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  1. sappyg

    my never fired Beretta Silver Pigeon V: keep it, sell it, shoot it?

    Shoot it. Why save it for someone else? Besides, if someone wants an unfired beretta I'm sure beretta will take care of that for them.
  2. sappyg

    Found a spare Browning Citori

    Those sure are some pretty Citoris. You'll get many years of service from them. I've been shooting the CX in my avatar for over a year now and that hat has blown to smitherenes. With around 6k through it so far it is barely broken in. They're rock solid and yours look great to boot.
  3. sappyg

    Which Glock to Buy...for a guy who has none??

    All out full blown range gun = 34 Now, one thing to consider is a 23 or 35. Why? Because they can be converted from 40 to 9mm with just a barrel swap. Can't do that with a 17/19 or 34. Not a bad deal and you have a very versatile pistol. Truth be told 40 mags don't work great with a 9mm barrel...
  4. sappyg

    General consensus on the glock 42

    Meh, I really don't think this statement holds much water and clearly doesn't address the OPs numberous declarations in this thread. I think is is exactly the answer to the OP. I like mine just fine. WAY more than I like my p38t. That said, the p38t tends to stay closer to me because I can...
  5. sappyg

    Which is your latest shotgun purchase?

    You gonna shoot it?
  6. sappyg

    Simplest, most definitive description of differences between Wingmaster and Express?

    I guess the difference between the two is more what you're willing to accept cosmetically. It's really just cosmetics in the end. I use two 870 express guns and they're as slick as a baby's butt. If you were to shoot a Wingmaster next to those express guns blindfolded I really doubt you could...
  7. sappyg

    Question on Tristar Raptor

    The manual is probably on line but have you tried to tear it down? Pull the barrel and forstock. Maybe punch out the reciever pins and remove the trigger group. Someone probably did this and didn't put it back together correctly. I've seen Remington 870s kind of go off the rail and lock up...
  8. sappyg

    1st shotgun!

    I love making a new shotgun a used shotgun. Enjoy.
  9. sappyg

    Went to Shoot Skeet today, but...

    Meh. Cars aren't allowed anymore. You can walk but I wouldn't recommend it. I have seen people do it, or start out walking, and with good intentions I'm sure but I'll pass. By the time they make it to the trap range (1/4 mile) they havent made it to the 1st of 12 stands. This is the upstate of...
  10. sappyg

    Went to Shoot Skeet today, but...

    Neat thread. I really like SC but rarely shoot it because I like skeet and trap just fine and its $0.10 per bird cheaper at our club. Most of the guys I shoot with tend to get pissy when they miss but frankly they take themselves too seriously. I just like to think my way through the shot. If it...
  11. sappyg

    we shot trap last evening, cool a little wind. nice time.

    I always enjoy reading your posts eastbank. I've only been shooting trap for a few months and your posts are incouraging. At the only match I've shot in so far browning pretty much owns the show by 4 to 1 or more though I have seen lujic, perazzi, Remington's and Beretta on the line. Even an old...
  12. sappyg

    BT 99 plus questions

    a friend just bought a BT 99 plus. Really nice gun in what I consider good condition. Has a 32" barrel with an invector choke. I gave an invector + that seems like it fit perfectly. My main question is are the + chokes ok in this gun? I take it that the + means that the choke is extended...
  13. sappyg

    What's the point...

    I tried one of those big orange pumpkin things on one of my guns. Really didn't care for it. Of the guns I shoot regularly only the trap gun wears them. The others have had all beads removed. I shoot pretty bad with or without beads so my scores aren't effected either way.
  14. sappyg

    Chokes rotate loose after 25 rounds. What to do?

    My chokes tend to loosen during a round also. I know this because I have developed a habit of checking them during a round. They usually stay put after a box or 2. They also become more difficult to remove after 8-10 rounds without cleaning them and I only apply grease to them. I want to think...
  15. sappyg

    ladies O/U recommendation

    I shot a Yildiz o/u 12 gage last weekend. Broke open easy but that, and the fact that it was low on price point, is about all the good I have to say about it. Seemed like the lever itself was what cocked the hammers. Ejection was quite weak... Kind of an odd bird. A friend shoots a berreta sp1...
  16. sappyg

    Picked up new-to-me Shotgun today!

    Sounds like a good plan to me. I wonder if anyone has tested bear spray on people? A tazer might work but I haven't seen much talk of them on bears. Regardless, you got a good shotgun. Might as well use it. I like dave's advise. Run some shells through it and make sure it's gtg.
  17. sappyg

    Shot a little trap this weekend

    You're correct. I ment to say 1 1/8 oz. haven't got a good trap load yet so I mostly use gun club 1 1/8 oz factory if I'm serious about scoring. 7/8 is fine for 16 yards. 9 s are fine too. Have to admit that I take the shot quicker though, at least that's the goal. At 16 yards 7/8 will get you...
  18. sappyg

    Shot a little trap this weekend

    That's good shooting Kudu! Beautiful gun. Lately I've been shooting trap with 7/8 oz of #9 shot originally intended for skeet. No idea how fast it is but I guess around 1200 fps. I tightened up the choke to IM and started getting better breaks at the 16 yard line. After a couple rounds with...
  19. sappyg

    What dangerous game is too big for shotgun slugs?

    If I were to intentionally hunt dangerous game it wouldn't be with a shotgun. Killing and stopping the animal are two different things. Most anything can kill but I guess the real issue is stopping the animal as quickly as possible. Can't really answer the OP any better than that. If it can...
  20. sappyg

    My collection seems to be evolving

    I think most accumulations evolve. Mine has. Regardless, no matter what I'm shooting ATM, reloading has always been the most significant part of this lifestyle.