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    What kind of Safe do you have?

    Fort Knox with an upgraded steel package, light package, and an S&G Group II lock dial.
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    Unsafe GunSafes - Forbes July 27 2012

    Here's another concerning problem Tobias found regarding the Simplex series of locks. Scroll down about 1/3 of the way ... Simplex Article Statement at the end of the article: "KABA has stated that modifications were completed on or about September 19, 2010 in order to minimize the security...
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    Browning Medallion Series M28 gun safe

    You also need to consider that some of the older safes may have thicker steel than current models, which would make them more resistant to burglary, and therefore more desirable. Manufacturers have in many cases lightened the steel in recent years. Ask the owner if he has any of the original...
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    Thinking of remodeling my safe

    Very nice interior. I like your organization.
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    Safe Selection - Size & Weight Factors

    SH, I did read about it briefly, but to be quite honest, your post was much more informative on the subject than any literature I've seen to date. I'll research it a bit more, but it is very expensive,no doubt. Thank you for your input :-)
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    Safe $1500 budget! Would love to do less!

    I would check with A1abdj (Frank) here on the forum to see what he has in that price range. I know Curt at CESafes ( sells the US-made series of Rhino Safes for about $1200. I believe it has 1/4 steel in the door and 11 ga. exterior. I know it exceeds the specs of the Rhino...
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    Safe Selection - Size & Weight Factors

    Sure SafeLady, I would appreciate it. Thank you! Sent you a PM.:)
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    Safe Selection - Size & Weight Factors

    TX, I would agree, but knowing the quality of the construction in my area, it wouldn't suprise me to hear of issues, especially when the weight is all concentrated in such a small footprint. Did your (Graffunder) get placed in the house or garage, I can't recall?
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    Safe Selection - Size & Weight Factors

    I can certainly appreciate that viewpoint, and as I stated earlier in the thread, I love Ft. Knox products & their service, but I'm just not convinced that for the money, their product is the best value. When this is all said and done, I may bite the bullet and revisit the original safe I was...
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    Safe Selection - Size & Weight Factors

    Good points about the composite aggregate in the Amsec. It's definitely not the high psi material found in their higher line commercial vaults, but still a worthy addition. SolidHeart, you asked me about the Titan ... quite honestly, I'm not crazy about Fort Knox's pricing structure. The...
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    Safe Selection - Size & Weight Factors

    Thanks for the feedback gentlemen. Much appreciated. Anyone else care to offer any advice or opinion? :)
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    Safe Selection - Size & Weight Factors

    After spending a serious amount of time in researching the types of safes, options, & brands, I've begun to steer away from my original plan of buying a TL-30 rated safe. The main reason ... weight. I'm placing it on a first floor with 1998 build concrete slab construction. My main concerns are...
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    Questions about a few safes

    Commodore99 - sent you a PM.
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    Orginial Safe Company (Lacka Safe)

    OTR, maybe you can answer this question without revealing personal specifics? I've considered a few safes in the 2500 - 4000lb weight class, for residential use. Our house is built on a concrete slab and is of newer construction (1998). Your Original safe was substantially heavier (5000+ lbs) if...
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    Orginial Safe Company (Lacka Safe)

    I've also spent some time researching the Original Platinum series recently, as well as the Amsec Amvault line, both of which are UL TL-30x6 with a composite fire/ security barrier. My reason for looking at the Original Platinum line was based on the variety of sizes available, compared to the...
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    Best bedside safe to keep kids away?

    My electronic GunVault HV3000 failed when the mechanism inside broke, which would no longer open the front door using the touch keys on top of the box. Luckily, it still opens using the key. Not to be confused with a real "safe" but it does keep the young kids out. I purchased a Fort Knox...
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    If someone killed your dog...?

    Well said & I fully agree. :fire:
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    Dog Food

    We've used both Nutromax and currently Science Diet for our dog. The key is to mix the new food in gradually over a period of maybe 1-1/2 to 2 weeks so his digestive system can adapt.
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    Militec Lubricant Anyone using it

    I've experienced good results using it as a lubricant on my G19, along with Breakfree CLP as my protectant. I'm not sure why the guy above me hates it, but it appears to be a pretty good lubricant.
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    WI: bill to make animal abuse the same as domestic abuse

    For those of you raising the BS flag on this legislation, bear in mind that there is more to animal abuse than meets the eye. It's documented fact that most serial killers have started by abusing animals. Some people that go down this path end up taking it to the next level, so please spare...