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    Distinctive Sound of a Split Case

    Ran into one last night. Very distinctive ring.
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    .444 Marlin, or 45-70

    Marlin 1895GS with JM stamp launching a 405gr WFNGC at 1750-1800fps. It will take anything in North America with authority......or realign your spine. Either way.
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    44 Mag or 45lc for hunting

    45 colt +P in a Ruger Bisley with heavy lead. My gun really likes the LBT style 360gr GC. I'm able to launch it with a healthy dose of 296 to 1150fps. That'll put a hurtin' on anything that needs handgun hunting by me. Any more and I need a good rifle.
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    If I may introduce myself.......

    Welcome aboard. One thing though, you need to get out and shoot more. You rolled that ammo 8 years ago. LOL!
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    Why no smokeless muzzleloaders?

    Am not advocating this, but I have known individuals to use TrailBoss powder in a smoke pole. Not sure on charging or process, but just throwing it out there.
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    Another Taurus quality thread.

    My model 66 7 shot 357 was very accurate, but when launching heavies at max, it started to be a little "loose". It was still functional. I traded it off. It wasnt a negative experience, but a GP100 or 686 it aint. (Yes I know its a copy of the Smith 66, but the GP and 686 I can compare it to...
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    Older Marlin 60

    I've got a Glenfield Model 60 with the "squirrel stock". It's a fun plinker and accurate enough for that duty. I'm sure with a scope, it would live up to its reputation of a good shooter.
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    Cleaning the bolt of Bolt Action Rifles

    I don't know about the Abolt in particular, but I do like my ultrasonic cleaner followed by compressed air and gun oil. Eds Red is awesome in the USC.
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    Taurus - The View? Anyone see this?

    Whether you like Taurus or not, I applaude them for their continued innovation. I wonder his long before Smith steals the idea.....
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    Thoughts on the Ruger American Centerfire. Experiences please.

    I'd appreciate the info too. I've read the online reviews and some here. Wouldn't mind picking up an inexpensive 7mm-08 or 223 just to have around.
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    Wood or Synthetic Pick your poison

    Depends on what I want. A beater deer rifle- synthetic A "classic" deer rifle- wood My preference for bench- heavy Laminate Lightweight Hunter- Kevlar/Fiberglass. I love the look of black laminate and Stainless. Looking for a nice 7mm-08 currently. Ruger makes one, but compact only.
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    best hunting rifle to use open sights on?

    A lever action first came to mind, but then just about every rifle has been made with irons at one time or another. AR-15, Mini 14 or 30, mainstream bolt guns. What is your budget and secondary purposes? That would help guide you better. What caliber range are you loking at, small, medium...
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    New what calibers do you carry the most.

    Typically 9mm in summer, 40 in cooler weather. 10mm or 41mag while in the field depending on if I want to carry a revolover or semiauto.
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    How legit are places like

    I've purchased on gunbroker tons of times. I make sure they have 1000+ sales with A+ ratings and take a credit card for payment. That takes 'most' of the risk out of it. I dont purchase from a non FFL or someone that is 'new' to gunbroker or if there is anythign that makes the hair on my neck...
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    would you trade .22lr for a winchester 9422?

    You mean you havent traded yet?! Go back and get it!!! Theyre not making any more 9422s (like the did in the "ole" days)
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    What should I buy next?

    1. Varmint gun be it a bolt action or AR based semi auto. 2. Long range mid caliber. 3. 375 H&H. 1, 2, or 3? Your choice.
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    Anybody have one of these yet? Ruger SRH 5" Barrel

    It's like a barrel with a barrel extension. I don't like it but can appreciate it. They should take the barrel and either make it look like one continuous piece like a full underlug or have lines like a RedHawk.
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    Ruger Blackhawk

    JMR40 does make a good point. The aluminum does have a finish on it that does like to flake off and shows wear more readily than steel. The problem is finding a factory all blued all steel gun is difficult. My 41 mag flattop is all steel blued and you can feel the extra heft. I prefer to put...