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    MFFRet, Check out these grips for the european mag release P220: Walnut grips by Sile at a great price.
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    schucks. no more firearms forum at democraticunderground

    What ever happened to Mr. Benchley? I miss his posts in the gungeon.
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    What handguns do you have two of?

    Two Colt 1991NRM's .... and 5 more 1911's (2 Colts, 1 Kimber, 1 SA, 1 Caspian)
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    Welcome back THR

    THR has been sort of funky today. Wouldn't let me post in Round Table and several people's post counts are way off.
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    SigArms is doing well in the US

    I agree with ttbadboy. I'd like to see the 550 and 551 for civilians. Also can't wait til the x5 and mosquito hit the dealer shelves.
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    Humor: Range mishap caught on tape.

    It was two shots. And why did he rack the slide after standing up?
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    What is your first planned firearm purchase for 2005?

    Mine wasn't planned. I saw a deal on a Beretta 92 Vertec that I just couldn't pass on. Got it yesterday.
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    The High Road Stats

    I've never thought this site was slow. You wanna see slow go to .
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    Who cares what amount the US pledges? What counts is what are we doing. While the UN is having meetings and isuuing press releases our military is there with the Australians delivering food, water and emergency supplies. For a better idea of what is actually happening go here...
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    One way to photograph a gun

    On the advice of a gunsmith friend, I repaired the cracked buttstock of a shotgun with Brownells' Acraglass bedding compound. According to him, the repaired crack is now stronger than the rest of the stock.
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    This is so sad it's funny!

    Jeff K Welcome to The High Road! I lurk over at DU on occasion and just noticed I haven't heard from Mr. Benchley in a while. He usually posts in the gungeon. Do you know what's up? I hope he's OK.
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    I have made up my mind....

    I just picked one up at Gander Mountain. The store in Reynoldsburg ,OH had two in stock. If you have a Gander Mt. in your area they can transfer one in from another store. Price was $529.
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    Milt Sparks is right at eight weeks

    I knew it was going to be a wait, I just wish it was here. I've already taken delivery on the belt and mag holder; the workmanship is excellent. Triage1998, I received a flyer from him showing his pocket holsters. If I can find it I'll get back with you. I need a pocket holster for a Kahr PM9.
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    Milt Sparks is right at eight weeks

    Eight weeks? That's nothin'. I'm waiting on a Thad Rybka that's at 7 months and counting.
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    If you had $4,000.00 What would you buy?

    Pay off my credit cards first. Then finance a nice custom .45 or a new EBR.
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    Help decide what day to upgrade the server

    Derek, do it when it's most convenient for YOU!
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    Thanks from a trapped Blue Stater

    We had to dig in hard, but finally pulled Ohio to Red for ya.
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    Are you gonna buy an EBR if Kerry Wins?

    If Kerry's elected, I'm ordering a Rock River Arms DEA rifle , or equivalent.
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    I work at an Anti-Gun Gun store, should i quit?

    I just don't see how you can interpret the Ohio CCW law to mean that you can't touch or handle the store's firearms. It means that you can't enter the store with a concealed handgun, that's all.