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    Anyone here use a Liberty Fatboy or Fatboy jr. safe??

    I'll just leave this here.....
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    Help needed with Graffunder decision (c-series vs e-seires)

    Sounds like you're concerned about burglary. I'd skip the Graffunder, look at a gun safe with a real burglary rating, and spend half the money. AMSEC has the largest selection with three in their current line up. Hollon also has a TL-15 and TL30x6.
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    Mold in my vault

    "Fixing" these types of problems are usually much more difficult that simply doing it right during the construction process. If you consulted with a "professional", I would get them out there to rectify their problem.
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    Why even have a safe at all? Or just carry insurance?

    There is no deduction for an individual buying a safe to store tax records. If you are a business the safe could be an ordinary business expense regardless of what you store within. There are a few exceptions for individuals being able to deduct a safe, one of which is being a police officer.
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    How much safe is enough?

    In a residential setting, I think most "typical" gun safes are good up to $25K or so. Residential risks are much lower than commercial risk when it comes to the safe being a target. Over $25K and you should be using multiple smaller safes or a better built single safe.
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    How much safe is enough?

    From a company that deals in security safes. Although they do not always advertise much, there are always some around you. Every bank, jewelry store, etc. uses them for their security needs. If you can't find one using Google, just ask your bank who they use the next time you are in. As far...
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    Locating old safes

    1) Find safe company that services your area. 2) Call that safe company 3) Ask them if they sell old used safes There are companies smaller than mine, and companies larger than mine. On average, I probably have 100 used safes at any given time. Surely there is somebody near you with...
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    Advise on problem.

    This is a good example about how a safe can kill an amateur mover. Be thankful it was a small safe and nobody was hurt.
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    New gun safe suggestions

    Depends. Does your $2,500 safe have a lock with a time delayed opening? Many commercial safes have this feature for the very reason you describe.
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    Hollon Reserve

    I sell Hollon safes. So long as you can see what you're buying ahead of time, it's a decent product for the money.
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    Need Safe Help

    Call your friendly local safe professional. Likely not the guy who sells gun safes, although some real safe guys do. Ask them about their preowned inventory, specifically a double door document safe. These usually have UL ratings (real fire ratings, and will far outperform a gun safe), will...
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    High Security Gun Safes

    In change so that they waste their time trying to abscond with it instead of shoving it in their pocket and continuing to attack your safe. ;)
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    High Security Gun Safes

    They both make a quality product. We don't see nearly as many Inkas safes as we do AMSEC, but AMSEC is a much larger company with a much wider variety.
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    High Security Gun Safes

    None of the new high security gun safes (not counting the Graffunder) are purpose-built. They are all converted commercial safes. The only difference is that the manufacturer is sending them out with an interior instead of a third party, and perhaps giving it a different paint job than their...
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    High Security Gun Safes

    There is a huge difference between a C rate and a safe with a TL rating. I also wouldn't rule out converting another brand (there are many companies who offer TL rated units), or even a used safe. We just sold a used TRTL30x6 for $8,000 that would have made a heck of a gun safe.
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    SAFE Cracking Question

    Yes. Just about every high security safe will be designed to prevent excessive force on the handle to travel through the bolt work. They're OK. We sell several brands new, and sell just about everything else used. When I'm dealing with a customer I assess their total situation prior to...
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    SAFE Cracking Question

    It would ultimately depend on the design of the safe. There are surely some safes that could be opened by forcing the handle. I even encountered a very high end safe recently, a much older model, that had this weakness. If one of the two locks were left unlocked, hitting the handle hard with...
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    Safe for large handgun collection

    There are some gun safe manufacturers that offer their regular gun safe in an all shelf configuration.
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    Safe in a dank location

    A slightly thicker version is available at the local farm supply stores. Called stall mat. We use it regularly for this very purpose.
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    Help choosing a gun safe

    Nothing that is sold in the sub $1,000 range will keep anybody out for hours. Minutes perhaps. Half an hour if they're really lazy. Hours if they're just using their bare hands.