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    Crosman 1377 .177 cal pellet gun

    I haven’t posted here in a long long time but I noticed this thread and thought I could offer my two cents. I am a QA Tech at Crosman and inspect all of the custom shop 2300kt, 2400kt and 1300kt guns. I worked on the PCP line before taking my current position so I know my way around those as...
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    10mm the equivalent of the 41 - sheer BUFFOONERY

    Yup there you are I knew you wouldn’t be able to help yourself and post the same regurgitated internet garbage as you always have as Craig C pointed out. As all the others have pointed out the 10mm is not and never will be the equal of the .41 magnum no matter how many ways you slice it. Kinda...
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    Dumb hunting regulations

    I’ve never been cited for field dressing any game and I’ve had multiple encounters with DEC officers. The first thing I’ve done is always fill out my tag before touching the deer or turkey then field dress, that should always be done first, then field dress or transport. Of course you can’t have...
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    Dumb hunting regulations

    Can you point one or two out as you now have piqued my curiosity.
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    Bisley Valquero 357 5.5" barrel loads

    Fairly certain this only applies to the .45 Colt. The OP is asking about loads for a .357 magnum in which case he need not worry about what frame size he has as that gun will easily handle any .357 magnum ammo.
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    Dumb hunting regulations

    Other than what is defined as being legal for hunting big game with a handgun (any center fire cartridge .25 cal and larger) NY hunting regulations are quite reasonable. At least we’re not restricted to plugging our shotgun magazines so only three rounds can be carried while turkey hunting, or...
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    .41 Mag Association

    Thanks Domino.
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    .41 Mag Association

    Wow nice to see this thread is still alive and going strong, who would’ve thunk?
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    Not quite, the name 30-30 is a collaboration of Marlin and U.M.C since neither company wanted to have any reference of Winchester on their products. Not wanting to derail the thread but here is some very good Information on the 30-30 Now back to...
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    RIP RC Model sad news

    This is just terrible news indeed. Just as many that have replied to this sad news I too enjoyed his posts and fountain of knowledge. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. R.I.P RC model you will be greatly missed but not forgotten.
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    Any demand for obsolete cast bullets?

    It's hard to give you a answer not knowing what calibers, weights, and designs these molds are.
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    "00" or #4?

    Here are some good videos with #4 Buckshot. Watch and make an informed decision based on the info contained within.
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    If you were an LEO...

    I didn't vote in the poll, but the revolver worked for this guy in a monthly service pistol match.
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    1920's rifle ammunition question

    The .30 WCF/ 30/30 has been loaded by the factories over the years with quite a few different bullet weights. Here is pretty good article on the history of the 30/30 though it doesn't mention when the 150gr bullet, hope this is of some help to you. BTW that's nice saddle ring carbine you have...
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    Highest velocity in 38 w/158

    For (+P) loads in the .38 SPL I'm quite partial to Unique. It does very well with cast and swaged bullets and there's pages upon pages of data for it. Read this there is a lot of good stuff in here.
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    .38 spl hiking load recommendations

    Definitely go with the heavier 158gr bullet as penetration is key here, you never know what you will encounter so you need something that will make it to the pump house. My vote goes to the "FBI" load if you can find it in your area. I know at one time Remington used to produce a Solid 158gr SWC...
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    Introducing the 6.5-300 WBY

    Not sure if this has been posted before but I just ran across this, all I can say is wow:eek:
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    .41 Mag Association

    Update In case anyone is interested Starline is doing another run on .41 Special brass.
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    BLACKHAWK grip spacer...?

    I had the same problem, those cheese grater suck. I ended up getting some rosewood stocks from here Ref#3277 they are much better than the factory stocks, hope this is helpful.
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    considering a full size revolver

    +100, my thoughts exactly, and even more so with this