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    How to wrap a pull through for a Lee Enfield...

    My web page is down due to lack of funds to pay web hosting. I hope to get it up and running soon. The info is also here;
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    Enfield Question

    "GRI" stands for "Georgius Rex Imperator" The rifle The Rifle factory at Ishapore was set up in the 1920's and started out building .303 caliber rifles. The .308/7.62 NATO rifles were built there post 1948 UNTIL 1956.
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    The three rifle standing up thing...

    Some images for you... BTW: The Brits refer to it as a "piling" swivel. Stacking Swivel on M1 Garand. US Army Soldiers stacking their M1s. In the 19th Century, the bayonet served the purpose.
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    Need Help in Figuring out the caliber of a rifle.

    The best story I've heard about the strength of the Arisaka action involves a 6.5mm rifle rechambered to 30-06 but retaining the 6.5mm bore. :what: First 2 rounds were hard to extract, 3rd locked it up tight. Gunsmith figured out the mistake. IIRC, the 6.5 Jap is approx .257, the .308 bullets...
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    Civil War re-enactor shot.

    44 revolvers are rifled. I have never heard of a 44 cal. "musket". When I did ACW re-enacting, we always did a careful inspection of arms before each "battle" that included making sure no one had ANY live ammo AT ALL. We even went so far as removing the rammers from all rifles/muskets to ensure...
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    NM ccw laws? (TX non-resident chl holder)

    I thought Texas wouldn't issue non-resident licenses to folks from States that issue a CHL that Texas honors. I was going to get a Texas CHL at one point, but then Tx. started honoring the NM CHL.
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    Advice on improving *my* accuracy (the gun is fine)

    +1 on the Appleseed.
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    corrosive ammo

    British Army Rifle Cleaning Instructions.
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    Quick Q: 98 Mauser: Hole in front of trigger guard?

    Here is a picture of a WWI style Gew 98 Sling. The metal bit on the end is the "quick detach". It is just a beefed up version of the "QD" swivels currently used. Here is another view of the QD; The other metal loop at the 12 O'Clock is a a quick tensioner. The front swivel on...
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    What's Up With Day By Day?

    I'm using Flock and it works great.
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    What do EMTs do with your gun?

    I have never had an issue on a scene. When I was in EMT-I class, we had a LEO give a scene safety lecture. I made a point of speaking up and pointing out that NM has approx. 7K CHLs issued and that there are a lot of people that legally carry. The nice old shop keeper you're assessing for chest...
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    Just had to share...:D
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    Sniper baiting; What's old is new again...

    This trick was used in WWI. Back then, they even rigged the dummy heads up to blow cigarette smoke.
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    7.62x51 can be fired in .308 and vise virsa right?
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    Does anyone make modern day Martini replicas

    I would even like a Martini Metford or Martini Enfield in .303 Brit.
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    replica spencer

    Fall Creek Sutlery was selling them along with 56-50 centerfire ammo.
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    Favorite WW2 Bolt Action Battle Rifle

    There were a lot of 1917s in the Philippines. In fact, the Japanese wound up using them after their supply lines were cut and they couldn't get enough ammo for their Arisakas.
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    Never again. From my cold, dead hands.

    Jew "by choice" myself. Tried a LOT of other paths, finally found one that I could grok. I grew up around guns. Both my parents grew up around guns. My Father fought in WWII as a US Marine. My older brother was in RVN as a Marine. Shooting outings were a family affair. I just can NOT get my head...