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    Let's see everyone's favorites

    Well beaten and hard used BK16. It has been into the woods hiking, camping, backyard fire pit, construction/demo projects, kitchen use, etc... Basically there is no task that can be asked of a knife that this knife hasn't done. No real specific stories. Maybe the best one was when my buddy...
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    New Ruger Pistol Caliber Carbine?

    Without even going too far off the rails, 125gr .357sig looks like it's hitting around 1700fps from a 16"bbl, per Ballistics by the Inch. That would certainly put a good hurtin' downrange. I wonder what the velocity would be like at 50 or even 100yards... Either way, it might minimize drop...
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    New Ruger Pistol Caliber Carbine?

    (Clasping hands together) Please Lord, let there be a .45acp, 1911 magazine compatible model in the works.
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    Impact of election on RKBA organizations?

    Whoa. Very reminiscent of something MC Esher would draw.
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    Impact of election on RKBA organizations?

    I'm trying to do this without discussing the actual politics of the issue. Mods, if I fail, or if this thread goes off the rails, please do shut it down. I don't want to create a mess. Just before the election, there was a major push from the NRA for membership. Constant ads on YoutTube, the...
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    Browning Daybreak fixed blade, $20 at Dicks

    Not going to knock the OP's knife, but for future reference, for others reading this, there are other options in that price range for a knife that size. My suggestion would be Buck's Paklite series, 141 and 140 blades. You can find them between $17-22 delivered on Amazon, they are made in...
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    Classic Blue Carbon Steel 45acp

    I wonder which one will wear out first. You'll have to leave a note to be passed down to your great grandchildren asking them to try.
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    Pistol cartridge lever gun barrel length: 16" vs. 20"

    Ok, I'm a little late to the party here, but I LOVE my Rossi M92 in .357mag, with 16"bbl. I can't speak to velocities because i don't have a chrono. I do have a buddy with a 20" model and we've compared them side by side. the 16" is a faster, more nimble gun due to less weight out front...
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    MOA is not 1.000" at 100 yards

    No worries, i had no idea either. Fortunately, for me it makes absolutely no difference. If I possessed the skills to a) be able to shoot to within .047 at 100" and b) measure that accurately, you can be sure I wouldn't be an average Joe Schmoe cruising a gun forum. You'd be reading about me...
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    Bumper Stickers vs Open Carry

    It was licensed by Yoko. It was a self portrait by John Lennon. As for stickers, I kind of see things a little differently, but perhaps it's because I'm deep behind enemy lines here in CT. I know how lonely it can be to be a gun owner here and know that the majority of the people in the state...
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    RIP RC Model sad news

    Damn. Nothing to add that hasn't been said, other than that I will mis this insights. Sounds like everyone else will as well.
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    Were you ever anti-gun?

    This echoes my story for the most part. I grew up in a house where my father had a pistol, and he'd go to the range with a 50 and box of ammo once every few years. I first got to go to the range at about 10 years old, where we rented a .22 rifle for me. I went again about 3 years later when...
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    My boy joins our ranks!

    THAT. IS. AWESOME! Way to go dad!!!!
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    If you even think you'd like an AR, you're not welcome here.......

    If they spell ketchup with a "C" they are automatically on my S-list and I won't eat there.:p More seriously, there are just way too many good restaurants out there to compromise. Thanks to the foodies (myself included) there has been huge demand, that is now being met, for top notch food...
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    Who actually wears eye protection?

    It's a PITA to wear them. But feeling my way down the sidewalk with a white and red stick would be an even bigger PITA. so I wear them. Even if I'm not shooting, if the range is hot eye protection is on. They're the range rules, and a good idea also.
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    "00" or #4?

    My HD gun is loaded with Hornady #4 buck, which is exactly what I'd pick in that scenario. It patterns very well in my Mossberg 500.
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    S&W to buy Taylor Cutlery brands for $$$

    Not my cuppa tea. I remember ordering a Schrade Tough Tool right after Taylor bought Schrade. My USA made ToughTool that had been used daily and beaten severely for 10 years was tighter and locked more solidly than the Chinese one fresh out of the box. That said, it's a free market, and they...
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    Op-Ed Piece: Why No-Buy List Laws Deprive Everyone of Their Liberties

    They are editorials. They are not offered to stand for a new sources "actual position." They are simply food for thought. This one happens to be a filet mignon, while most of the food they offer is McDonalds.
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    Ballistics by the inch .357

    Could it be that it's a lighter weight bullet, at lower velocity to cater to more recoil sensitive shooters?
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    LCR .38+P Self Defense Ammo

    My wife is very recoil shy. We have found that Hornady's 90gr. Critical Defense load is just about perfect for her. It's no 158gr. LSWHP, but she is comfortable shooting it, she can get shots on target, and then followup shots. Can't argue with getting hits.