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    Jared Jewelry anti-gun

    They are owned by the British, it's unlikely they'll change their policy. I noticed their store in Jacksonville, FL posted last year and in tracking down addresses to write learned that their parent company is Sterling Jewelers which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Signet Group plc, a British...
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    Norinco SKS Value?

    Keep it and shoot it. I've got one I've been shooting for close to 20 years without a glitch. Around here the shops ask $175-$250 for most any brand of SKS.
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    So, anyone buying a gun to commemorate our nation?

    If I can find one I'll be buying a Marlin Model 39 for the 4th!! :D
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    Musings on the concept of Reasonable Restriction

    The divisiveness caused by H.R.2640 goes far beyond THR. News sites, blogs, forums, at the range and gunshop...nobody can agree on it. And it has been as bitter and irrespectful in other places as it has here. Now I really don't think the antis are that clever. But what does this say about...
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    more from GOA on H.R. 2640, which some have defended

    Done and done! Weren't folks saying a while back that the Democrats weren't going to do anything about gun control because they were afraid of it? Seems like they got over their fear.
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    If you saw someone carrying with empty holster and a spare mag, would you tell them?

    Under most circumstances I'd tell him...especially as you describe being out on the street. I'd have second thoughts only if I was somewhere carry was prohibited...I'd assume the holster was empty intentionally. I did that just this morning...early voting in a Florida special election...I...
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    more from GOA on H.R. 2640, which some have defended

    Something I read earlier today applies... You do not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in the light of the wrongs it would do and the harms it would cause if improperly administered. -President Lyndon Johnson
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    NRA e-mail : "The truth about the NICS improvement act"

    Well Redneck... Regardless of whether I agree or disagree with what you say, I am very grateful that you stated your positions and opinions without insulting or belittling any other posters in the thread. You may think that's an unusual thing to be grateful for, but the atmosphere around...
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    Guns and Alcohol

    All Glock bashing now... I have a couple 1911s that, being longer and narrower, would make better drink stirrers...'course they wouldn't hold up to the liquid as well. :D
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    Guns and Alcohol

    From Florida statutes: Note item (5) "This section does not apply to persons exercising lawful self-defense or defense of one's...
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    Democrats, NRA reach deal on gun bill

    I think that should have happened a few pages ago. As I said a few posts back...
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    Woman wins lawsuit against gun maker

    That's the only article I've been able to find. I would like to find some more information as I'm sure there's more to the story, including the other 2 suits. Does anyone know if records of court proceedings might be available on line? It would be worth a search if there's a chance they're...
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    Woman wins lawsuit against gun maker
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    Best Caliber for Non-Reloaders

    Nobody's mentioned the revolver...I guess .357 with the option to shoot .38 is the obvious choice. What about same caliber combinations? Rifle and revolver, or even revolver and pistol in the same caliber.
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    NRA letter - Executive Branch Reform Act of 2007

    It would be ironic if this passed by a voice vote.
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    Democrats, NRA reach deal on gun bill

    That is sadly true. H.R.297&2640 have badly divided some groups. Too many think winning arguments on a forum is actually worth something. The spiteful tone of some posts are far below what could be called "High Road".
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    Forget the Republicans.

    MJZZZ: For some reason I recently read the entire list of all the legislation introduced in the House and Senate this session. It's enough to make me cry, or puke, or both... Between the socialist garbage, the pork and the nanny/tyrant wishes there was maybe 2% decent legislation...
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    H.R. 2640 passed in House by voice vote, unrecorded

    Rep. Moran cleverly requires zip+4 to access his contact by email, so he can ignore any email outside of his district. Anyone wishing to call or write him regarding his 2nd Amendment comment can use the following info: Washington, DC 2239 Rayburn Building Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202)...
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    Forget the Republicans.

    If America dies, the cause will certainly be apathy. Everything this country is or will be we have allowed to come to pass.
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    kenjuudo- Zen & The Art of Pistol Shooting

    To attain perfection, the bodhisattva must master: generosity discipline patience energy meditation wisdom :) It looks to be an interesting site, but it takes more than an hour to digest it.