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    Break-in of new bolt-action rifles

    1. Run boresnake or patch down new barrel 2. Shoot. Vigorously. Repeat until accuracy degrades. 3. Clean barrel deeply, removing all copper & carbon. 4. Repeat steps 2-4 as necessary. For the typical factory barrel, I would guess 40-50 rounds would be sufficient though some will be...
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    trying to duplicate mk262

    23.8-24.0 8208XBR will get you very close to 5.56 Mk262 velocity...for 5.56 (ie. over 223 book!) pressure. 23.8gr XBR is within a few FPS of black Hills 5.56 77gr OTM "white box" seconds in my 18" 1:8 BHW 5.56 barrel.
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    .223 myth?

    How the heck does somebody quantify "stopping power" simply by a bullet's stability factor?!? Its been a half-century now...bullet and propellent design has moved forward just a wee bit in that time. We now have Mk262 and Mk318 ammunition that can maximize the terminal effects of the 5.56...
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    Looked at a Savage M11 yesterday

    Yes. Yes, all you need is an allen wrench for the BAS (bolt assembly/big arse screw). Savages generally provide very good accuracy, though I cannot vouch for 300WSMs. Typical Savage issues are hard bolt lift due to how they cock and occasionally feeding issues, though the new-style...
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    What AR15 22lr conversion?

    I previously had a CMMG Bravo worked very well and was more accurate than I expected from a 16" 1:9 barrel. That said, I sold it and built a dedicated upper with a CMMG 16" 1:6 22LR barrel. If you are looking for a complete 22LR upper, Whittaker Guns has some of the best prices on...
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    What kind of accuracy can you really get with a 55 gr in a stock AR15??

    I have an 18" 1:8 BHW barrel on my precision AR. 77gr Noslers with Varget or 8208XBR are easily sub-MOA with some groups in the 0.5-0.75 MOA range. With 55gr Hornady FMJBT the best it would do is 2MOA - I get that with UMC 55gr factory ammo. I have no doubt if I used 52 Amax/HPBT/SMK or 55...
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    Palmetto State Armory Upper: A Seasoned Fella's Critique

    It appears that SKU (and associated page) has been removed from the website. There is, however, a SKU #36779 that has the SS12G2, 16" CHF M4A1 profile barrel and says it comes with "M16 bolt carrier group".
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    Anyone Want to School a Newb on 300Blk?

    I have a UTG 13" Super Slim enroute for a AR22 build...I plan to do a comparison with my MI SS15G2. The few reviews online about them so far seem to be favorable...for $91.99/shipped from Amazon (just over half that of a SS12G2) I figured it was worth a shot.
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    Anyone Want to School a Newb on 300Blk?

    I briefly owned a Savage prefit McGowen 1:8 16.5" 300 AAC barrel. It was a fun toy with 220 subs, even unsuppressed...but that's about it. I sold the barrel as 5.56/77gr was far more suited to my intended uses for intermediate range work for minimum expense. That said, I do think it is a good...
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    Deer Rifle for a 11-12 year old

    "Super critical shot placement"? Bullet into heart/lungs = dead deer....especially using a modern design hunting bullet. But if you don't have shot discipline and want to do hard quartering, "Texas Heart", gut or rump shots yeah a bigger caliber might be helpful. A 62gr TSX through a...
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    NFL Anti Second Amendment

    DD was going to spend $4 million per 30 seconds of Super Bowl ad???
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    Deer Rifle for a 11-12 year old

    My eldest is 3, and I thought about this topic a lot while in stand this year. It'll likely be a rifle he can grow with, a Savage or AR15 platform. I have found (gasp) 77gr bullets from a 223 is ample medicine for Kentucky whitetail and likely will start him there, as my first deer rifle at 11...
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    So...fear-based panic buying (totally unfounded in the case if 22LR) causing shortages? UNPOSSIBLE!
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    Palmetto State Armory Upper: A Seasoned Fella's Critique

    I built a FrankenSPR with a SS15G2 and BHW barrel with no gas block dimples. Not a drop of loctite was put by me on anything, as it was my first AR build and I didn't think I needed to. It has functioned flawlessly for nearly 1000rds, most of which has been 5.56 pressure Mk262 clones, and the...
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    There has been no ban, or talk about a ban, or any direct restriction on production of 22 Long Rifle ammunition. And yeah, I do think there are a number of fools paying 19.99% APR for a linen closet full of Federal Bulk Packs as they think "S will HTF" any day now and/or need it for...
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    Palmetto State Armory Upper: A Seasoned Fella's Critique

    How, exactly, could the upper "shoot itself apart"? Sounds like there are some legit QC issues but perhaps my naivety is why I don't understand the big deal about a semi profile carrier or non-HPI marked bolt on a non-fighting rifle. Less reliable, or perceived less reliable?
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    I understand that. But look beyond your own indignation at how that post is related to the discussion at hand re: scarcity, shortage, gouging, supply/demand equilibrium, etc.
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    I backordered a 5000ct case of 40gr MiniMags last night at MidwayUSA for something like $335 shipped; backorder is due before the end of this year. They also have Winchester M22 1000/2000ct available for backorder. What were we talking about, again?
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    Ordinance against making 3d guns in philly

    Only things good in Philly are Independence Hall, Jim's Steaks, and V1 off 27L at KPHL.
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    Agree, which is why I defined "need" and even put the word in quotation marks. Yes...because economics. Supply equals demand. Demand spikes and outstrips supply (current situation). Economics theory dictates prices rise, which causes demand to fall, until it meets supply. Once supply...