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  1. Coop45

    Is M193 safe to shoot in .223 chambers?

  2. Coop45

    Is M193 safe to shoot in .223 chambers?

    I wondered about thus like everyone else so I asked CZ and they told me to go for it. No problems.
  3. Coop45

    What should be minimum age to own firearms, 18 or 25?

    I did my Brown Root war and have no interest in a Halliburton war.
  4. Coop45

    What should be minimum age to own firearms, 18 or 25?

    If you in legal are debating this, you are a bunch of pu44ies.
  5. Coop45

    Yard sale finds

    Even scarcer if for a LW 20. Like hens teeth.
  6. Coop45

    The worst bolt action rifle of all time?

    Mine cost $9.95. And worth every penny.
  7. Coop45

    My idiocy damaged my pristine new Colt SAA: learn from my mistake

    Too many lawyers in the world.
  8. Coop45

    It's not the gun - it's you

    You were just saving paper. I do it all the time.
  9. Coop45

    Which gun myth(s) did you used to believe?

    A 300 RUM doesn't recoil much.
  10. Coop45

    Garand History

    If you ever get close to the quad cities, check out the Rock Island Arsenal Museum.
  11. Coop45

    Mountain lion/woods gun

    My wife walked upon a mountain lion one evening. The cat got up and they looked at each other before the cat walked away.
  12. Coop45

    Reckon I misread the CAD file...

    That trigger guard is kinda tight.
  13. Coop45

    M16 myths

    My XM16-E1 had the gold buffer as was a shooter. The only problem was the constant armorer inspections in which they always want to trash it because the bore was pitted. As far as I know the July 67 replacements brought the first reliable rifles to the battalion. Well into 68 every squad had a...
  14. Coop45

    Kitchen Table Gunsmithing Hazards

    When my wife sees me looking for something she usually picks the part up and asks if I'm looking for this.
  15. Coop45

    3in GP. 2.75 Speed Six

    I had a 4 in Security Six and I do miss it. Just another example of sellers remorse.
  16. Coop45

    Youngest Picture of You With a Gun

    When I got my first rifle at age 10, it wasn't a big deal. At least not enough for a picture. We were a free country in 1956.
  17. Coop45

    Don't Expect to Be a Hero, Intervention Leds to Arrest

    Police chiefs are not as much police as they are politicians.
  18. Coop45

    Carcano 6.5x52mm - Little-to-no Experience with these

    I bought a carbine when I was a kid. I think it was $10 with a couple of boxes of ammo. Evidently the ammo had been wet and maybe 25% actually fired and when pulled a bullet the powder looked like short pieces of pasta. I traded it for something. Oswald must have had better ammo.
  19. Coop45

    I have done it wrong all of these years.

    I have a set of camo utilities, but never wore them to hunt. They are great for keeping the bugs off of me while fishing at night..