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  1. Hikingman

    Dry firing wisdom sought

    Dry firing. Ask yourself why. There's plenty of techniques that should be practiced. First, ask yourself what would be accomplished by dry firing exercises? If you think that you have exhausted aiming drills without firing, or racking a slide and then aiming without firing, holding the handgun...
  2. Hikingman

    AR15's question

    When your minimum budget approaches 1,000 for a factory built rifle, let me know. Work a fairly specific budget or the dozens of choices will drive you in circles, and confusion. There's an entire sub-market from less than $500 to $1,000. Others can tell you about the lower priced, or budget...
  3. Hikingman

    A black belt and holster

    First- condition the leather. If you want to take care of leather, do this before thinking about color or improving the looks with a coat of shoe polish.
  4. Hikingman

    gun pricing

    This sounds like a can of worms. Most dealers are probably going to offer her less than FAIR prices and well below fair wholesale. How do I know this? Most spouses would not provide you a decent (the word accurate comes to mind) description unless they know what they are looking at, and know...
  5. Hikingman

    2023: current thinking on defensive loads?

    Research what the FBI carries, and spend many hours on both study of ballistics and what is available for purchase.
  6. Hikingman

    Turret press options

    Let's add the rust factor for the many that sit/ remain on the turret long-term within a humid or otherwise damp environment. When the press is not in operation, a good place for die storage is inside the plastic box in air-conditioning. Edit: Spelling
  7. Hikingman

    Bullet Puller Question

    The hammer type (while it seemed like a lazy alternative) is a practical, effective option. A more expensive, press mounted die is available- if you are handling a large number of milsurp rounds, or have a high volume in mind.
  8. Hikingman

    223 Brass Questions

    Swaging will be your new hobby within a hobby. There is little equipment involved, and a fast learning curve due to online resources. Some ammo types have no need of swaging. RCBS has released two generations of a tool that is press mounted. (Primer Pocket Swager Tool/ Combo). Mine is the...
  9. Hikingman

    What is the last gun that you bought?

    A bit late to the thread, Beretta Cougar 8040F (formerly a safe queen- made in 1998).
  10. Hikingman

    Broke my bullet puller.

    Everyone, if you cover a wooden 2x4 board (or concrete floor) with a plush towel, 2 or 3 firm whacks will generally pull the bullet, and save the puller for next time. (Note to self: swinging over the head is probably way too much force.) Grab that thick towel and get busy!
  11. Hikingman

    Best Sources for Brass

    New brass- why- unless you are involved on competition shooting or rare calibers? Fired/ used brass? Individuals or gun ranges. In the past, ranges swept fired brass (or raked if outdoors) AND sold it unprocessed. Cheap and affordable prices. Except for putting in buckets/ or possibly sorting...
  12. Hikingman

    Decline of the American Rifleman

    The editor is at fault, and getting the story out by an imposed deadlne far exceeds inclusion of accurate details. Another example: aviation news stories on MSM. Those people write it in a way that ignores BASIC aircraft knowledge and science which leaves professional pilots shaking their...
  13. Hikingman

    So Everytown Just Published a Map for all US FFL

    Let's say an FFL is operating out of the home. They can limit their transfers to relatives, friends, referrals or members of a local club. Those people may be new, although it's not like each appeared after starting with the 'Town map/ listing.
  14. Hikingman

    Summer wear

    The right shirt? Personally, I don't remember ever carrying with shorts. With that, the right belt would be a particular challenge. Subcompacts are not something in my rotation, or that I would recommend.
  15. Hikingman

    Figuring value of reloading components?

    That's very difficult. Good luck with the sale.
  16. Hikingman

    New project, putting together an AR10

    Gunny, that's a fine looking project! (MBT curved is my preferred trigger utilizing the standard spring. The heavy spring in the kit is marked/ packaged in a way that there's no confusion between the two.)
  17. Hikingman

    Senior Buying my First AR15 Dot Sight-Red or Green Dot?

    I think we have a couple of professionals that work with patient's eyes in their career on THR. Maybe they will chime in.
  18. Hikingman

    New primer brands?

    I guess my point is, there's so much CCI and other brand names sitting on store shelves (and individual sources) within easy reach around here, so why test/ experiment if they are available in your area? You've got to get away from websites and phone calls if you're having difficulty finding...
  19. Hikingman

    New primer brands?

    "Known quantity." Buy the proven brands since we basically know what to expect from many, many documented, proven batches. Find known longstanding brands, acquire them, and pause on new brand(s). Let others innovate without wasting your time (and money). If those new primer companies had...
  20. Hikingman

    Starting a gun shop

    'My state' is difficult considering the many state governments that have taken on this kind of business. Many states are a poor choice for a new business of this type? Without a realistic 5, 10 year plan, it could be a very big waste of time and money. Make a plan for where you are, and where...