs the tapered end of the projectile. I'm now loading at 1.145 - 1.148. 2) Reduced the bell slightly to limit the angle of seating entry. 3)...
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    Loading 357 Sig - Canted in Case?

    Hello, I'm trying to get my press (550B) set up properly for .357 SIG. I've loaded several rounds that show no pressure signs and seem pretty accurate, but a few of them are obviously canted in the Case. I've tried to keep the bell moderate, and the OAL is a little longer than normal (to...
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    Airsoft training

    +1 on Airsoft... ...and the KWA line of Glock replicas. After a particularly cold, snowy and busy winter, most of my training for a 5 month period was Airsoft. After only a couple sessions I found that I was more accurate, faster shooting, and my hands were more skilled (rapid reloads and...
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    Rem. 870 Police Mag vs Mossberg 590A1?

    I have 3 590's... adult nephew has two of the 870's. Both are fine weapons in the hands of a competent operator. Safe shooting, CZ52'
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    On Fighting Shotguns....

    A new wrinkle on fighting practice... ...I think it relates to the topic, please move if not. I bought a 590 this winter to keep simple, lighter than the House 590 (no onboard light). Something to train with on the range. I was doing some drills with it (I'm satisfied that it's suitably...
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    My Mossberg 500 vs. Benelli findings...

    I have Nova's and 500's... well as 590's, a Win 1300 and a Beretta 1201FP. I don't own an 870 but my shooting partner has a couple...fine shotguns. The 500 disassembly takes some practice, but not hard to master. I find that most outings doesn't require that level of diligence in...
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    Anyone use a 12ga for plinking?

    If speed drills on steel counts... ...yup, 7.5 or 8 Birdshot on heavy Steel Challenge plates is a hoot...quick way to burn up some ammo' and keep sharp :D. Safe Shooting, CZ52'
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    Remington/Mossberg? 12ga/20ga?

    Ergonomics I'm a short-armed short fingered full-figured shooter. I prefer the Mossy to the Remington but an 870 is without a doubt a fine weapon. The Mossy fits me and feels best as Dave mentioned because of the location of the safety and action release lever. I like the Ghost Ring sights...
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    What is the best shotgun you ever had?

    Higgins Model 20...recently had to replace the barrel...sweet action, but place of honor is because it was my Father-in-Law' man I ever knew, or ever will know...
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    Fitting a Mossberg 500

    Thanks, and an update I was off on a business trip...just getting caught up. Ran into the kid at the Range about a week ago. He went with the Hogue full length. He has to take more of an aggressive "boxer's stance", but he did notice a marked reduction in felt recoil. Hopefully this will...
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    Online Source for Replacement Adjustment Caps?

    Clarification I'm not really looking to replace the knob, just find the twist-on protective caps...not a huge big deal...just haven't been able to locate anything on line that would work. Thanks, CZ52'
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    Online Source for Replacement Adjustment Caps?

    Hello, I have a rifle on layaway with missing adjustment caps (my understanding is that it's a Browning Scope made by Bushnell). Interested in finding an online retailer that might be able to replace the caps...3rd party after-market that fit would be fine. Thanks in advance, CZ52'
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    annoying glock fanboy

    From a Glock guy... ...that isn't the kind of service you deserved. I find that Glocks are terrific for shooters. Work well for carry/competition/SD. They can be made to rock and with the right load, can be quite accurate. They aren't "match accurate" like some pistols and ergonomically...
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    Being Fundamentally Lazy is Fun

    Check out this thread IIRC, 14 total compliance parts in your 7.62x39, you can't have more than 10 foreign parts. Typically, the FCG (counts as 3 parts), grip, and buttstock are popular compliance swaps as quality US versions are...
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    AK-47 Scope & Mount

    I have the low mount which works well with a Dot (e.g. EOTech). I have the High Profile also which gives a little more clearance for a Rifle Scope with larger Objective. Good luck! CZ52'
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    Fitting a Mossberg 500

    Thanks, I sent an e-mail to Mossberg and I replied looking for clarification on the part #. Hopefully they have something that can help the kid get the right fit and I'll keep researching the recoil pads. So far the Limb Saver pre-fit looks the best. Thanks again, CZ52'
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    Whose worse? Glock Homers or XD Homers

    Just get a Homers... ...are the worst. Steve is dead on, as usual. Fit is everything with a firearm. I'd add eyesight to the list of changes. Also, as my skills have progressed, I've become less enamored with some of the accessories and customizations, etc. Some helped me along the road...
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    Let's See Some Pocket Gun Pics

    Pocket Carry Pants - pocket carry trade-offs From Cabelas, the Trail-Hiker has deep pockets, and small pocket strong side for righty without the "tactical look" of the 5.11 pants. My cell phone typically lives in the little pocket as "cover" for the pocket BUG. I try to keep a couple pair in...