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    What makes the .357 Mag 125gr unquestionably the best manstopper?

    I've been curious about this for a here it goes; I've come across dozens of sources on the "internet" stating the .357 magnum in 125 JHP as the most effective handgun caliber and load in existence for self defense. Do the terminal ballistics of this load really stand...
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    Trade in Value for G19

    Sell Sell Sell, never trade, you will always get a lowball offer when you trade for new! As far as glocks having poor resale value.......Say Whhhaat:what:! Glocks hold their resale value pretty darn high! At least here in Florida they do. Most go for $450-$475 FTF if not higher, especially...
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    Opinions on G26 "Rayskin"

    My god what have you done.....Sure hope you don't plan on ever trying to sell it for a profit:rolleyes:.
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    Poor College kid needs a Rifle

    MOSIN NAGANT 91/30 and a 880 rd crate of surplus ammo ......would be a darn good start!
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    Full power WWII Cartridges & Terminal effects

    Out of curiosity, are there any great differences in terminal/wounding effects when comparing the different WWII full power cartridges used? The cartridges in question are the following; 1. .30-06 Springfield 2. 8mm Mauser 3. 7.62x54R 4. .303 British 5. 6.5x50mm Arisaka All of the above...
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    Which one of these would you pick as a CCW???

    I used to have a PT111 until I sold it and bought a Keltec P-11. I've fired hundreds of 115,124 and 147gr bullets downrange without a hiccup so far. Another big reason I like it so much is that you can order every and I mean every single part for it on Keltec's online store.
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    2x7x32 scope (Best bang for the buck)

    Wow! Thank You very much WeldingRod for that info! $76 dollars for a scope that used to cost $299. Now the deal for the Nitrex TR1 seems way to good to pass up. To be honest this deal also seems too good to be true:(......Is the Nitrex TR1 1-5X32 really on par quality wise with the other "$300...
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    2x7x32 scope (Best bang for the buck)

    Thanks everyone for the help so far! I've narrowed it down to either the $169 Vortex Viper 2-7x32 or the $90 Nitrex TR One 1.5-5x32mm. Although it wasn't what I originally intended, I'm interested in the Nitrex TR1 1.5-5X32, because it's "supposedly(?)".......a rebranded Weaver Grand Slam...
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    2x7x32 scope (Best bang for the buck)

    So what exactly are you getting more with, when comparing the Vortex Viper $169 to the Nikon Prostaff $95.
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    2x7x32 scope (Best bang for the buck)

    Well when not considering the obvious variable difference, Is the Vortex Viper 2-7 significantly superior compared to the Nitrex TR1 1.5-5? What I mean is, I don't mind spending the extra cash for the Viper if I'm getting a much much better deal as far as quality goes. If not then I guess...
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    What gun companies haven't "sold out?"

    Taurus, definitely keeps it "REAL" and Politically Incorrect. I love how all of their Firearm Manuals boldly state the following;
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    2x7x32 scope (Best bang for the buck)

    2-7x32 scope (Best bang for the buck) Don't know much about optics but the 2-7x32 aka so called "tweener" scope, has really caught my eye! I think it would be the perfect size and power for my Marlin 336. Right now the ones that have caught my attention are the Redfield Revolution & Nikon...
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    Help with Mount/Clamping flashlight to Mag Tube

    I'd like to mount/clamp a flashlight on my Maverick 88 18.5". Ideally I would like to clamp the light to the side of the magazine tube directly in front of the action bars. Can any of yall recommend a sturdy clamp/mount device that would would be ideal for doing this. Appreciate any help...
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    Leaving mag loaded question

    Even if you have a weak mag spring from wear and tear the magazine will still function fine. The only problem a mag with a weak spring will cause is failure to lock the slide after the last cartridge has been fired. And if your slide fails to lock back then that's when you know it's time to...
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    Glock compact VS subcompact.

    As far as CCW difference, in my opinion; If you carry OWB, It will be with out a doubt easier to hide the butt print of the G26, when wearing tighter fitted shirts as well as summer time clothes in general. If you carry IWB, then there will be no advantage in the G26. If you carry in the...
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    selling a glock... cold blue?

    Here in Florida I see previously owned LE Glocks (17 & 22) going for $425. Most of them have holster wear from duty use, which I imagine is similar to yours. So like the others have already said I wouldnt bother with the time and money needed to refinish your 21, as you would probably come...
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    What is you vote for best service pistol for the money?

    A Glock purchased under the GSSF program.....duh
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    +1 on a GLOCK

    ^ The Beretta 92 & Taurus 92 are designed to this; Open Slide Design. The primary role of the open-top slide was to provide a 180° ejection port. Open top slide virtually eliminated jamming or stovepiping. The slide retention device, which caused the slide and barrel assembly to remain open...
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    G19 Stovepipes= Bad Mag?...But how?

    Thanks RC & Wrangler!.........Thats exactly what I wanted to know........I always thought the only thing a faulty mag could do was cause Failure to Feeds. Now I know otherwise..... And for what it's worth....The KCI mags only see use on the range and if anything they make priceless training...
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    G19 Stovepipes= Bad Mag?...But how?

    I purchased "2 KCI g19" and "2 KCI g17" magazines not too long ago for my Glock 19. The KCI G19 magazines have fed and fired flawlessly, BUT when using the KCI G17 mags, I am experiencing multiple stovepipes. (By stovepipe I mean shell casing stuck vertical in the ejection port of the...