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    Might as well show off the 357SIG's

    @Dragonfly did you ever try G33? my take on it that .357 is just too much round for that specific model.
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    Beretta PX4: Converting from 9mm to .40 Questions & Help

    I suspect you need a completed slide + barrel for that PX4 compact. I have never seen berretta selling these however...
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    FN 510 Tactical

    Great performance from the gun. I am not giving you accolades because you were shooting from the bag, but really nice shooting :-)! I assume it had some snappiness when pushing the defenders ?
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    FN 510 Tactical

    You are reading my mind.. I agree 100%. I hope they still do consider adding the 10 to the FNX line, it would make a great competition to striker fired platforms
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    Does Anyone Here Still Carry or Shoot DA/SA?

    Or the barrels. Sig's support for guns they do not mass-produce anymore, sucks. It is as if they do not really care about folks who bought their stuff from 20 years ago.
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    Any experience with a Dan Wesson in .38 Super?

    @Atrox88 this is a great deal. I have been looking for that model on and off over the years. if you decide not to get it, see if the seller is willing to ship :-). In my insignificant experience, super is a great, precise round. The recoil is more back rather then the 'snappy up'. Which is...
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    NC Senate bill proposes the elimination of handgun permits

    NC conservatives, starting from April 4th -- have a bit more leverage too In terms of what the bill does, it seems that the opposing news outlets use 'obfuscated' reporting language to to...
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    Will .45 +P, .45 Super and .45 Colt +P have commercial success?

    It seems that high pressure cartridges that are designed not to chamber in barrels that are marked for their low-pressure equivalents, do better on the market. Eg .44 Mag, .357 Mag. But for .45 ACP and .45 Colt, their +P equivalents are not designed 'not-to-chamber' in pre 90s guns. That in, my...
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    Broke out the .44 Mag today

    @BushMaster-15 could share more steps on how to get these kinds of groups. Like what were the sights adjusted to, what point where you aiming at, how fast the shots were, anything about the load (if you remember). I cannot get close to that kind of accuracy with iron sights rifle at 100 yards...
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    Blackhawk in 327 FM?

    I am also on a look out for anything .327. Prefer single action, but GP100-style or 3 inch SP101 would be desired as well. I recently ordered .32 H&R adapter for Mosin, and once I get it and try out, will go back to the maker and ask if they could make a .327 FM adapter. Overall, i would like...
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    Gun Oil Viscosity?

    For me corrosion resistance properties are at the top, and performance at freezing temperatures are the bottom of concerns. With that 'lens', FrogLube seems to have done the best from the video (although i am not quite sure that methodology to test corrosion is that great)
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    S&W reports sales drop to pre-pandemic/riot/election levels

    I am hoping that holster, training, and gunsmiths services increase revenue and keep that consistently, and at least proportional, to the increase in sales. And that those revenues, would not drop off when the sales stabilize. As I noted in another post, we (the non-LE / non-MIL market segment)...
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    Flat Nose Ammo

    I wonder if the OAL (over-all length) on these batch of rounds is not-standard compare to the ammo that works. Is that something you could measure with calipers ?
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    How do you deal with cosmetic damage to a pretty gun?

    I made a scratch on a perfect bluing, when my screwdriver slipped while I was trying to pry out a slide stop. Happened long time ago, I am embarrassed when thinking about this now. And every time I look at the scratch I feel embarrassed. Lately I have been spending (wasting?) time to learn how...
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    What happened to 40 caliber?

    standardization tends to 'settle' on the lowest common denominator, over-time. This observation, if true, is probably a consequence of the Law of large numbers. Having economically feasible access to a larger variety of calibers, should be, in my view, celebrated and supported by firearm...
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    Massad Ayoob on Two Aspects of Home Defense

    good advice. I would also suggest finding a reputable instructor that can help you to organize your defense plans and work out the threat models, while in your home. These knowledgeable folks can suggest you how to plan, how to train, with the specific to your home environment. Things like: do...
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    30 super carry reloading

    I am looking into it. Do not have .30 SC though. I am trying to figure out if 7.62x25 Tokarev brass can be reshaped for .30 SC. Also I would like to see how this performs out of a 4.5 and 6 inch barrels. Overall, I welcome this development, although I wish that Rockisland SAAMI-spec their...
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    Lee Auto Drum Issues

    Lee Autodisk will measure well when the volume (disk number) is greater than 0.52 or so. Anything below that, with flake powder -- is going to be a problem For example, the Autodisk will not measure consistently Unique powder below about 4 grain. Lee's manual recommends to use 0.39 disk for 3.9...
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    Choose my new rifle

    my suggestion 23 inch 7.62x39 Vepr Version 1 (standard sights -- it allows to reuse standard AK gas blocks) you get heavy barrel, RPK receiver, 23 inch barrel, impeccable fit and finish (and yes you will need to convert something to make it hi cap) basically a beautiful, overbuilt...
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    [q] where to buy 9x25 dillon barrel for 1911

    Zane, yes - of course custom is the only way now. I am looking for a barrel -- just a barrel along will run me minimum 400+ shipping. Plus the build itself with 6 inch long slide, 2011 frame. I plan to have scope on the gun (fusion hunter setup) With that setup, with additional barrels I will...