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    Locked Out of My Safe

    Berretaprofessor,if your e-lock has a key by pass it is not a UL rated lock and that in and of itself means it is an inferior product on a safe.
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    Ammo stolen off of porch!

    As a native Houstonian this sort of theft has been going on for some time now and particularly at this time of year. In fact almost weekly a story comes on the news where a homes video camera details the very theft. I have everything sent to my job. I know for some that's not possible though.
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    no turkey today,but a few pictures

    What state are you in?
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    Back up hunting rifle

    I learned years ago how important a back up rifle truly is. My two examples. My first deer rifle was bought for me by my late mother back in 1972. It was a Mossberg 810 30-06. I removed the bolt at camp to clean the rifle but was not able to put it back in. A known problem with some of...
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    Gun safe advice for third floor apartment

    mb1856...It's doubtful too me that someone breaking into a third floor apartment would be carrying a prying device long enough to give them the kind of leverage needed to open that 3/16th door. Breaking into a third floor apartment is high risk for a thief. I personally think one of those...
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    Leupold Scope Resolution

    It is not oil or dirty lenses guys. And it is not my lack of adjusting correctly as I have stated before. The scope,for what ever reason, just will not focus sharply....Period. I recently bought a new VX-2 in 2x7 to replace the old VX-I. I will send the old one back at the end of hunting...
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    Rem 700/Model Seven vs. Ruger M77

    I have had both and both are good shooters. My biggest issue with the model 77 was once they got away from the tang safety the Mark II models did not have the same trigger adjustability. The model 700's are easily adjustable. As far as the bolt lock spoken of earlier there is a reason...
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    hunting jacket

    When I slow walk hunt I prefer lightweight thin polyproplene insulated underwear as a base layer and for a jacket I prefer either fleece or wool as both are reasonably warm and quiet. I generally like my pants to be loose fitting with several pockets. I basically use green cargo pants as they...
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    Power shocks vs core locks

    I have a .308 that shoots both of those to the same point of aim and impact. The power shocks are my preference although my brother claims he has had two bullet failures with them in his .243 and 30-06. He uses Winchester Power Points now. I once had a CoreLokt in .270 fail. These are all...
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    250 savage

    Ammo to Go has no 250 Savage. No 6mm Remington. No 257 Roberts. The only 35 Remington they carry is 150 gr. Federal Blue Box. Sad state of affairs friends.
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    250 savage

    You know it's a sad thing that ammo availibility is so hard to come by. I was online three weeks ago looking for .35 Remington for my brothers hunting partner and there was absolutely none to be had at most of the online sales places of which I checked at least seven. Even GB had little and...
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    Lever gun deer cartridge?

    What a strange state law. But I am not from Ohio. Given the choices that the strange law graces you with I would go with the 44 mag or 357.
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    Dehumidifier in safe...

    For a very long time I was using two of the large Eva-Dry 500's but tired of having to recharge them every two weeks. So I finally ran some 14/3 romex through the safe and made a up a plug and wired the other into a junction box with receptacle and bought an 18 inch Dri-Rod. Much better...
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    Leupold Scope Resolution

    Actually it should be both. Again.both of my Monarchs bring the reticle and target crystal clear at 100 yards with the slightest adjustment of the eye piece. And just Sunday I took my old Ithaca LSA-55 in .243 out to the range and it is topped with an older Bushnell legend 2x7x32 scope and...
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    Weaver Classic V

    I just bought the same scope in 2.5x7x32 and it did not come with covers. So I guess this is standard on Weavers. Still,it appears to be a very good scope.
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    Leupold Scope Resolution

    Haxby...At first I was confused by your post but a bit of research made me aware that there is in fact a difference between my 2003 built VX-I and the now newer VX-1. Obviously Leupold has gotten into gear and made a lot of improvements to these scopes in the last few years.
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    Leupold Scope Resolution

    Coltdriver. No amount of turning the focus adjustment brings it clear. I actually like Leupolds and Weaver because of the locking ring that keeps the focus set at it's adjusted point unlike many other scopes such as my Nikon and Burris that is a fast focus eye ring that is not locked.
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    Leupold Scope Resolution

    I guess I will be sending it back to Leupold after hunting season. One thing though. The lack of sharp clarity at the paper target does not affect the scopes ability to get the job done. Using nothing more than Federal Blue Box 150 gr. .308 that little Remington 600 Mohawk put three shots...
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    hunting damage to animals

    I don't like head or neck shots but if I shoot at the end of shooting light particularly when using a small caliber like my .243 that does not always insure a good blood trail I generally aim where the base of the neck meets the body and this is also where the spine makes it's bend and I have...
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    Burris, Redfield or Leupold. Which one?

    Don't over look the Japanese made Weaver V Classics. A very well made scope for a good price. I caught a 2.5x7x32 on sale at Midway $154. Scope in slightly less than 11 inches in length and weigh 9.7 ounces by our digital scale.