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    Why dress this way at the range?

    Well isn't this thread popular! I'll never understand ranges. My last "range experience": Time: Last Sunday, after church. Locale: Private woods, next to jeep parked in the 8" mud ruts on the trail I drove down on, throwing muddy water all over the once white cherokee. Dress: White Sunday...
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    Gun Shows

    I stopped going due to the 7$ per person and 2$ for parking, usually I spend 16$ just to get in. Keep in mind you have to pay tax (7% for me) and it is a 30min drive for me, gas prices being what they are. The prices they have are usually equal to online, BEFORE the aforementioned are factored...
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    No new Ruger orders?

    I guess that 22/45 will have to wait .. Is it the price of every item going up, up, up, or our dollar going down, down down.
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    2012 Shortage/Hoarding Mega Thread

    Ugh. Stocking up for yourself is one thing, buying up wally world to later sell it for inordinate prices is quite another. Come on feller, leave some for the rest of us.. ..please? I always do. Ya think tax refund people put it into ammo? hmm. A couple observations, I only looked at the two...
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    2012 Shortage/Hoarding Mega Thread

    Partly true. I highly recommend going to Gun Owners Associations website and looking at how they grade each person. You can click each name to see their record.
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    Cable Gun Shows - Which is the worst?

    Whats that old bumper sticker say .. "Shoot your TV!" Yeah.. and probably more entertaining too.
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    Just a thought for an experiment, try running Brown bear. BB comes in both Lacquer and what you had -which was Polymer (TulAmmo dropped the lacquer, unfortunately) coated steel.
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    Is my 442 barrel stripped?! Please help

    My no-lock didn't have any shavings. But your pictures of the beautiful unfired 442 had me thinking "I should get another one!", although I have no idea why.. I already HAVE one. By the way, They seem to get even better as you use them. The more time goes by the more I appreciate mine for what...
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    Friend with gun in bank

    Little kids are right about tire height. + no holster. This was a no-no. Should have went about his business. Looks like stupid laws make an otherwise normal fellow so nervous he does something questionable. .. and yet, still nobody got robbed. "Stickem up tire! Gimme all yer pressures!"
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    .380 semi. vs .38 special+p

    Well if you just can't do the thin grips then the small 380's wouldn't work out either. Another thin 9 is the Keltec PF9 for less than $300. Maybe try out the compact versions of larger guns like the G26, XDsc and M&Pc. They sure have thicker grips. You'd gain some rounds too. Personally I'm...
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    Semi-auto firearms to be confiscated by Iceland .gov?

    Yeah I dunno about that. Do we deserve ours? Governments nature is to expand and to consume. I've never stolen from my neighbors and claimed their belongings as now my own. The founders knew this and attempted to craft this nation with the proper checks & balances, everything they did only...
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    What is the lowest caliber you will carry

    Hands down, atomic annie. Maybe the Paris gun in the pocket.
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    .380 semi. vs .38 special+p

    Show me a .380 that opens to .60" and penetrates to 12" in short barrel lengths. I wouldn't shoot anything but FMJ in the .380. IF they expand -which is woefully hit or miss- they do not penetrate deep enough. I huff when I hear these two compared, a better comparison is 9mm to .38spl+p. I'm...
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    Looking for a Low cost HD and possibly CCW Hand gun.

    I think of the Glock as what to me a gun is after all, a tool. So I dont mind the squaryness, in fact I prefer it. I'm not a Glock fanboy, I like anything that throws a projectile. I find the flat sides of the grip lets me point straight every time regardless of how crappy my grip is because i...
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    Conceal Carry: Glock or J-frame

    I own -and love- both. Pocket carry = Airweight IWB/OWB = Glock If forced to do duty in the opposites realm, each one will show its weakness. Within their own element, probably THE most ideal for carry mode. Great guns, these two. Thats for sure. If you can pack the IWB option do so. 1]...
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    Looking for a Low cost HD and possibly CCW Hand gun.

    My first handgun was a RIA 5" GI, was 400$ new OTD. It stove piped a few times with fmj, the park rubbed off on the grip as well. Other than that it was nic to have an olde tyme 1911, felt right. Just wasnt the workhorse I needed it to be. Again, G26 (or M&Pc or XDsc(m?). I'd score them...
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    Looking for a Low cost HD and possibly CCW Hand gun.

    G26. This coming from somebody who hated "Combat Tupperware" as a beginner, I came around and tried one and -for me- is more useful at everything. Theres a dude around THR who was an EMT during katrina, sweat on his guns everyday no chance to clean them. Said there were two weapons he...
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    Bud's Top Ten Sellers for 2011

    I think they are beautiful!, I think probably hundreds of 642 club members would agree. Autos get finicky when shrunk, I don't completely trust any of them. G26 is smallest auto I'd personally go. I wish I had reliable options.
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    Best Name For A New Gun Shop?

    "Chamber of Commerce"
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    ammunition to go

    I submit that everybody in this thread now get a free 20rd box of ammo. Or free shipping on a large order. I once bought a Crossbreed Holster and they gave me a FREE Smarties! ..But I think that was probably supposed to be a pleasant surprise for anybody who buys from them, so forget this...