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    Ruger 10/22

    He is severely limiting his options. I would bet there is more than one prospective buyer out there who would be more than happy to pay for shipping. Go to an FFL; discuss what packaging and shipping would cost; many are used to doing this however there are some who will try to take advantage...
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    Sig P320 replacement trigger?

    It depends upon your familiarity with the FCU and it's associated parts. I regularly disassemble the FCU when deep cleaning with the exception of the sear block area so for me it's not that big a deal to take the next step and disassemble the sear block, sear, springs, etc. I don't go that far...
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    Sig P320 replacement trigger?

    Gray Guns has a straight trigger option. Are you looking for a complete kit or just strictly the trigger by itself?
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    S&W M&P Metal opinions!

    Are there "plastic" guns with 100% plastic rails? I was under the impression that "plastic" guns had steel rails of some sort. That is certainly true of the Sig P320 line where both the chassis and slide are steal and the "plastic" part is simply a replaceable grip frame.
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    Tisas 2011 pistols

    I don't collect 1911's so I don't have a clue about collector prices. However many 2011's are intended for competition and in the USPSA world a $3k-$4k 2011 is rather ho-hum and $5k is not top of the market by any stretch.
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    H&K P30 owners chime in for a question please

    I had a P30L LEM for a number of years. Very reliable and one of the more accurate handguns I've ever owned. I wish I hadn't sold it. One downside to some is that the mag release is not the typical button; never bothered me.
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    380 vs 9mm For A New 115pd Shooter

    My understanding is that most colleges are going to be very negative towards carrying on campus. There are most likely regulations and possibly actual laws against it. Have you looked into that issue?
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    New to USPSA

    Seeing as how we are playing a game where time has a fundamental influence on your score then it is hardly ridiculous. Now if you want to shoot the match using all your favorite defensive pistol tactics then you don't care about that sort of thing.
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    New to USPSA

    I'm not sure you are getting the point people are trying to make here. Outlaw matches are a wild card as far as the rules go. Watching videos on outlaw matches in order to understand what is going to happen at YOUR outlaw match is of only general interest unless the video happens to be of the...
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    Tell me about the AMT .380 DAO

    Maybe because you measure your mag change times in minutes rather than seconds? lol... Yeah I know it isn't really all that bad but still a very noticeable handicap compared to conventional.
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    Best caliber for a 16" deer rifle

    Well I for one would be eager to learn. I have no preconceptions in this area; just want to learn something new. Mostly a pistol shooter but always interested in rifles more in the abstract I guess.
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    Pick your "experts" Carefully!

    What bugs me as much as anything is watching a Youtube analysis and spending 10 minutes getting about 30 seconds of information. I hardly ever bother these days as separating the wheat from the chaff is too irritating as well as error prone. I guess I'm getting old; there are very few people I...
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    Wait for Dead Air Mask or buy other?

    Gee thanks. I'm trying to determine if it makes sense both financially and performance wise.
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    Wait for Dead Air Mask or buy other?

    Can a Sparrow be rebuilt with conventional baffles?
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    True Blue???

    It is a decent multi-cartridge pistol powder. I've used it in 38spl, 357mag, 41mag and 9mm. I've loaded a lot of 9mm with it at around a 130 power factor. It's a little dirty at that level but it's what I had available. It would be cleaner if loaded hotter.
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    Tight Group - why did this happen?

    I'm probably way off base here but couldn't this behavior be explained by two different powders being inadvertently but not thoroughly mixed? Just asking for my own edification.
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    What would be your picks of only 3 rifles to own for everything, hunting and self defense?

    ha, ha, I thought about playing that card! Then I started thinking about just what uppers I'd choose.... got complicated....
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    What would be your picks of only 3 rifles to own for everything, hunting and self defense?

    Bolt action .308/30'06/270/280/etc AR15 10/22
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    Sig p320 xten

    No, it's not just you. I think he must be using some sort of speech to text system and he didn't bother to edit the stuff that got mish-mashed. I think I was able to make a reasonable translation of most of it.