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    Cheapest dealer for a new G17

    Dealer cost on a new G17/22 with fixed sights is about $430 so go from there, pretty much anything under $500 is a decent price.
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    Cease Fire???

    Know your enemy. Keep them close. Embrace them and learn.
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    Best AR

    Best is kind of a relative term. Best AND basic? There are lots of variables depending on what you actually want to DO with it and your question is somewhat vague. I'm really not trying to give you or anyone trying to get into the hobby a hard time but I think the answer is not always...
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    well.... As someone who has owned two PSG1's in the past I must say in todays market I would definately take a pass from a shooters prospective. From a collectors standpoint they definately ARE cool and something you'd want to have. But they optics suck from todays standards. It IS...
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    S&W's AR-15 or Bushmaster

    >>>Kind of like how S&W added and external extractor to their 1911's...<<< Really? Why?
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    LE using their status as LE to support Anti-gun agendas...

    "Over 5000 kids in Rockford live in homes with guns". Such an insane sweeping generalization put up on a billboard that has no way of being confirmed or denied. If anyones driven through my hometown or Loves Park there is more of a chance being that there are more houses with...
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    LE using their status as LE to support Anti-gun agendas...

    >>>I posted the definition<<< Therefore it must be true.... Once again you posted a definition off of an internet search! You are missing the point entirely. Internet research is bogus. Hang out at wikipedia much? Submit many articles there do you? You are missing the point...
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    LE using their status as LE to support Anti-gun agendas...

    >>>Hate to break it to you guys, but the divide is there<<< Your 30 seconds of online q&a BS to get the answer you would like to see dosen't cut it. You really dug deep on a fact finding mission there didn't you?
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    LE using their status as LE to support Anti-gun agendas...

    >>>All the usual arguments including the definition of the word "civilian" and that he is one too is lost on him.<<< Civilian = Anyone who is not in the MILITARY. Not Police. Not "LE". Not Paramedics. Not Politicians. THE MILITARY.
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    New proposal, Yet another problem for Il sportsmen

    I didn't know the ISP was in the legislative branch. Apparently I am missing something.
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    John Edwards - "I do believe in the Second Amendment"

    nothing here is about hunting......
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    Contimplating the M82A1

    Canons right... Get the 95 or the Accuracy Intl .50 instead if you want to be the least bit accurate.
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    Top 5 "Most popular" Firearm Forums?

    I can't believe noone has mentioned or! Subguns took a dive when they went to is simply the finest!
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    AR15 Question

    nope.... Nope, unfortunately the lower is too small to fit the .308 magazine and vice a versa you cannot have an AR10 and do the .223 route either. You can change out whatever uppers you want for alot of other configurations but the 308 is not one of them I am sorry.
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    Cook County Residents! 11+Rnd Magazines = "Assault Weapon", Turn them In!

    >>>How are they going to enforce this?<<< With "men" of little backbone and little knowledge or care of history.
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    Founding Fathers & Patriot quotes

    Excellent! More please!
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    Web could be terror training camp: Chertoff

    None of this surprises me. These people have a solution for everything.
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    Mexico May Take Fence Dispute to U.N.

    I'm sure that will sit well with Bolton.
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    Tell me about LMT

    >>>If you want mil-spec, LMT is the best there is.<<< Yes and no. The MRP is kinda cool but is nothing special besides being one kick ass billet that is machined, The BBL change out AND caliber conversion is cool but accuracy is nothing better than anything else high end on the market...