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  1. Officers'Wife

    TSA Confiscates Record Number of Guns at Airports

    I have to wonder if TSA is testing the average citizens' gullibility. Federal crime, federal fine yet they are handed over to local LEO's? I don't think so Earl
  2. Officers'Wife

    What do the ladies carry?

    If you feel your Mrs can't be trusted with a sidearm begs the question... Do you let her use the kitchen knives? Do you eat the food she prepares? Do you sleep in the same bed where she might smother you with a pillow? Either way it sounds like one of you married the wrong person. (Imagine the...
  3. Officers'Wife

    What do the ladies carry?

    The trick is to hug your hip with the pushing hand as you pivot your hip you get that extra bit of strength that makes it child's play
  4. Officers'Wife

    What do the ladies carry?

    same story in reverse. Dad talks about hunting with his cousins including my Mom (I'm adopted) and of her outshooting him in a range contest. The second day I was on the farm my grandfather came over with a rifle and insist I go to the range with him.
  5. Officers'Wife

    What do the ladies carry?

    Perhaps you just haven't been paying attention. All women of normal health and fitness have the strength, just not able the same way a man does.
  6. Officers'Wife

    What do the ladies carry?

    I can shoot double action and my Dad insists I practice double action with my 32-20 revolver. I prefer pulling the hammer back with my thumb though.
  7. Officers'Wife

    What do the ladies carry?

    First off, stop trying to teach her things she is physically unable to do. This article will help her far more than you will. In my case, I purse carry a Colt Commander in 38 Super. It's more expensive with the built in...
  8. Officers'Wife

    Big and heavy or slow and fast

    I don't know if it's slow or fast or for that matter light or heavy, but the two deer I shot with my grandfather's 30-06 Put them to the ground with a minimum of following blood trail.
  9. Officers'Wife

    No I won’t make you ammo!!

    Not that I know of, French and Dutch on Mom's side and Philippine on Dad's. What makes my family claims interesting is after my mother died her cousin adopted me. However, as the youngest I still have the exclusive right to call my big brother an idiot. StillquietVoice - I stole the picture...
  10. Officers'Wife

    No I won’t make you ammo!!

    If you go into the realm of possibilities there are people that will steal from family members or use them for forced labor. The certain unnamed idiot (who shall remain my brother) knows if I were after his money all I would have to do is threaten to publish my diary which not only tells where...
  11. Officers'Wife

    Remember the brouhaha about new merchant codes for firearms purchases?

    One the wall of Dad's study is an enlarged block of writing from a letter Earl Langrebe (Indiana state representative) sent my Grandfather. The passage reads- The state of Indiana will never use seatbelt violations as cause for a traffic stop. This alone demonstrates the connection as anything...
  12. Officers'Wife

    No I won’t make you ammo!!

    A certain unnamed idiot (who shall remain my brother) will reload for Dad and myself. But every so often he will say he needs powder, bar lead or some other supply and I whip up either blackberry cobbler or cherry cake and head to the gunsmith. The smith will not reload for me but cobbler or...
  13. Officers'Wife

    Do you actually use your “everything rifle”?

    So far I have killed four whitetails with my Lee Enfield. If we ever get all the crops in I'll use my Grandfather's Garand.
  14. Officers'Wife

    Czech Republic and its requirments to get a gun licence

    Sarcasm doesn't translate into print well. Considering I've heard my mother in law seriously claims if not for the 68 GCA Chicago would be in even worse shape than it is now and that the late "assault weapons" law caused a drop in crime makes it even more hard to tell your intention.
  15. Officers'Wife

    Wow! Montana AG reads youtube the riot act, brilliantly.

    It will probably turn out to be nothing more than what my uncle would call the fearsome roar of a paper tiger.
  16. Officers'Wife


    You mean I'm not making it harder on myself using the 303 I practice with regularly instead of a super high powered round? Who would have thought it?
  17. Officers'Wife

    Pet peeve

    Redo??? You haven't finished messing this one up! I'll bet you haven't even bought an Taurus handgun yet!
  18. Officers'Wife

    Making Kosher venison sausage?

    Actually the Jews don't believe in a fiery hell. I was told their afterlife is a place of spiritual cleansing, much like purgatory. Unpleasant but not eternal. If you look at the dietary laws you will find they are pretty much common sense rules for living in a climate like Israel with no...
  19. Officers'Wife

    Making Kosher venison sausage?

    Interesting, I have to admit I've never thought of that. Unfortunately in this area sesame seeds are outrageous in price so I generally make it with sunflower kernels. I've never thought of using cinnamon on the jerky either. I wonder how it would mix with the bitteroot root...
  20. Officers'Wife

    Surviving a gunshot wound

    I agree about the miracle. Keep in mind I've worked ER at Elizabethtown KY and DC. Each and every patient that refused to give up to a major illness and injury got the title from me. My respect sir.