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    Loading 30 carbine

    My preferred cast bullet for the 30 carbine is the Lyman gas checked 311359 @ 115 grains. Both accurate and reliable cycling. Pic of cast and powder coated projectiles: Bayou52
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    Loading 30 carbine

    As per the Hogdon website, 15.0 grains of H110 would be a max and likely mimicking a full military power charge. This would be using a 110 grain FMJ projectile. Bayou52
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    It's 11-22-22. Let's see 'em.

    Taurus Tracker, 7 shot 22 LR. Vintage 1999: Bayou52
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    Is washing dirty range brass sufficient?

    Yes, giving the brass a bath works fine to clean and shine them. Best results are with dirty brass rather than severely tarnished brass for which tumbling is a better option. My brass bath recipe: a tablespoon or so of Dawn or Persil (even better), a few shakes of table salt, a couple...
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    Revolver or Auto, one pick only.

    Revolvers: S&W Models 27-2, 28-2, 66-1 and pre-model 10 all in 357, Ruger Models Security Six and Redhawk both in 357, Taurus Model 970 in 22 LR. Bayou52
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    Cast or Coated

    Yes, in fact, I cast hollow point projectiles for the 30-06. So that is one of my cast projectiles in the pic. They perform quite well! Bayou52
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    Cast or Coated

    I cast my own projectiles for: 38/357, 45acp, 30 carbine, 30-06 and 32 Win SPL. I powder coat for all of them, and the rifle bullets are additionally gas checked. I used to size and wax but PC'ing is a game changer and I use my little remaining sizing wax as flux in my casting pot. The PC'ed...
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    Wet Tumbler input

    I’ve been using a Thumlers Model B Hi-Speed for over 10 years now. No issues with the machine, and it produces a jewelry-like finish to the brass. I switched from the factory belts to equivalent sized O-rings. The O-rings last much longer than the factory belts, in my experience, and they are...
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    Let's See those Taurus Revolvers

    My one and only Taurus. It is a 1999 vintage Tracker model 970 in 22 long rifle. It’s a good shooter and a good performer. Pic: Bayou52
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    Where are Reloading Components Available/On Sale (Not a Discussion Thread, Link Required)

    Various primers have been restocked since my last post and noted to be without shipping and hazmat. Appears to be various Ginex and CCI: Bayou52
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    700X in 45ACP - handloads for the 1911

    700X is also my go-to fast pistol powder. With it, I load 45acp, 38spl, 380, 9mm. I even use it for lower powered and lower velocity 357. Metering has not been an issue with the RCBS Uni-Flow powder dispenser having the small volume cylinder installed. Bayou52
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    Where are Reloading Components Available/On Sale (Not a Discussion Thread, Link Required)

    Some primers in stock at American Reloading: Noted to be with free shipping and hazmat. Bayou52
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    Security Six grips?

    I purchased this Security Six in 1980 or so. Like the OP, the factory grips were way too small for my hand. So, at the same time that the Security Six was purchased, the shop owner had these substitute grips for sale. At that time, the cost was $19.00. They were made in the Philippines but...
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    Getting Back To Reloading After A 16 Year Hiatus

    Similar story here: I packed up all of my reloading stuff when we sold our original family home back in 1991. We moved to our new home later that year, and I didn’t unpack all of my reloading stuff until the year 2012 which was 21 years later. All the equipment was in perfect condition...
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    Random Gun Pics...let’s see how random we can make it

    Some unusual vintage ammunition from a long time ago. Typically used in 41 derringers in the 19th century. Pic: Bayou52
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    The perfect rifle: The 30-30

    DJ - I noted that the first model 94 pictured in your above post has a flat band. That is, the forward barrel band has a flat surface rather than usual and customary convex surface. These models are commonly known as “flat bands”. I have a flat band model 94 in 32 Winchester special that was...
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    The perfect rifle: The 30-30

    I reload 30–30 using the 160 grain Hornady FTX projectile as well. I use LVR powder also. I simply use the load that is printed on the front of the LVR canister, and that is 35.5 grains which is a compressed load. The published muzzle velocity for this load is 2389 ft./s. After putting this...
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    Remington model 550-1

    I also have a model 550–1, vintage 1954. The only time I ever had a hangup in cycling was when the stock nut came loose and the receiver was not bedded tightly into the stock. Other than this, that old rifle has never failed. Bayou52
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    Wet tumbling with ss pins

    What makes the Thumlers Tumbler so robust is that it is designed as a rock tumbler. As such, the motor and mechanism was designed to run continuously for weeks on end. My Thumlers Model B High Speed is 10 years old this month. Other than changing belts a couple of times, there have been no...