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  1. ReloaderFred

    Shotshell reloading - What would you tell a Beginner?

    Don't load shotgun shells in a carpeted room!:what::cuss: I load shotgun shells on a MEC 9000GE, since the loads my wife and I need can't be purchased for less than about $9.00 per box, and I can load them for less than half that by purchasing components in bulk. Hope this helps. Fred
  2. ReloaderFred

    Babbit for boolits

    You'll want about 2% tin in your alloy mix to help the bullets fill out in the mold. About 4% to 6% antimony will harden the alloy considerably. The other 92% to 94% should be pure lead. You can figure out the weights from that. Hope this helps. Fred
  3. ReloaderFred

    Clearing up alloy discrepancies

    A Bhn 27 bullet would probably be brittle. I've used Bhn 18 bullets in .44 Magnum, .41 Magnum and .357 Magnum and they work just fine. A gas check helps with gas cutting the base, and would be beneficial in the .454 Casull. These days, most of my casting is at Bhn 12, and I've run those...
  4. ReloaderFred

    HB wadcutter info please

    Absolutely correct! After putting literally many thousands of rounds of 148 gr. HBWC's downrange during practices and matches while shooting PPC, I can tell you that's the reason. In the hundreds of PPC matches I shot during the 1970's, I never saw a Model 52, or 1911 converted to .38 Spl., in...
  5. ReloaderFred

    HB wadcutter info please

    When I was shooting on my department's pistol team, I was loading about 20,000 HBWC bullets per year for my use, and the other team members were loading about the same. Every one of those bullets was loaded flush with the case mouth, with a very slight roll crimp. That's how I load them today...
  6. ReloaderFred

    anyone recognize this headstamp?

    Browning just celebrated five years of manufacturing their own ammunition, and that's how long that headstamp has been available. They were handing out "5 Year Celebration" pins at their booth at the SHOT Show last month in Las Vegas. Hope this helps. Fred
  7. ReloaderFred

    An Elementary Question About a Sizing Die

    I didn't used to lube 9x19 brass when sizing with a carbide die, but after 57 years of cranking press handles, I've found that it's much, much easier to size 9x19 brass with a small amount of lube on the cases. When I size brass, I normally do it in batches of a thousand, and the reduced effort...
  8. ReloaderFred

    Any 10mm reloading advice?

    I have two pistols in 9x25 Dillon, and yes, the 10mm is the parent case. It's a simple conversion, but the dies are very expensive. To tell you the truth, some of the .38 Super loadings come close to what the 9x25 Dillon can do. Not quite as fast, but close. No one makes brass for the 9x25...
  9. ReloaderFred

    Favorite cowboy load?

    My wife and I use 105 gr. FP for the revolvers and 125 gr. RNFP for the rifles. I load them with Bullseye, but there are many good powders that will work. With the lighter weights, I get many more bullets per pound of alloy, since I cast all our bullets, and we go through roughly 10,000 rounds...
  10. ReloaderFred

    Disposing of reloading waste

    A magnet is your friend when it comes to recycling. I recycle brass, aluminum and steel cases, along with primers. Rifle and Pistol primers are yellow brass, even when nickel plated, but as Frogo207 said, shotgun primers are mostly steel, except for the actual primer cup, which is brass...
  11. ReloaderFred

    Disposing of reloading waste

    My recycler pays the same as for yellow brass, since that's what they are. Primers are made from cartridge brass. He requests that I do keep them separate, since they're small and they have special containers for very small recyclables so they don't get spread all over their yard when being...
  12. ReloaderFred

    Any 10mm reloading advice?

    There is no need for magnum primers when loading 10mm. In fact, since the 10mm is already a high pressure cartridge, a magnum primer may be detrimental. If you are going to use the magnum primers, then work up your load with them from the very beginning, with the "start load". With this...
  13. ReloaderFred

    Any 10mm reloading advice?

    I have several 10mm pistols, plus a 10mm revolver and a 10mm AR. I kind of like the round, and have another 15,000 rounds of virgin brass being delivered next Tuesday.... I get my best results with 180 gr. to 200 gr. bullets, with the 200 gr. having a very slight edge in the accuracy dept...
  14. ReloaderFred

    Minimizing lead exposure while reloading

    Washing your hands after handling/shooting is your best defense. Good personal hygiene after these activities will go farther to reduce lead exposure than any of the other items. Keep your fingers out of your mouth, don't eat or smoke while shooting, etc. Lead is absorbed into the body only...
  15. ReloaderFred

    Disposing of reloading waste

    It's all recyclable and worth money. The last haul I made to the recycler with brass casings netted me over $800.00, and included spent primers. (I do a lot of reloading) Hope this helps. Fred
  16. ReloaderFred

    Ramshot Silhouette for 9mm

    Ramshot Silhouette is the old Winchester Action Pistol (WAP) powder hiding behind a newer label. The old Winchester WAP data works for Silhouette and vice versa. Hope this helps. Fred
  17. ReloaderFred

    Odd 9mm headstamp

    Browning would be very disappointed to know that shooters don't recognize their logo that they've used for so many years...........o_O Fred
  18. ReloaderFred

    Causes of light firing pin hits

    If they were reloads, he hadn't seated the primer all the way to the bottom of the primer pocket. The resultant moving of the primer when struck cushions the blow of the firing pin, leaving a lighter than normal indentation. Hope this helps. Fred
  19. ReloaderFred

    Federal 45 NT

    Wait until you run across some of the older Winchester and Federal NT large pistol primer pockets with the 1/8" flash hole. Then we'll have a whole new thread to discuss again. If you do a search, there are many, many threads concerning the non-toxic primers and the different iterations during...
  20. ReloaderFred

    Federal 45 NT

    It was probably purchased at the beginning of the introduction of DDNP priming compound and just didn't get shot until now. Or, it could be one of the new Catalyst Primers. Hope this helps. Fred