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    SRM primers for 357 Mag

    Hey there buddy. Long time no hear and completely my fault. How are you AC ? I had a health scare that I'm finally beating. About these SRMP's for my SPMP needs.... I sure wish RC was around for this one. I forgot in my absent mindness that I was only making very light 357 mag loads with...
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    SRM primers for 357 Mag

    Hey there pals, I went and purchased small pistol Magnum primers and got home and only to find that the shop owner, who is closed till Wednesday, put small rifle Magnum primers in my box without me noticing. I'm sure it was a mistake but I need these primers as I am going out of town. Should I...
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    Art Eatman Passed

    I'm saddened to hear of Art's passing. RIP
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    Quail on my property.

    Quails is practically chickens. A slingshot with steel slingshot ammo is all that is needed. Don't alert the media. If anybody asks, to say the poor bass turds dropped right in front of you of a heart attack. Or use a bolt of lightning as the culprit. Just hide the slingshot in your backpack...
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    N330, BA9 or something else

    I haven't been to powder Valley In over a year since I found a new local secret spot for powder and primers. But I see they got 4 lb. jugs which I am getting my credit card out for as I speak. Woohoo... LGB
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    N330, BA9 or something else

    Hey everyone, Hey AC (walkalong) N330 is my go to for 9mm but I haven't been able to find it in California for the last I don't know how many years... I resorted to power pistol to save what little N330 I have left. But I think I'm gonna give some of these suggestions a go. Looks like I'll be...
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    Single-stage "utility" press for large rifle brass

    Congrats Shmackey. I got to Lee classic Cast when it 1st came out so that my toddler son could have a press to D cap with while I Was hand loading. It has served me well. It's just as good as the Redding Boss II but at 1/3 of the price. Maybe not as pretty (Redding single stage presses such...
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    Your "Go-to" pistol powder

    If your shooting comp, then dial in your pet. If not, there's nothing you can't handload for if you have a can of Unique and 2400. LGB
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    RIP rcmodel

    RIP RC.. I miss your wisdom and your humor. As the Years go by, your memory remains
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    Over 500 Yards on a budget

    Got my son a used savage XP II 30-06, put a SWFA 10x I had laying about and can easily shoot to the 700 yd steel plate at Angeles range consistent. very happy with the 600.00 investment.
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    Is reloading really worth it?

    I handload because it's custom ammo that i trust. I like my ammo that I assemble way more than factory ammo. LGB
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    .308 duds

    Primers seating is my gut instinct but have a look at your firing pin is also something to consider. LGB
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    What's your deer hunting rifle

    Weatherby mark V deluxe in 300 wby with leupold vx3 3.5 x 10 scope. Tack driver that i don't stress every little scratch it may possibly get in the field. I still take care of it and it still looks in great condition. Savage 30-06 w/3x9 leupold as a second and for my boy's first-time hunt in...
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    progressive or single stage for beginner

    My vote is to start on a single stage. I believe that by going slow will force you to exam brass more closely, go through all the steps with more caution, and do a final exam of the finished rounds. A bit more intimate, you know what I mean??? then once you have the concept of hand loading...
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    Is IMR 4350 fast enough for M-1 Garand?

    I like 4350 and it works great in bolt action 30-06 rifles. I don't think I would be grabbing for a can of it for my M1 Garand, though. RC said it best. LGB
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    Dillon powder measure and VV N320

    Hi all... N320 is a powder I use in more rounds than any other powder and it meters just great in my Dillon PM's. I would say it is time to call the hot line as well. LGB
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    Most used progressive presses

    I cant believe that this blue versus red recial war is still alive and well even after all this time. Wow...
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    Tumbler Life Expectancy

    I have an old Midway 1215? Tumbler from waaay back when and it still alive and kicking.
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    Hog Rifle... what do you use?

    375 win lgb
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    Varget, Benchmark, H335 Powders

    I use H335 for my black guns and for the bolt, I like N133 & Varget. LGB