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    Lyman deprime/sizing die undersizing?

    Thanks Walkalong. My concern was/is limited to unnecessary over working of my brass and prematurely wearing it out.
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    Lyman deprime/sizing die undersizing?

    Thanks guys! I see Walkalong's attachment response to the Lee FCD thread and that is what my finished cartridge looks like. Maybe a touch more hourglass shape but I'm guessing it must be the lighting that can affect just how mush it appears. Andy
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    Lyman deprime/sizing die undersizing?

    Hey all, My Lyman 38/357 mag depriming/sizing die was finished sizing my Starline brass all the way down to .372. I thought my cases looked pretty odd and when loading a cartridge (SWC confirmed at .358) it has a bit of an hour glass look to it. I looked at my manuals and the spec is .379...
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    Anyone else excited?

    Got the 1st season rifle cow tag I wanted. And will hunt that unit OTC archery too. It's that magic time of year when I roam the mountains and explore places the vast majority of others won't dare. Andy
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    How many of you use 4 wheelers hunting?

    And right into my trap .455_Hunter! DOW stopped by and checked my elk in camp this year. Congratulated me because he said everyone he was checking were saying they weren't finding anything anywhere. Hell, I thought it was somewhat crowded with people, except they were within 1/2 mile of the...
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    Ways to reduce recoil for a hunting rifle?

    I've weighted a rifle stock before when a replacement Limb Saver recoil pad still wasn't enough. The rifle balanced and performed fine other than excessive recoil so I added decoy lead weight in the composite stock. I found the exact location of balance and placed a little lead in butt and...
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    Bear use conundrum

    Thanks for the info guys. I believe CO allows the sale of bear hide but will confirm with them first. If so, I'll see if I can track down a fur buyer. Andy
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    Bear use conundrum

    I have a situation that I believe is usually the opposite of others. My wife and I love the taste of bear meat but have no use for a bear hide. I realize I have to bring out the skull for DOW tooth extraction as required by law but if it weren't for that law I'd leave everything except the...
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    How many of you use 4 wheelers hunting?

    From our CO game regs: Contact each public land management agency for their current motor vehicle-use rules, regulations, game retrieval specifications and hours, and agency maps. Most areas do not allow off-trail game retrieval w/any motorized vehicle. If you witness or observe a...
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    Where are the birds....

    Much thanks guys!! Family in IN says how ridiculously warm it's been so far this winter. Has me wondering if the geese aren't moving more SE than S as usual. This might make for a great season near the Mississippi river to make up for how scarce it is for us. If so, then I'm genuinely...
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    Where are the birds....

    Wow, the Canadians still aren't around. Went out to the eastern part of CO, near KS border, and all there was were Snows at their migratory wintering spot. Ducks? Saw only a couple dozen where we'd typically see hundreds. Canadians? Saw less than a 2 dozen where we'd see multiple dozens at...
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    Bullet seating depth .308 Win

    I can't seat any grain bullet within a country mile to the lands in my Rem 700 BDL. To do so, the bullet won't be near enough at all to having at least a caliber's worth of seating in the case neck of my 30.06. If it affects accuracy I ain't complaining . I sneezed on shot#5 ;), but shots 1...
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    Cabela's Sale: S&B Primers for $17.99/brick

    Yes, if there's a store in your state, then on line orders are charged your state's tax same as buying from that in state store. For the primers, the sale is still on the web site. I called the B&M north of me to ensure they had enough to make it worth my trip up. When I got there, the price...
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    Where are the birds....

    When do the first typically how up Sergei? Andy
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    296 for 357

    So, safe to say you follow Hodgdon's data more than a bullet mfrs after getting your education from Hodgdon Micha2u? Andy
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    I want to avoid an adrenaline rush

    I still get excited as hell after the shot...and I like it!! It's the height of participation in a basic necessity of life for me, to get the food myself for my family. Having said that, when I first get out hunting, I find a nice pleasant place and I just sit and relax for a bit. I start...
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    My article, "How to beat 'buck fever' at your hunt"

    I'm like Hookeye and Nature Boy. Dead calm until after the shot. A few weeks ago, this year's cow was a hell of an example - actually the most dramatic example of this. Saw a couple sets of legs walking from my right to left through the trees about 50 yards away (green dashed line). It was...
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    Lyman M Die

    I won't be going back to them anytime soon. I like the M die too much. Andy
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    Thoughts on .308 factory round for elk.

    Nosler has a FAQ on the Accubond vs Partition difference. A part of what they responded is: The AccuBond® and Partition® are very similar in terminal performance, but they differ greatly in internal structure. The Partition® bullet is the original, controlled expansion, design created by...
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    Oversized barrels and plated bullets

    I don't have the experience to advise on bullet size/type to resolve such an issue but is it possible one of the barrel mfrs like Storm has one for it? That should get you the right bore. Andy