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    What new rifles are most exciting to you this year? Or over the past year?

    I'm with Phaedrus/69, the Primary Weapons Systems UXR is very compelling.
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    Shoebox compressor reviews.

    I've been using the GX CS3 compressor (amazon carries it). I got this summer of 2020 and use it a lot. Not sure what volume, I just fill the tube that connected to the rifle, one an Avenger and a Marauder FT, 4350 psi and 3000 psi respectively. I have heard that this compressor is not good...
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    Cheapest, easiest way to trim a lot of .223 brass?

    Here's a video of the RCBS Trim Pro with the three way cutter head (trim, chamfer, deburr in one step). Also shown is a RCBS primer pocket swager. The brass in the video have previously been run through the swager. Un-swaged brass requires more force than is shown. I run all brass through...
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    Hornady Head Space Comparater

    I load a lot of .223, with a couple different recipes. But I assume that every round could be needed for defensive purposes. Therefore, I have a maximum length for base to datum that will work in all my rifles, hoping that this will provide the best chance that every round will chamber...
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    Does anyone still carry an LC9 or LC9S?

    I still carry a LC9s with a Crimson Trace Laserguard attached. I like it and I haven't found a convincing reason to replace it.
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    Ruger American rimfire

    I have one of the early models and put a Boyd's stock on it. I didn't mind the plastic stock but the bluing is so nice that I thought it deserved a nicer stock. It did develop ejection problems. It will accumulate fouling and schmutz under the extractor over time. Enough that the extractor...
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    Best Ballistic App for iPhone

    iSnipe is worth a look, but I have not seen an update in a long time, but it works.
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    Sig Romeo 5

    Thanks for posting, appreciate that info.
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    Hatsan 87 QE?

    Check to see if it has a fill port. If it does you may be able to simply pump it back up. Hatsan uses a specific fill plug but it is the same as is in their PCP rifles. I have a Hatsan break barrel (135 QE I think) laying around but I can't find it right now. Going by memory the port is a...
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    so I called to ask a ups store what the carges are to ship an air rifle.... OMG

    I recently sent an air rifle in for repair. The repair facility said that FedEx was the best option and I had no trouble with them and I told them it was an air rifle. The guy didn't react to that at all. Also, for UPS or USPS, always use but that does mean you're...
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    AP Stylebook recommends use of more accurate/less politicized terms

    This really is a big deal, as said, the Stylebook is the standard that most news and PR writing conforms to. Now, do most writers know or care? Hard to say, but probably not as much as you may think. Editors and owners are likely different story altogether. Regardless, this kind of...
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    Medical Procedures include a mental health wellness survey, red flag potential?

    I don't know if these questionnaires predated Obamacare, but I know that my first experience with one was during the height of Obamacare. My doctor was not happy about it and he filled out most of it without my input, other than the question about firearms and he said, "that's none of the their...
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    Traveling with firearm

    Something that could be relevant to the discussion, CCW means Carrying a Concealed Weapon, last I knew to law enforcement that's a felony. What you may have is a CPL, or Concealed Pistol License, which is a get out of jail free card. If you tell a cop that you have a CCW, the immediate outcome...
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    Red dot for 10/22

    I shoot a lot of Rimfire Challenge and I settled on the Truglo red/green optics. I love them because acquisition is really fast, the dots are very bright and the sight is large. Good price too. I've been running them for two or three years now without failure except battery replacement...
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    Replaced My Crosman Auto-Air II With A Beeman P17

    Yes, tape on the rail is a great idea - thanks for posting that.
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    Replaced My Crosman Auto-Air II With A Beeman P17

    Skin pinching is definitely something to be conscious of. A padded glove or any sort of pad to soften the cocking action is helpful if you shoot a lot of shots. That top rail is sharp. Also, find an allen wrench that is the right diameter so that you can stick it into the pellet skirt, then...
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    1 Mile with a 3-9x40 Nikon Buckmasters II

    Nikon may be out of the scope making business, but their top line camera lens glass is termed "ED". I'm seeing scopes touting ED glass elements lately and it makes me wonder if Nikon is the supplier. I really like my M-308 scopes, agree that Nikon was generally underrated.
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    Hatsan test.

    Refurb Hatsan. 30 day warranty last I knew. Shoot it a lot within the next 29 days because you just don't know. Mine lasted more than 30 days but a lot less than a year. Repairs are possible though.
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    Recommend AR trigger - single stage on a budget?

    Adding reduced rate springs makes the ACT even nicer. But could bust your budget by a tiny bit. I have both the ACT and the LaRue MBT, the ACT has a lot more rounds on it so it could be a bit unfair, but the ACT breaks noticeably cleaner than the MBT. Regardless, if I were in the market again...
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    Hornady 55 Grain Softpoint Cannelure vs None

    The cannelure is specifically used for when you seat the bullet with the intent of roll crimping, then the crimp goes into the cannelure band. I've loaded thousands of the Midsouth versions of those, with the cannelure. In testing the cannelure versions shot insignificantly more accurately...