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    RIP rcmodel

    Just logged on after being absent for a while. I can't believe what I'm seeing. RC was a class act and will be missed. RIP RC.
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    Please explain this dislike for TiteGroup and Kaboms

    I use ALOT of Titegroup. Use it in 9mm, 45ACP, 38Spl and most of my 38 loads are cast bullets. They shoot great and I dont have any issues with leading. TiteGroup is a great powder, as long as you pay attention to your charges and inspect your brass you shouldnt have any issues.
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    Winchester SR primers

    Hey everyone. I have read numerous forums and articles and it seems like everyone has a different opinion. I have always used Winchester primers for everything that I load. I just recently started loading .223 for my AR and picked up 10k WSR primers. After my purchase I have read about...
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    First lever action. Which caliber? Which brand?

    The 7-30 waters is an overlooked round IMO. And if your reloading then ammo shouldnt be a problem.
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    Tightgroup powder

    I use Titegroup for .38spl and .45acp and I really like the stuff. But as mentioned before there isnt alot of room to play with it so you have to be careful. I tried Titegroup for 9mm and I had unburnt powder and what did ignite left a hell of a mess. But .38 and .45 I havent had that problem...
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    Hope this jerk gets what he deserves!!!
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    1911 - A few Simple Mods and...

    Very nice indeed. If it shoots as nice as it looks you have it made!!! Congrats and good job!!!
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    What are your top two handgun powders?

    TiteGroup, fixing to try some Power Pistol and AA#5 so at the moment I dont have a 2nd.
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    Photos of an old arms dump that will make you cry

    That is so sad. I hate to see anything just sitting and rotting away.
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    Hornady 147 gr. XTP factory oal

    I load my 147gr HP-XTP 9mm bullets at 1.125 OAL.
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    reloading presses

    I bought the Lee 50th Anniversary kit. I really like it and have loaded pistol and rifle cartridges with it. For 89 dollars you get almost everything you need and the best part is they are available at Midway right now!!!
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    Hodgdon Titegroup

    Cant beat a 45 ACP especially a 1911!
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    Loaded my first 50 rounds!

    Congrats!!! 38 special is fun to load and to shoot.
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    Gun used in SD, non lethal. Kinda funny

    +1 I always lock my doors when I am in the car no matter where Im at. But this is funny, got punched with a pistol. LMAO!!! This is a perfect example of what ammo shortages turn into.
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    Hard Cast 45ACP bullets

    Thanks a bunch RC!!! Ill load some up and go try them.
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    Hard Cast 45ACP bullets

    Hey guys, I bought some lead 45acp bullets yesterday and made a couple dummy rounds and everything chambered beautifully. I then measured the bullets and I am showing .453 diameter. Will this be ok or a tiny bit to large. I am under the impression that 45acp are usually .451-.452 so before I...
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    Hodgdon Titegroup

    I love TiteGroup!!! I use it for 38 special, 9mm and 45 acp.
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    Too much crimp??

    Congrats and welcome to the hobby!
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    9MM or .38?

    I would keep the .38 and when you have the money and or desire look into a 9mm if thats what you want. With the right ammo they are both effiective rounds.