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    Hay bales a suitable backstop?

    I would just get a dump truck load of fill dirt and have it dumped where you want it. You would need someone with a loader or skid loader to pile it high enough for a back stop. Chances are if you contact a landscaper with a dump and skid they could make a pretty good back stop for you.
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    4th gen Glocks soon?

    I read some articles about the Glock 21SF as being called the 4th generation Glock with its redesigned mag release that makes it friendlier to left handed shooters. I noticed that the mags have a small metal indent that allows the mag catch to work both ways. Today after getting some new...
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    Debate help: Legitimate reason for a private citizen to own high capacity magazines

    I like to use this system in a gun control debate. You bait the person with the line " So you think that it would be ideal to prohibit or greatly limit the access of the general population to dangerous weapons?" You can also add something about only allowing .GOV or law enforcement to have...
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    All time best shooter related quotes?

    " A 9mm may expand, But a .45 won't shrink" has been said on most gun boards a million times. There are two good ones on my sig line.
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    Front Door Security

    If you ever have your windows open on your house. Get some wooden pegs that can be drilled and glued in above the top of the sliding portion of the window. a few inches up so the window can only be opened enough for ventalition. But do not do this for any window that is considered the egress...
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    pro-gun article about the movie "Shooter"...

    I read on the web sight that he had a pretty good work over by the guys at Front Sight. It was also mentioned that they had him making 1100 yard shots in his training there. The websight also has a web based shooting range where there is windage and elevation adjustments...
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    Tell me about the AR180B

    Oleg, Althougth I have not had a chance to play with one with a suppressor, I can't see that there would be any issue with gas bleeding out the to the shooter due to the gas piston design of the rifle.
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    how to properly dispose of a gun?

    is there ever a gun buy back program in any city near you? Another idea is just to pawn it in at a pawn shop. You might get a few bucks out of it.
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    For any one looking for an inexpensive light

    Was just at my local Sam's Club (Rochester, MN) and they had a 2 pack of xenon bulb flash lights on clearance. Not sure what the original price was but the clearance price 11.81 for a pair of lights. And they came with the CR123 batteries for both lights. The lights have aluminum housings...
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    The LawDog Files, part 1

    wow lawdog, never thought you would be able to beat the bugs bunny shirt story but i think you have. waiting on part 3.
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    Mail Call at Knob Creek

    Just seen on history channel Mail call is going to be at the Knob Creek gun range and they had lots of machine guns on the promo. Tonight at 7 on history channel.
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    I wanna watch a good gun movie.

    movie was lord of war the bourn movies bourn id and sup have alot of guns
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    I wanna watch a good gun movie.

    another one to consider is "man on fire" in 3 weeks sereinity is coming out on dvd and that has some fun guns in it.
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    Making steel target, how thick?

    since it will most likely get chewed up a suggestion. drill holes and bolt plate to chain with locknuts. that way when the plate is done you can replace in field without needing to reweld it.
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    Making steel target, how thick?

    brinell 500 with an abrasion resistance (AR) 800 is a start. that is what the plates at the 3 gun shoots use. granted a 3/8" 1 foot square is about $40-50 depending on where you buy it. haveing someone cut it with a plasma cutter so it dont remove its temper as bad also helps with this steel.
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    AR 15

    are you talking about building an ar from a 80% finished reciever (basic reciever with no holes drilled or sn stamped no ffl needed)? AFAIK you can build one, costs about $400 for the taps and jigs to finish + parts, but you can never sell it, transfer accross state lines, or give it away. if...
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    (Sarcasm on) No this isn't a scam) check out this site. they turn the tables on the scammer. the death threats are funnier then anything i have seen from ticked off scammers. that is a classic nigerian scam. do what they did to one guy they named COLE tell them the bank wont release the funds, but...
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    Flying into Orlando Sunday - anyone got any verbal ammunition?

    I am not suprised, at some gun shows I have been to, there have been some "protesters" that where infront of the show. they all left right after the news crew left. of course they never panned out to show the crowd was only as big as a tight in zoom (maybe 20 people that included their kids...
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    Flying into Orlando Sunday - anyone got any verbal ammunition?

    say "wow thanks for the warning, it looks like I will have to find another state to go on my murderus, looting and pillaging rampage" :neener: or take the paper and say "thanks, this is just what I needed" and use it to scratch your butt and than offer it back.
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    Help me build a Target Stand

    2" pvc pipe 4 corners 2 Ts and 2 4' 1x2s 2 set screws, caulking or foam, pvc glue and some sand. make (2) half a frame with 2 corners and 3 pcs of pvc that looks like |___| fill with sand and plug. attach the Ts to the |___| pieces. drill holes in the top part of the T for the set screws...