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  1. rromeo

    Shipping a gun to myself?

    There's a forum called mdshooters dot com. That would be the second place I'd ask for specific information. The first would be a firearms specialist attorney.
  2. rromeo

    CZ600 Closeouts

    Well, I missed them all at that price. Good, I didn't need another impulse purchase
  3. rromeo

    Winchester SX1. Looking for info

    Thank you. Whomever did the work did an excellent job. It's honestly good enough that I had to ask if this came from Winchester like that. Hopefully these come through.
  4. rromeo

    Winchester SX1. Looking for info

    I've searched here, I've searched there. I have found a lot of information on these guns, but I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. Any experts on this board? I recently picked one up. It was 250, so it seemed like a no-brainer. Serial number is M67xxx, so later '70s probably...
  5. rromeo

    What gun or guns have you regretted selling?

    Generally I only sell something that I haven't shot in a long time. One that I regret, but mostly because I sold it a year too soon. 1957 Marlin SD 30-30. I more than doubled my money on it, but I probably could have doubled that if I sold it in the last couple years instead of in 2019.
  6. rromeo

    C&R Purchases in CA

    If it's verifiable as C&R, and in original condition, then it's C&R. Some of the transfer dealers may want more, but that's not the law.
  7. rromeo

    How long are BGC good for (VA)

    30 Days, according to the fed. Yes, Virginia goes through the State Police instead of directly through NICS, but the ruling is the same.,after%20NICS%20was%20initially%20contacted.
  8. rromeo

    California gun registration questions

    No, they do not need to be on roster if you move into the state with them. They do need to be otherwise compliant, as in no magazines over 10 rounds and no threaded barrels on semiautomatic pistols with removable magazines.
  9. rromeo

    Average Gun Owner Legal Knowledge Poll

    In my experience, that's the part that many don't understand.
  10. rromeo

    Selling to FFL in another state

    As said, you can't mail it, AND, the buyer cannot receive it on the mail unless he is a dealer/manufacturer. So, while my local gun shop may charge $10 plus postage to ship handguns, that's still not a viable method to send to an 03FFL.
  11. rromeo

    Legal to ship Primed brass to California

    The question was about primed brass. Primed brass ships the same as ammunition, but to the question, does not have the same legal restrictions in the state of California.
  12. rromeo

    Another "is it still worth it" question -- C&R licenses

    Or as some would say, "if you're strictly looking for military surplus it’s a no-go but if your collection is refined then it’s worth it"
  13. rromeo

    Japanese A-5

    The Belgium guns are much more common. I can't even think of the last time I saw a Miroku A5 for sale.
  14. rromeo

    Marlin announcement from Ruger

    Chiappa sold one a few years ago for about $400. I don't know if it's still made.
  15. rromeo

    Marlin announcement from Ruger

    Sure, nice rifle, but is Ruger going to make it?
  16. rromeo

    Marlin announcement from Ruger

    I can't see how they can make a stainless model for less than they were selling the blued 336 for, and still have quality.
  17. rromeo

    Marlin announcement from Ruger

    "Ruger Only" really just meant "don't use this in a 100 year old Colt SAA."
  18. rromeo

    Is Remington shipping rifles yet?

    I haven't made it back to Walmart, but the gun store around the corner from my house just got a couple 870s in. He says they are brand new production.
  19. rromeo

    100 year old rifle (+/-)

    Very nice. I have a Winchester 1917 that I picked up last year for pennies. The rear sight was milled, and oddly it has a Lyman peep sight. Go figure. The stock is a butcher job, and I'd like to eventually have it looking something like yours.
  20. rromeo

    Is Remington shipping rifles yet?

    I was in Walmart yesterday, and noticed they have two Model 700s in the case. One 243 and one 270. I didn't have time to wait for someone so I could take a look. I don't know if they were older stock that finally got cleared out of the warehouse, or they are new production. There was also an...