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  1. THe Dove

    Why load 9mm ammo?

    66 cents per round for Tula 9 MM ammo. BWAHAHAHAHA
  2. THe Dove


    I have numerous reloading manuals as well. I've been reloading metallic cartridges and casting boolits since 1993 (approximately 25 years). Manuals are well worth the money. I would suggest you get as many as you can. However, I will say this. I am a lot better at learning and retaining...
  3. THe Dove

    RIP rcmodel

    Still missing you RC. God bless, and God bless the family.
  4. THe Dove

    Want to start casting have some questions

    All the above remarks are spot on. The most helpful thing in casting boolits for me was to find a mentor and watch him and learn hands on. The Lyman Cast Bullet handbook is nice and very informative, but for me there is nothing better than hands on learning. JMHO The Dove
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    RIP rcmodel

    I sure do miss RC. The Dove
  6. THe Dove

    RIP RC Model sad news

    DAMN, I miss RC. :-( The Dove
  7. THe Dove

    RIP rcmodel

    RIP RC, and thank you for your post's and PM's. God bless the family. The Dove
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    RIP RC Model sad news

    RIP RC. The Dove
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    You NEED to keep this in your reloading area.

    Another note for you all. If you do have a dry chemical extinguisher, ie. ABC....... Every other month or so, take it out of the bracket, turn it upside down and tap on the base with a rubber mallet. Shake it vigorously and place it back in the bracket. This will help keep the media from...
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    You NEED to keep this in your reloading area.

    I highly recommend the ABC extinguisher in a reloading area. I don't care about clean up near as much as I do about knock down in the incipient phase of a fire. JMHO The Dove
  11. THe Dove

    RCBS and their dies

    Good ideas and thanks for the in-put/responses. For the record, I was using the RCBS wrench set that came with my RC II kit that I purchased in 1993. I called RCBS and they sent me a batch of new brass set screws and a batch of brass buffers. I will test these out and see what they will...
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    RCBS and their dies

    Thanks Mnt. I will!!! The Dove
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    RCBS and their dies

    I love RCBS and their products and dies. However, I can't stand their set screws on the die lockrings!!!!! Geeeeeze... I have stripped out 3 of the brass set screws in the past month. They are stripping out where the allen wrench goes into the screw. :mad: Thanks for letting me vent...
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    Top 100 Best Gun Rooms

    Can someone bring me a cigarette? ;-) The Dove
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    I broke down...

    Damn Doc, you sure know how to have fun. ;-) The Dove
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    Letting others use your reloading equipment...

    I let one buddy use my equipment to reload his brass at my bench in my house. He is the only person I have let do so, though. I have loaned out certain equipment to another friend. I loaned him my RCBS primer pocket swager/bench tool. I have no issues with doing that. The Dove
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    Loading bench designs

    Can you post a picture, Hummer? The Dove
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    Do you still buy factory ammo?

    I think the only center fire ammo that I have purchased in the past 23 has been 7.62x39 and 7.62x54r. Haven't bought a round of factory other than those and some rim-fire cartridges. The Dove
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    Hornady One shot User Poll Stuck or Not?

    I've used one shot for rifle cases and pistol cases for 22 years now. Works fine. However, my favorite bottle neck case lube is RCBS case lube. I also use it (One Shot) for sizing raw cast bullets in my Lee push through sizer die. Just spray a little one shot on the raw boolits and then...
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    RCBS base plate question

    C and D for those interested. Got it today and works well. The Dove