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    Cold feet sitting on stand thermacell insoles?

    Warmer feet One thing I have done in the past in cold weather is to wear thin silk socks, place a baggie over my toes, then a pair of thick wool socks. The silk will wick away any moisture. The baggies hold the heat from your toes. And the wool will keep you warm. It has worked for me...
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    Wow Levis is anti gun!

    Wranglers and Carhart for me, have not bought Levis for years now.
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    What is your education level?

    MBA in Technology Management from University of Phoenix. Alumni since 2005.
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    I finally found a nice older 3" stainless GP100

    Really nice GP. I am jealous, looking for one now. Congrats.
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    My 5 year old son has cancer :(

    I am so sorry to hear about your little buddy. But with faith and prayer, all things are possible. Our prayers to your family, and we wish you God Speed.
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    Anyone bobbed a Kimber?

    Thank you for this information, I would love to speak with someone who has done this to see how involved the procedure is.
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    Anyone bobbed a Kimber?

    Jimmie, I did not know there was a jog for this. Do you know where I can find this jog, and how hard it is to do? Definitely food for thought. Tiny
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    Anyone bobbed a Kimber?

    Hello all, I have a Kimber Pro CDP II, and while I really like the gun, I want a bobbed frame. Has anyone sent out a Kimber to get bobbed? Who does good work without a long waiting period? I would love to get on a list, but do not want the gun gone for 8-12 months. I would love to see...
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    Replacement barrel for Mossberg 500?

    Cabelas has the line of Mossberg barrels. I am getting the 18.5" barrel Saturday.
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    Position in relation to door in HD situation

    I voted "C" due to the fact that the door does not need to be fully opened for me to see the attacker. I have that extra bit of time to evaluate the situation, and open fire.
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    Do many people buy guns between Christmas and New Years?

    You could put it for sale on here, and see what happens. You can specify FTF or will ship, and set your conditions. I am sure we are interested in seeing what you are selling!
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    Happy Holidays to all you Wheel lovers

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all from our family to yours. And I would like to wish those in harms way a Merry Christmas, as we know it hard to be away from your family during this time of year. God Bless.
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    Anyone else impressed with Ruger's Handguns?

    I have 3 revolvers, 2 semi's, and a 10/22. I have tried to carry the 1911s, but the SP101 with 2.25" barrel in .357 is what makes most of the trips with me. I have a Single Six convertable that hits any dern thing I shoot at, the MKII is a blast to shoot. When I want to make big bangs, I pull...
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    Colt Agent

    Nice looking Colt. Seems like a good choice was made to go to the show.
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    Bit Me: A story of the end of the world

    Wow, I just spent hours reading this post, and I must say the story is spellbounding. Like a good novel, I was unable to put the computer down to get any work done. Excellent writing hrgrisso, I wish you the best on your elk hunt, and await more chapters of this novel. We will wait to hear...
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    Coyote ugly!

    Not very pretty, but a screamin deal for a 1911.
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    Carry rig poll - Who makes your everyday carry holster?

    Crossbreed works well for me. Both SP101 and Pro CDP II.
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    357 Snubby Preference---Five rounds or six?...

    2.25" 5 shot SP101 in .357 magnum. Enough of a fight stopper for me.
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    I have had it for years. Both ears. Constant ringing, never goes away, never changes tone. VA has verified this, but it was not caused by the military. Too many times doing stupid stuff as a younger man. Cannot remember when it started, but I cannot really remember a time I did not have it...
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    What are good 22LR Revolvers

    Ruger Single Six. Although it is single action, with practice it can shoot pretty quick. I have to convertable model, with both .22lr and .22mag cylinders, and I can tell you it is a great shooter.