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  1. Lt Shaffer

    New Kahr

    I really can't believe Kahr waited so long to make a higher capacity version. The P365 was released six years ago and the PM9/CM9 have long been surpassed by those and the other modern competitors. It just seemed like Kahr took a decade long vacation and now they're introducing something when...
  2. Lt Shaffer

    Moto camping in grizzly territory... Ruger GP-100

    I did some hiking/camping in Alaska and Glacier and carried an XDM 10mm elite compact loaded with Underwood hardcast. It's a Goldilocks-sized gun (roughly Glock 19 but heavier) so it's pretty handy to carry and it's also well-suited to carrying on the rest of the trip when I wasn't in the...
  3. Lt Shaffer

    Is it bad I don't think I'd like a progressive press?

    I've been using a Lee classic turret press for the last 3.5 years. I have been lusting after moving up to a 6000 because of the affordability but haven't been able to convince myself to buy one. I'm not really a volume reloader so the LCT isn't killing me. For the last year or two, given the...
  4. Lt Shaffer

    S&W J Frame- Centennial vs Chief’s Spl. vs Bodyguard

    I prefer a shrouded hammer.
  5. Lt Shaffer

    S&W 637 vs 642 Airweight for Women's SD

    I, too, like the 638 but it seems more people go for the 642. I don't like the exposed hammer on the 637.
  6. Lt Shaffer

    Does Anyone Here Still Carry or Shoot DA/SA?

    I like DA/SA options because I don't like putting pre-tensioned striker guns with short trigger strokes in my waistband. I have a 3rd Gen S&W 908 that is my regular rotation and I picked up an HK P2000sk LEM last year to mitigate the heavy DA pull. The HK is nice but obviously chunkier than...
  7. Lt Shaffer

    Road trip handgun

    If I'm taking a trip where I'll basically be in a couple different threat environments, I'll usually take two handguns accordingly. By threat environments, I'm basically talking about outdoor hiking environment where I'm more worried about bears and other animal threats and your standard...
  8. Lt Shaffer

    Are there still deals to be had at gun shows?

    I'll agree that there are few table deals and that the best deals come from other dudes walking around with private sales. The guys who know what they are doing walk around with a piece of paper or cardboard strapped to their chest or back (like on a string around their neck or something)...
  9. Lt Shaffer

    Firing the .357 Magnum and Ear Damage

    I permanently damaged my hearing a year ago from a single .40 S&W shot outdoors. I'm really bewildered about what happened but I went to an ENT and he examined me and said I damaged something internal and it's permanent. I always wear hearing protection but I was out at the range and took off...
  10. Lt Shaffer

    Ohio gun shows

    Caveat: I'm a handgun guy so my comments are really more about what I see relative to handguns. I don't really pay attention to long guns at the shows so I can't give a direct opinion on a 308. I have not been to the Westland event but I don't see any deals at the SW shows in Cincy or Dayton...
  11. Lt Shaffer

    At last....A double stack Kahr Arms.

    20 years or so ago, I wasn't really familiar with Kahr but my CCW instructor (who was a local LEO) carried a PM40 as his CCW. That put Kahr on my radar and I eventually picked up a CM9. My CM9 has never bobbled (knock on wood) so it's a pretty efficient and compact package. I've carried mine...
  12. Lt Shaffer

    Been considering getting into a progressive press

    I decided to get into reloading 3 years ago and opted for the Lee Classic Turret. I have turrets for about 5 or 6 handgun calibers and have generally been happy with the LCT but it is slow. This Lee 6000 has me thinking about making the jump to a progressive for the first time so I've enjoyed...
  13. Lt Shaffer

    Looking for a new CC firearm

    I have a 4-inch M&P M2.0 compact in 40 and it's very nice. Good capacity and easy shooting but it's more gun than I want to carry most times. Before the new higher capacity 9mms came out, I considered getting a Shield in 40 (or maybe an M&P 40c) but then I got a P365 and I lost interest in the...
  14. Lt Shaffer

    Sig 365, 365XL or CZ PCR and dot

    I want the XL for the optic ready slide not for the grip module. Adding a $40 XL grip module to my 365 doesn't let me add the optic.
  15. Lt Shaffer

    Recommendation for a guy who hates most automatic pistols?

    I'll echo some previous suggestions but there are some very good choices that meet your requirements. P365 M2.0 Compact S&W Shield P365XL If you consider the heavy DA pull of a DA/SA gun as satisfying your desire for a manual safety, you could opt for a PCR, Sig P239, or HK P2000 that have...
  16. Lt Shaffer

    Sig 365, 365XL or CZ PCR and dot

    I'm wrestling with the same topic. I've never had a red dot but want one and I'm generally considering 3 options. I have a P365 and M2.0 compact that I very much like so I could have those slides milled (options 1 and 2). Option 3 is to buy a P365XL which would fall in size between the P365...
  17. Lt Shaffer

    Looking To Replace My Current EDC Pistol

    My primary carry is a Sig P365 with manual safety. It's really pretty optimal in every respect and it shoots nicely. Since I got it, I haven't wanted to carry anything else. You owe it to yourself to try one.
  18. Lt Shaffer

    Where does .40s&w fit in for a carry gun??

    Like Mike J, I like my M2.0 Compact in 40 so much I started reloading for it. I've loaded 180 gr FMJ rounds from the min to max book loads and they're all soft shooting. The UPS truck just today brought me a 3rd magazine and a load of HSTs for carry. I was using Gold Dots previously. I just...
  19. Lt Shaffer

    Replacement for sig2022 40

    I have a S&W M2.0 compact in 40 that I love. It's a sweet shooter and the first gun I put in the range bag these days. It's the Goldilocks size and I prefer M&P ergos/grip angles over Glocks.
  20. Lt Shaffer

    .40 cal Recommendation for Carry

    I love my M2.0 Compact in 40 but you asked for hammer-fired. I would vote for P2000 followed by P229 and then P239. I think the P2000 size is pretty optimal. The P229 is a little chunky for me and the P239 is chunky for the capacity. I have a P239 but it's in 9. My M2.0 compact in 40 is one...