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    Roguard and np3

    I had a Colt Mustang done by them - the outside was done in Roguard, the rest was done in np3 - both finishes turned out beautifully and the gun functions perfectly. Turn-around was within the time frame quoted. Very good experience and great results.
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    Looking for info on Colt Commander Series 80

    Seems a little high for an 95-90% gun. Of course your region might differ from the central plains.
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    Anyone use ammo from USA Ammunition?

    I quit using it about a year ago. Very poor quality control. I also found lots of irregularities in the brass itself.
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    What is the last gun that you bought?

    Walther PPS in .40 S&W
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    What is your most faithful pistol?

    HK P2000Sk in 40 S&W. I keep *trying* to like another, but the HK draws me back.
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    Walther PPS - finaly made my choice, here's my review

    Just got mine in .40 - out of the box I was able to keep it in the black easily. I *do* find that the trigger isn't the most comfortable, but then, this is a concealed carry gun - how my finger feels is 'way down on the priority list when it comes to having to use it. How conceal-able and how...
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    Taurus PT917

    Wonderful gun. I have one (in stainless). Accurate, easy on the hand and the eye. And one of the mags is a 20 rounder (extended base).
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    Input on small of back conceal carry

    I use a SOB holster - but I wear it behind my right hip. Works perfectly for me - but then I'm a 31 waist. Your Mileage May Differ.
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    M&P9 - anyone like?

    I have one in the compact form/factor. There's only one other gun in my collection which I like better in that size and it's an H&K P2000sk. Smith and Wesson got the M&P right in so many ways it's amazing.
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    dumb question - do soldiers go deaf?

    Couldn't resist. My great great grandfather (my family tends to have children late - looong generations) was a soldier in the Prusian Army, back in the formation fire days - he was deaf in one ear and he claimed that it was because the fellow who fired over his shoulder regularly held too close...
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    what do you carry?

    HK P2000sk or P2000 full sized - in .40 S&W
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    Gunbuster T shirt

    It was entirely a hypothetical. I seldom wear T-shirts in the first place - but as I was drifting off to sleep last night the idea came to me. I think it suggested itself to me as I remembered the poster showing two doors - one with a gunbuster sign on it; the other with a target full of...
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    Gunbuster T shirt

    If I wore a 'Gunbuster' T shirt, but carried a concealed handgun - would I be guilty of entrapment? Just thought I would throw that out there. :)
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    HK is it fair?

    You haven't seen me shoot apparently.
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    How many actually carry after permit arrives?

    Circumstances allow me to carry nearly all the time - so I do.
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    Colt Mustang vs. Sig p238 vs. other micro .380s

    Not really a scaled down 1911 - no toggle; it has a fixed barrel. No grip safety. Other differences. I made the major mistake of posting a question about the Colt on the 1911 board - I got a demerit or some-such, AND a reprimand from the fellow who rules that board. "Inappropriate posting to...
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    HK is it fair?

    HK's are like any premium line - part of the price IS the name - but it's still an HK if and when it comes time to sell it. I own and shoot everything from Ruger to HK - my top three carry guns are an HK, a S&W and a Taurus.
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    What .40 to buy?

    Springfield XD depending on where you find them.
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    used sig 239 price?

    Might check a current issue of a gun value book (can't remember the name of the one nearly everybody uses) - but in general, as I recall, you can knock off at least %10 of the retail price even if you just bought it. More realistically I would expect a good price to be about %15-%20 off, given...
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    Why are some short Barrel pistols accurate

    Ammo (and how it works in that particular handgun) will also have a significant effect on accuracy.