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  1. silvermane_1

    45acp or 10mm For Hiking Carry?

    Well you can also in vest in a 40 Super barrel if you to go even hotter than 10mm Auto, but the pistol has to have the ability to use a fully supported barrel
  2. silvermane_1

    45acp or 10mm For Hiking Carry?

    Get a set of 400 CorBon dies and a conversion barrel for 45ACP.
  3. silvermane_1

    New-to-me H&R Model 732 Guardsman

    Nice score Tinker.:thumbup:;)
  4. silvermane_1

    Ruger Blackhawk Bisley 41

    Nice score there mlankton:thumbup:, sorry to hear about the scam from Armslist.:fire:
  5. silvermane_1

    Altamont Roper Style Grips

    Nice score there Dudemeister.:thumbup:
  6. silvermane_1

    To restore the color .38 S&W Special CTG

    Leave it alone there BJThaBoss, except for a cleaning.;)
  7. silvermane_1

    22 magnum for a ccw?

    Very good points there FFGColorado.:thumbup:;)
  8. silvermane_1

    .38 S&W Gel Test

    Yep, 38 S&W packs little bit of a wallop more than folks think there Tinker.:thumbup: ;)
  9. silvermane_1

    More weird revolvers

    It was Ruger that bought the patent IIRC.
  10. silvermane_1

    More weird revolvers

    A LeMat revolver, it's a BP revolver and a shotgun.
  11. silvermane_1

    Who has a rhino?

    I've always thought that the Rhino was a interesting concept, now only if Chiappa would try a big bore incarnation, even 44 Spl. would be nice.;):thumbup:
  12. silvermane_1

    Lightweight .38 or .357 Revolver

    IDK there mcb, that one guy killed a Grizzly with Buffalo Bore brand 9mm, also in the movie The Edge Anthony Hopkins' character killed a Kodiak Grizzly with a "sharp stick". ;) :D
  13. silvermane_1

    What has happened to the model 10 and 19 S&W

    ^Well if it's that "minty", $650 isn't necessarily that overpriced, on the high side yes, but not too overpriced for a almost 60 year old "minty" no MIM, non-lock M10-5 there silicosys4.;)
  14. silvermane_1

    327 and it's untapped potential...

    That's a nice collection of 327 Fed. Mags there ArkieVol, especially the 4 inch SP-101.:thumbup:;)
  15. silvermane_1

    Buyers guide 480 Ruger Alaskan

    I reload 480 Ruger, also in addition to "downloading" 480, you can also "hot" load it very near 475 Linebaugh levels.
  16. silvermane_1

    Buyers guide 480 Ruger Alaskan

    I wasn't referring to a factory made 480 Toklat there Varminterror, I was speaking of a custom job or one of the custom 480 Toklat for sale out there.
  17. silvermane_1

    Rough rider

    Nice there Ernie, heck I may have to buy a HRR 22LR/22WMR(unless I can find a Single Six 22 convertable) when the next COVID19 stimulus money comes.:thumbup:;)
  18. silvermane_1

    Rough rider

    Old Stumpy, you have to realize that if Ruger made Wrangler 22LR/22WMR convertible model the Rough Rider's convertible model would either end up going the way of the Dodo or be a actual sub-$100 gun, however currently the RR has the 'edge' price wise and with the 22 WMR cylinder option even if...
  19. silvermane_1

    357 Revolver with 8 Round Capacity and Rails

    :rofl::rofl: Good one there mcb.:D;)
  20. silvermane_1

    Found another Gem..!!!

    Nice score there Snake.:thumbup:;)