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    500 yard ammunition

    Explain why that's reality when bullets lose velocity as range increases. If true, then we should shoot bullets at lower velocities so they'll thing they're at longer ranges. What happens when aerodynamics really starts to kick in? Why ain't it kicked in at higher velocities? If...
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    Another 243 loader - just starting

    I fail to see the logic in "must have" one or more manuals. The Internet has load data surpassing any paper media. None of those loads' data listed will be duplicated in your loads shot in your rifles.
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    257 Weatherby Mag

    There are no fliers. Every shot goes where the system (rifle + ammo + human) and the environment made it go.
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    Hornady OAL gauges?

    Bullet heels can be seated past the shoulder point on necks. Happens a,lot when heavy bullets are used in small caliber cases. 300 Win Mags have a short neck and 200 to 250 grain bullets often seat that way. Where and who was the first to set that standard, I don't know. It's one of many...
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    Interesting Quickload experience with RL25 and RL26 for 6.5x284 Norma

    That happens often. As your barrel, component lots and ammo details are different than Quickloads stuff used to edtimate what others might get, no way will your loads behave the same as theirs.
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    All the hate?

    a popular belief, but not the cause of bullets going further away from POI. Barrels bend away moreso from their hardest contact point on the receiver around their tenon shoulder when the receiver face isn't square with the thread axis,as they expand from heating up. Squared up receivers don't...
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    Another 243 loader - just starting

    Is 1" what it'll do or better all the time? Or is that's about the smallest group size that powder charge produces? And all others are larger
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    How Many Use This Method to Zero a Rifle?

    Has anyone shot five or more 3- to 5-shot groups then measured each group's center from the aiming point, then checked if all group centers were the same direction and distance from the aim point?
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    Another 243 loader - just starting

    A given bullet drifts at right angles to the line off sight at the same speed for a given cross wind. Doesn't matter how far they are down range nor how fast they're moving. A bullet having a 1.5 second time of flight to 1000 yards and drifts 100 inches in a 10 mph crosswind moves sideways at...
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    Is there a way to permanently "lock" a scope adjustment?

    Boxing scopes or shooting squares is the least precise way to evaluate scope angular adjustments. Except when the shooter and his stuff shoots groups no bigger than half the angular change per click. It's impossible to measure human hair thickness precisely with a ruler graduated in sixteenth...
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    Buy, build, or upgrade 6.5 caliber hunter?

    The 308 Winchester round has a lot more barrel life than the 6.5mm bore rounds. Few adults cannot handle its recoil; even with 200 grain bullets dropping moose in their tracks. A rifle with a 4 or 5 round internal box magazine will be more accurate, reliable and manageable in the woods than...
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    10 grains (bullet wieght) difference in .38 Spl?

    Heavier bullets in handguns cause more muzzle rise than lighter ones with the same peak pressure. Velocity is usually slower. They typically shoot higher. Not much with only a 10 grain difference. Same with rifles but on a smaller scale. Are you sure about that? NRA reps have always said...
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    Max neck thickness of necked down brass?

    Mic a bullet diameter and a loaded round diameter. Half the difference is the neck wall thickness. A couple thousandths spread is not an issue. As long as the loaded round's neck is at least .005" smaller than chamber neck diameter, all's well. Less clearance doesn't align shoulder...
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    Is there a way to permanently "lock" a scope adjustment?

    What if the inner tube or a lens cell comes to rest at different places after bouncing around from recoil? I've tested some scopes that had 1/2 to 3/4 MOA slop after each jolt from recoil. Some were fixed power ones. Other were zooms that were good when taped tight at power limit stops, but...
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    How Many Use This Method to Zero a Rifle?

    Nobody takes the bench, the one used sighting in their rifle with, afield. Most folks have a different zero in field positions than what's needed for a benched rifle.
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    How Many Use This Method to Zero a Rifle?

    At 100 yards........ There are lots of scopes that resolve a few seconds of arc (1/20th MOA). There are rifles that'll shoot inside 1/3 MOA for several few-shot groups.
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    Is there a way to permanently "lock" a scope adjustment?

    Regarding the various qualities of a rifle scope: I'll take adjustment repeatability over optical quality. It's easy to judge optical quality. It's hard to judge adjustment repeatability. Especially when elevation and windage ones are less than the smallest groups we can shoot our stuff into.
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    How Many Use This Method to Zero a Rifle?

    I don't think so. Took an unfired 7.62 Garand to a rifle match. A Remington shotgun was to be awarded to the winner. Two sighters were allowed only at 200 yards slow fire standing. Used both to get a zero for the issued ammo. Shot 200 sitting and 300 rapid fire the 600 yards slow fire...
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    Convert Savage model 12 to single shot?

    Cut a section of aluminum tubing to fit the receiver magazine port. Glue it in so it can be popped out easily. Single shot magazine followers are available for several rifles. Check the link below: Or just remove the existing follower and spring.
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    How Many Use This Method to Zero a Rifle?

    I think ford8nr remembered his grade school ratio and proportion math lessons. 99.99% of us had them.