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    Lever revolution vs hammer down

    Thing is you have your traditional lever actions (92, 94, 336) then you have the Savage 99, Browning BLR and the newer Henry (long ranger) something like that? So you have some very capable lever actions that can shoot 300 yds , Its the marketing that is BS. A 30-30 is what it is no matter what...
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    Not sure what you want. Do you want it on the receiving end or recoil end. Recoil and big hole in barrel get a 10 ga and knock yourself out. Hunting in North America get a .375 H&H.
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    Lever revolution vs hammer down

    Looks like more marketing BS. Might be great ammo but theres been great 30-30 ammo for decades. The pointed flex tip bullets do offer better down range performance. But it's not going to make a 30-30 a .308.
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    Why olive oil?

    Are the guys suggesting olive oil eye'talion? Just a thought. It is a healthy oil though. My wife is Sicilian so we buy olive oil in bulk but do like avocado oil for frying. ;)
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    Hey, trying to find some info...........

    Thanks for the replies. They got me thinking. Now I,m not sure if it's a A5 copy or a Benneli, Beretta...? I don't think it was a gas gun. I thought it was recoil operated because they said it was simple and reliable. There was a thread on here but I couldn't find it. For a HD gun I'm not...
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    S&W lever gun

    No thanks. I think I,m done buying any of the new lever action offerings. I'm not spending 1K plus on any of them. I,m lucky to have a good asst of them already. Maybe I'm "old" at 63 but I know what the prices were and now. Forget it. jmho
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    “Tactical” shotgun stocks?

    I would also get one similar to what you have so your muscle memory is close. I started out with a 870 Wingmaster in the 70s that I still have.. For a dedicated HD I bought a H&R Pardner HD shotgun. It's a Norinco copy of the 870 but with a 7 shot capacity. One heck of a heavy duty, smooth...
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    Ammo vending machines

    Yup then the Terminator steps out.
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    Starting an “estates sale” gun shop

    I kinda read most of the posts. So basically you want to get first dibs and sell guns but from "Estates". Why are you more special than just the average gun shop? Your selling for a profit and get first dibs on what the estate has. Don't see anything special in your selling. Might be misleading...
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    Another shoe drops. surgeon general declares gun violence public health crisis.

    What a old white guy does to himself isn't the crowd the antis are trying to use as propaganda. And to be honest I don't think they care about that group. It's the animals in the streets thats shooting cities up daily. Until they have a cultural change, laws will do nothing unless they are used...
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    Hey, trying to find some info...........

    There was a thread a ways back on a Turkish copy of the Browning A5 recoil operated semi auto that had good reviews. Can't find it. I might want a semi auto as a HD shotgun. I have a couple nice pumps but my shoulders are not getting better and operating them hurts. Thanks for any info.
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    Another shoe drops. surgeon general declares gun violence public health crisis.

    I don't use social media. But watching the news, ect, lets me know what others are being told so I know what they are forming their opinions on. Putting your head in the sand might feel good until you get kicked in the backside or worse. This thread drifted. Sorry I,m done. Have a good night.
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    Another shoe drops. surgeon general declares gun violence public health crisis.

    Yup. Look at the opening news of the morning and evening nation news. " Millions under threat of."...... fill in the blank. Just a 24/7 scare tactic.
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    Another shoe drops. surgeon general declares gun violence public health crisis.

    Don't post a sound bite like the media does.. Heres the whole story on his comment. It's not anti 2A.
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    Another shoe drops. surgeon general declares gun violence public health crisis.

    Theres a huge elephant in the room that causes most gun injury and deaths 24/7/365 in this country. But it's not talked about and when caught let back out the revolving door to continue it's carnage. BUT it's the honest and legal gun owners that are blamed for gun violence. and restricted. So...
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    Bolt action 30-30?

    My friend"s father had a .303 surplus No.5 Jungle carbine. Thats all he used in the woods in the northern part of CNY. Not sure where but back then there was a Norther Tier/Southern Tier zones. Southern was only shotgun slugs. So Tug Hill or the ADKs. Always got a big one.
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    Bolt action 30-30?

    Yes if your loading a rimmed cartridge you have to load so the rim is in front of the cartridge already loaded our you'll get rim lock. A double feed. I have a Stevens 325. Fun cast boolit rifle. Pretty accurate with open sights if I squint and hold my mouth right. It's the first model so its...
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    What bullet would you stock up on for 7mm-08?

    Well I got them and they look fine. My son and I opened all 4 boxes and looked them over. Looks like any first rate Honadys I,ve ever bought. Great deal. I threw a Lee 130gr 7mm mold on the order for the heck of it. Next time I cast some 30-30 boolits I'll make some 7mm. Might shoot my 7mm-08...
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    Bear spray or air horn for bear deterrent? Plus a gun!

    Hike with a fatter, slower person than you. You'll be fine.;)
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    Best deer cartridge available today

    Looks like 30-30 country. But I may use my .348 Win or .444 Marlin just to use them. Lots of CNY is like that outside of farm fields.