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  1. Mp7

    What is your dream revolver?

    A 4" 5shot in 7.62x25 Tok.
  2. Mp7

    Thoughts on my Opinel knives

    As a german kid, i did several vacations in Bretagne and Normandy when very young. My dad being passionate about fishing and collecting mussles gave me a 8° carbon when i was 5. I have bought and given away at least a dozen since then. The one i currently own (besides the ol rusty beaten up...
  3. Mp7

    What your "borrow it" knife?

    Mora Companion oder RAT2. Whichever is in closer reach.
  4. Mp7

    What is the most recent knife you bought?

    A bestech Scimitar. Have been lurking over this maker's knives for a while. Chinese premium maker, own designs, no stealing. This one popped up on ebay for 10 bucks less than normal, so i bought it. I am very impressed. D2 Blade, very sharp ootb, flips like a charm. Nothing to complain. I...
  5. Mp7

    expensive gun / cheap knife - don't get it!!!!

    Bring a pocket bushman. You always have enough knife. I rotate my edc often. But the pocket Bushman is a favorite.
  6. Mp7

    On-campus knife carry- how small is small enough?

    Swiss army officers model. Accepted as a non-weapon anywhere outside airports.
  7. Mp7

    Reason to stop carrying?

    Tell him to stop watching mediocre action movies, where CCW heroes stop a bank robbery all the time - and then go to lunch. CCW is for life endangering an amok situations. Not for playing hero during a robbery.
  8. Mp7

    Wounded Indianapolis officer confronts law protecting gun sellers

    ...And i find it pretty annoying how some folks seem to have opinion-reflexes totally disconneted to the situation on the ground. I' pro 2A - so this is WRONG! It´s like single-issue voting. This life, this society, this universe is not a simple as some people wish it was. *shrugs*
  9. Mp7

    Which P226?

    Stainless I like this one a lot. Great trigger, great balance. Compared it to the H&K VP9 that day. Would go for the Sig anyday.
  10. Mp7

    Post a picture of your SBR

    Some nice SBRs! I like that MP53 clone in 7.62 russian a lot.
  11. Mp7


    Sad to hear. Hope he makes it back to us. Always a pleasure to participate from his knowledge and his way of wording it. Godspeed from this side of the atlantic, too.
  12. Mp7

    Recommend a new Folder

    Ontario RAT 1. Hard to beat for the money.
  13. Mp7

    QX4 - finally a combat handgun in Tokarev caliber.

    Thanks for the correction. Now i actually remember that SIG clone :-) .... and for those who rant about "Communists" .... China is not communist anymore. But hey, news about reality slowly trickle into the US :-)
  14. Mp7

    QX4 - finally a combat handgun in Tokarev caliber.

    Hi, Many a custom has been built to make use of the round. Remarkably the chinese have catered for this caliber in their relatively new pistol model. I would want one :-)
  15. Mp7

    Getting rid of cigarette smell on multiple guns.

    Vinegar 10%. Of course need to rub off thoroughly and oil afterwards. Vinegar is very good for getting rid of smells.
  16. Mp7

    NPR: Does carrying a pistol make you safer

    Not going to places that are dangerous does make u safer. Avoiding risks makes u safer. Leaving places when u sense trouble makes u safer. A pistol doesnt. It just makes u feel safer.
  17. Mp7

    What large folder to replace lost BM Rukus?

    Ontario Rat 1. Cheap as chips. Workhorse.
  18. Mp7

    Have you ever dated an anti? How'd it go?

    Refreshing to read that many here value love over RKBA. Would you really like to live in a world, where everyone has to be like yourself? America is too divided. That is done by one individual at a time. From both sides.
  19. Mp7

    Very, very early Remington Nylon 66

    It`s the rifle given to me, when living in the US as a teen. "Go to Wal-Mart und buy youself some ammo. And take this Nylon." Loved it.