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  1. gopguy

    Braced Pistol stamp Watch Thread

    Another approval going back to April 17. 82 days.
  2. gopguy

    Braced Pistol stamp Watch Thread

    One of my early submissions made on 4/13, that had me puzzled finally got approved today. Several others that were submitted well after have been approved for a long time now. Based on when I submitted things and when they get approved it does not look like this is a logical process as to how...
  3. gopguy

    Braced Pistol stamp Watch Thread

    It's random. I have some in since April I have not heard back on, one submitted in May was approved in three days. It's not a well run or logical operation.
  4. gopguy

    Legality of buying/selling braced firearms

    He is setting himself up for trouble. An ATF agent posing as a buyer might arrange to meet him and arrest him for selling a SBR. He would lose all his guns. I see people in my area selling them too... either very dumb or seriously ignorant of the situation. Or on the more cynical side it...
  5. gopguy

    Braced Pistol stamp Watch Thread

    . I had one kicked back with a disapproval after 44 days, which makes it six weeks after submission on April 18. The disapproval arrived at 6:06 am June 1, six hours and six minutes after the deadline. No option for going back on the eform1 to fix the issue as tax exempt. Got my US Senator...
  6. gopguy


    This is arbitrary kangaroo court rubbish. They approved these eight years ago, now on a whim they have changed their minds. We need to scream at Congress to put their thumbs down on these wannabe tyrants. Heck SB is only one of 11 makers and they have sold ten million of these braces... they...
  7. gopguy

    what guns parts do you keep on hand?

    I still keep a fair amount of 1911 parts on hand. About 20 years ago I was buying quite a few Colt 1911 variants that people had done a bubba job on, for cheap and put them right... they often performed poorly due to the prior modifications.
  8. gopguy

    FN 1910 (9mm Short/.380) - help ID year

    Having the serial number would help date it.
  9. gopguy

    Better Sights for Beretta model 1951?

    " understanding that almost all of these 70 plus year old battle pistols have rudimentary sights (Colts, FN, Luger’s, Mausers, Etc.). I find them tough to use, too. I guess folks just had better peepers back then :)." One must remember these were made primarily as military service pistols...
  10. gopguy

    XM8 recoil

    If you get your hands on a HK SL8 Tommy Bostic can convert if for you but you will spend a lot in the process and wait a while. Its not unheard of to spend between $5K and $7K to do this. Warning once you start down this path its addicting. I have two of Tommy's T36 clones too, also not...
  11. gopguy

    XM8 recoil

    Actually I own a XM8 that was converted from a SL8. The barrel on mine is short but still has the heavy SL8 profile. I would say the recoil between it and my Colt M4 carbine with a 16 inch barrel is comparable. I dont note a difference in felt recoil. The XM8 is more front end heavy than the...
  12. gopguy

    HK G36 clones by Tommy Bostic

    Swapped out the rail on the E model for a more correct HK style rail with 3.5 power optic.
  13. gopguy

    Another quarantine project sees the light of day. Sudanese AR10.

    Yup, that is how I found that Interarms variant.
  14. gopguy

    HK G36 clones by Tommy Bostic

    Ordered a TommyBuilt T36C (pistol) recently in 5.56, with IDZ arm brace. Put sixty rounds through yesterday without issue. It was shooting a bit to the right, easy enough to remedy. Added a red dot after I took these photos. Tommy Bostic is great to deal with, this is my second T36, the...
  15. gopguy

    Another quarantine project sees the light of day. Sudanese AR10.

    Now you need one of these.
  16. gopguy

    RIP Art Eatman

    God rest him and may God bless his family.
  17. gopguy

    Another quarantine project sees the light of day. Sudanese AR10.

    I still have both of mine but they are safe queens I dont shoot. Parts are not all that plentiful anymore. Way back in the 1980s some kits came into the US. Problem was no receivers existed. ATF gave permission to a few firms to make receivers but these were made in small numbers. The rifles you...
  18. gopguy

    Any 3rd-Gen Smith fans?

    I am fond of my third gen Smith and Wesson pistols. Of course what inspired many of them was the custom work of Charley Kelsey and his Devel conversions of the Smith and Wesson 39 and 59 pistols. This is my basic model conversion 39-2.
  19. gopguy


    Now that the bill is law and takes effect, they are working on the fix on the language. Its unfortunate that there was the rush but if they had not rushed it and the override they would have had to start all over again in a new term...
  20. gopguy

    Is it obligatory to have your CCW permit on your while armed in your jurisdiction?

    In Ohio you can open carry but you can not carry your gun on you in your car without a license. If you have your CHL best to just carry your ID and avoid headaches.