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    Boker - Argh.

    I had no idea until recently that Boker makes SO MANY KNIVES. There's hundreds of models. They seem to make for more models than any other company. Weird considering I've never seen one in the wild (except one I own). They really should rebrand the Magnum crap to distance their good knives...
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    Spyderco Stretch?

    No, but there's a vocal group of Stretch advocates at the Spyderco forums. I'm sure you won't be disappointed, Spyderco rarely makes a misstep with their mass production knife designs.
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    Axe sharpener

    Hmmm... the big 4x36 sanders are scary beasts. I prefer the cheap 1x30 that HF sells for around $30. The belt runs down (like a grinder), you point the blade up and it's all good. This way you don't build up a wire edge and there's no chance of the belt ripping nicks out of the blade. I have...
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    Sharpening VG-10 Spyderco

    RC is stearing you the right way. I just wanted to mention that VG-10 is a moderately hard to sharpen steel. You may find it takes more passes to get to that edge than a lower end steel. Keep at it, you'll get that thing sharp.
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    Ok, I need a new knife.

    Do whatever keeps your car keys from getting lost in the forest.
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    Best carry knife for 100$ - 150$

    There are so many options... blade shapes... blade length... plain edge/serrated/combo... hollow ground/FFG... overall weight... handle materials... spyderhole/thumbstud/flipper/assisted -- it's like asking "what kind of car should I drive?" Hard to go wrong with a Manix2. The higher end SOG...
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    Spyderco Warning

    I've bought so many Spyderco knives, from the 90's to a couple of last year's Manix 2's, with absolutely zero issues that I would probably chock this up to extreme bad luck. It's not really clear from the OP whether these screws are stripped or just not tight enought? The one issue I've seen...
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    Looking for feedback on the best AK for the buck

    Saiga or another MAK90. BTW, Saigas are now going to be imported under the "Kalishnakov" brand name starting this year, if the PR is to believed. They haven't been imported in a year or two so a flood of cheap Russian AK's is on the horizon. I wouldn't pay top dollar for an AK right now, I'd...
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    SKS just as good as an AK 47?

    It's pretty hard to argue with detachable magazines. I love my SKS but for any purpose other than sitting there looking pretty my Norinco AK wins out.
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    new razor [ sweeney todd movie blade]

    What bothers me about this blade isn't the potentially inappropriate steel/heat treat. That just means it won't stay sharp. What bothers me is the slight curve in the blade. Seems like it would make less contact with your face than a regular straight blade, so you need to make a lot more passes.
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    KSG Price Poll

    As a range toy/fancy gun $1k isn't outrageous. But everything I've read about this thing leads me to think it's a crap design. Just because it's a cool looking bullpup doesn't mean it's "innovative". Why they didn't go with a detachable magazine I don't understand. I'd take a Saiga 12 any...
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    Taurus ctg29 carbine

    MP5 magazines are proprietary and if MP5's were available at the same price point we'd all be all over them. There will be 3rd party mags if enough of these get sold. The real problem is the price point. At ~$650 it's up against AK's and budget AR's. Cheaper than a Cx4 or PS90 but those...
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    Statistical Food for Thought:FBI homicide data

    They can have my hands when they pry them from my cold, dead hands.
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    Talk me out of a PS90.

    I think you misinterpreted my post. I've never handled a PS90 but have no problem with it for home defense. In fact I wouldn't mind getting one for my wife, though we live in CA and the 10 round mags and other restrictions sort of limit the benefits of this gun. I don't have anything...
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    Talk me out of a PS90.

    PS90 seems like a decent gun and not that expensive compared to some of the other fun/oddball guns out there. But I've noticed that nobody seems to hang onto their 5-7 pistols, those things are easy to come by used. So I wouldn't buy the PS90 with the idea you're going to consolidate to the...
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    What is wrong with Arisaka?

    The .30-06 rounds I've bought (Winchester hunting rounds from Walmart) certainly fit in my T99's magazine. However, the U.S. military rechambered a pant-load of T99's in .30-06 for our allies to use and I've read that when they did that they milled a notch in the receiver where the tip of the...
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    What is wrong with Arisaka?

    Dat trigger... But there's lots to like about the Arisaka. I've got a T99 and never handled a T38, so can only comment on the T99. 1. Good sights. Sure, it's no 1903 or whatever you consider the pinnacle of rife sights. But it's got a nice long sight radius, pointy little front sight, and...
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    Mini Crossbows?

    I had one 20 years ago. Cheap gun show special. It worked well enough and I found some plastic bolts that seemed to hold up better. Trigger was terrible and the safety was sketchy.
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    Might be a fancy prybar if you ground all the sharp bits off. I prefer not to get my patriot blood on my work.
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    New dual mode trigger system BATF approved !!

    So what does that approval mean? That you could sell it without NFA issues? Not sure exactly how I feel about this sort of product from a practical point of view. But it's at least fun for the range.