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    what's the worst gun you've ever owned?

    A dan wesson 357 magnum wouldn't fire all six shots hated 38 specials and the hammer would stick in double action.Sold it to a collector figured it was better off with him.The second was a marlin 30 30 spitzer model would not hold a group at 100 yards traded it for a pistol.
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    Picking a used sidelock for deer...

    50 T/C renegade with 90grains pyrodex and a 270 grain powerbelt all the way.I can hit paper plates at 150 but I have to take my time.
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    If you were going to carry 45 ACP ball for self defense...

    If your 45 won't run hp try the expanding fmj they seem to be doing wonders for military spec 1911's .
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    Age of people on THR

    I'll be 23 on the 24 of September had guns since i was 14 been oc since I was 18 and got my ccw when I was 21 .I also have blue eyes and dirty blonde hair i'm not ex military I am currently on medical leave for a open heart surgury in January I'm 6''0 250lbs and try to run a mile a day.not my...
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    To Bolt or Not to Bolt a safe

    Even if they can't get it out they tip it over and scratch all your guns up bolt it down.
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    44mag vs 20ga. rifled slug

    Is Indiana a shotgun or straight wall pistol cartrige only state? If it is why not get a 50 caliber inline.In Ohio you have to use a shotgun ,pistol or black powder and the pistol has to have at least a 5 in barrel but can't exceed a 10 in it's not posted in the normal hunting regs and I would...
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    What kind of gun oil do you use?

    hoppes elite number 9 on everything except on my ar 15 bolt that gets a bath of valvoline full synthetic 5w 30 right before a match.
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    How do you handle people who stare you down?

    Calmly remove sunglasses look back at him and say U.S imigrations agent let's see your identification! No I really wouldn't I open carry also and there are just some people who feel that they need to confront you on it .I normally ignore people who are just out to badger you and anyone who tries...
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    What is your preferred "ranch" rifle?

    lee enfield or mosin nagant cheap and accurate and don't weigh a ton .both were designed to be carried all day if you can get a sporter version they can be great shooters and are very reliable.
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    Ever picked up a box of 12 gauge ammo when you meant to get a box of 20 gauge?

    You got any buddies you go shoot with see if you can trade.
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    Would you choose a Model 12 for home defense?

    No way they are to hard to find .I'll stick with my mossberg that way if I have to use it and lose it I can replace it.
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    Charles Daly Field Hunter

    For 230 bucks get it those things are built like a tank.I used to have one and I abused that gun and it still went bang when I pulled the trigger.I used it as a paddle once a hammer to bust ice kept it in the truck under a bed of snow and ice for 3 months and used it to push off stumps when we...
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    Got a gash above my eyebrow from my scope...what to tell co-workers?

    Tried to play cowboy with the wife and when she bucked out of the shoot you slammed your head on the bedpost next time your using the saddle bareback is for idiots.
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    Fletchette rounds

    That's what I figured I use 00 buck in a 20 gauge backed by slugs.Just curious what they do.
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    Fletchette rounds

    Have any of you guys tried these things.Basically they are a bunch of steel arrows loaded in a shotshell.I have seen them in abundance at the local gunshows and they are for use in a self defense situation and are ment to penetrate without over penetration and according to the seller tumble as...
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    Home Defense Ammo

    If those are your choices I vote heavy payload low velocity 15 pellet OO buck.The more hits for one shell the better the slower the velocity the less likely it is to punch threw walls and other things.
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    Mumbley-peg knife game

    We used to draw a little circle in the dirt with a line where to stand whoever got closest to the center won if there was a tie we would go to the hard line which was about a foot back from the original.All those good kitchen knives not sharp enough to cut butter anymore with broken tips. we...
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    Long range hunting Vs. Up close and personal

    Come to Ohio shotgun with slug or blackpowder only so there goes your long rang snipers.Don't get me wrong people will still try to make that 12gauge shoot 300 yards most of the time the deer doesn't even know it's being shot at but hay the money they waste on shells goes to maintain and support...