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    Sheep must never, never swear at the wolves.

    I wonder if erecting a fence would be restricting the right of way for the native species...:rolleyes:
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    Jammed Mosin 38?

    It was the Czech silver tip stuff. I smacked it open with a shoe yesterday. I have a handy rubber mallet I am going to take next time. Thanks for all the replies. One would think it heresy to offer "kick it" as a solution, but if it works, it works.:)
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    I picked up my Yugo 24/47 yesterday..

    Dont feel bad, I paid more than that for mine. But the barrel was blue, and the bore is still mirror shiny. I refinished it a few years back, now its all shiny.
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    Jammed Mosin 38?

    I do not know what to do to this thing. I shot a round with it, and now the bolt only travels up 1/2 way, then wont move at all. It seems to be jammed on the empty cartridge, and I would really rather not take it to a gunshop. I am going to try to tap a cleaning rod gently down the barrel to...
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    Glocks newest addition, the "40mm"

    I wonder if they will make that in a SxS Bofors edition. And with the 40mm Glock, you can truely say it takes clips.:evil:
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    Mossberg 500 Bullpup 12 ga legal?

    My local gunmonger had one for about $200 in 20ga about a year or two ago. It was sold by the time I had the $$$ for it. Funny thing was I thought it was perfect for my mother. Light recoil, decent power, and easy to use in the defense of her home.
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    Why is booby-trapping illegal?

    Wow. That's the first time someone dug up one of my old threads. I still want a car with a bug-zapper as an alarm system. Or a system that relies on a FooGas type setup.:evil: ;)
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    Motorist beaten by mob in Milwaukee

    I seem to recall a line from Goldeneye: "Use the bumper, that's what its for!" :evil:
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    Attack of the Russian Squirrels

    Huh. My beagle has been telling me that squirrels were evil for some time now, but I never imagined it would come to this...
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    Anyone want to play some violent games with me?

    BF1 and the expansion packs is the newest game I own. :eek: I just can't justify $50 a game every time a new one comes out. I think I will splurge for MOH:PA soon though. MOH is one of the best FPS game-series there is. I still like playing the first MOH on PS1 where it gives you a...
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    What guns for a American "Bond?"

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    What guns for a American "Bond?"

    Well, in the movies, a character could conceal anything smaller than a LAW rocket without a bulge. So I am going for a Ruger BFR in .45-70 Govt.:evil:
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    Shooting A Lock Off?

    That's a waste of ammunition. Don't you people have spare SemTex just lying about? What, why are you looking at me like that? ;) :evil:
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    What gun for crazed Thanksgiving turkey?

    Punt gun. I keep mine aimed at the oven just in case. Ovens are starting to get mighty expensive though...;)
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    Suggestions for use of an old cell phone?

    Can it be converted to use cell-phone calling cards? If it can, then I would suggest it for the BOB.
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    Feelin' frisky ? How bout firing a 50 bmg sidearm..

    I wonder if they make a stock-adapter for it, like a broomhandle Mauser... Think we could convince Glaser to make a slug for it?:evil:
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    Most fun thing you've done w/ a gun.

    Cutting down trees (2in or less in diameter) with a Even at 20ft away, you get a lesson in accuracy you never thought you would get. You may be shooting at wood in there, but it just zips right through without doing much. Lesson #1: LRN work much better than HP. HP is for when you...
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    Nationwide Concealed Carry Bill has 72 Consponsors

    I may have missed a few posts, so forgive me... How does this apply to full-cap mags in CA and MA? If I conceal a pistol without the proper gizmos or registraton (CA, MA, NY), whats next?
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    SHTF IN North Dakota

    Heh. I remember having 14" of snow here in NW Arkansas. Pandamonium is a good word... I was 16 and driving out in it, laughing at all the people going crazy and getting stuck in ditches because they did something patently stupid. Its even worse with the ice we get here. 1/2" ice covered by...
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    Russian .22lr trainer magazines

    Does anyone know where I can get more magazines for this rifle? It takes little 5rd mags, and while I dont expect to see anyone selling larger mags, it would be nice to have more than one.