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  1. skoro

    22lr carry for defense??

    22LR for a defensive carry caliber? No doubt it might be effective. But then again, it may well not be. It's the pipsqueak of calibers. But if it's the cartridge that aging or arthritic hands can manage best, it's certainly better than harsh words or a slipjoint pocket knife. But for my...
  2. skoro

    My Favorite S&W Model

    I have a number of S&W revolvers in calibers from 22LR up to 45acp. I'd be hard pressed to name one a single favorite. Maybe the 3" Model 13 in 357mag. All have Tyler T-grips, which make the stocks fit my fat hand so well.
  3. skoro

    Revolver pocket carry

    My EDC is a S&W 642 in a Mika pocket holster. Works perfectly for my situation.
  4. skoro

    Mouse Gun thread

    I like my Beretta Jetfire in 25acp. Not a carry piece, but it's a fun range toy that draws attention.
  5. skoro

    A .22 handgun for home self defense?

    I think in many home invasions, the criminals are looking to grab something quick and get away without springing leaks of ANY caliber. A 22lr would serve well enough in that scenario. BUT... If your house is known to hold large qtys of cash, valuable jewelry or anything else that could attract...
  6. skoro

    Am a Revolver carrier over the Semi Auto

    I've been carrying a S&W 642 for the past 15 years. I also keep a 4" S&W Model 10-5 as my home defense piece.
  7. skoro

    Avoiding Trouble

    The Golden Rule for avoiding trouble: Don’t 1. Go to stupid places 2. With stupid people (or where stupid people congregate) 3. At stupid times 4. To do stupid things.
  8. skoro

    Home Defense Firearm For A Woman

    A S&W k-frame in 38 spl is always a good option. 👍
  9. skoro

    Revolver or Auto, one pick only.

    I'll go with revolvers: S&W Model 28 Hwy Patrolman 4" 357 S&W 642 sub 38spl S&W Model 17 4" 22LR
  10. skoro

    Your Favorite Revolver Platform

    For me, it's the S&W K-frame. With a Tyler T-grip, it just fits my hand so very well. Must be a reason they were the sidearm of choice for US LE for half a century.
  11. skoro

    What's your favorite 1911?

    I have a pair of 1911s, both Colts in 45acp from the mid 70s. MarkIV Govt Lightweight Commander
  12. skoro

    380, 38 snub or other for pocket carry?

    I carry a revolver in 38+P because it fits my situation. What you carry is your business and no one else's.
  13. skoro

    Caliber War Thread

    I like 45acp. I like 9mm But I carry 38+P And that's because my EDC is a S&W 642. Almost perfect for my situation.
  14. skoro

    S&W 3913 NL

    The one gun that I regret selling is a 3913 NL. Grab it. They don't show up often and that's a good price.
  15. skoro

    38 +p or 357 for sd

    For me, it's 38+P in most circumstances. If I'm going into the boondocks in my Jeep, it's 357. My home defense weapon and my EDC are both loaded with 38+P..
  16. skoro

    All time favorite handgun

    I have a pair of Colt 1911s from the 1970s that are my favorites. A lightweight Commander and a Mark IV Govt. They're not carry pieces but I do take them to the range a few times each year.
  17. skoro

    Ammo Choice for CC use?

    I like heavy-for-caliber hollow point rounds in +P if available. 9mm: 147gr 38: 158gr 45acp: 230gr I think any top shelf hollow point will do well.
  18. skoro

    Pocket pistol collection! Post yours

    My "collection" is really more of an accumulation. Keltec PF-9 Beretta Jetfire in 25acp Springfiled XDs in 45acp S&W 642 My EDC is the snub. It's filled with either Speer 135gr Gold Dots or FBI loads.
  19. skoro

    What is your minimum?

    For me, 5 38+P rounds in a snubby is my minimum. It's also my EDC.
  20. skoro

    What is the most recent knife you bought?

    Boker Kalashnikov. Keep it in a small pouch on my belt and find myself using almost daily. The auto open feature is very handy.