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    Local Shop Owner: Sorry, I don't carry Kimber products anymore.

    Can't say I disagree too much; I'm kinda getting tired of Kimbers being held up as top-quality firearms simply because they're expensive; never have been impressed by them, I don't believe that their owners actually give a damn about guns per se, and their CS is legendarily (is that a word?)...
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    CZ 75 Safety question

    It would be more dangerous if it were dropped on the muzzle, not the hammer. The original CZ75s have no FP safety, so dropping it on the muzzle from a height sufficient enough could allow the FP to slam forward under inertia hard enough to set off the primer of a chambered round. I've seen a...
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    "It's impossible to get a quality 1911 made in the USA for under $2,000"

    Never heard that saying in my life, and if I had, I wouldn't believe a word of it anyway.
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    CZ 75b or 1911?

    Not true. The first shot is single-action after racking the slide as the hammer is obviously cocked during the process. Double-action for the first shot only comes into the picture if the hammer has been manually lowered after getting the chamber loaded in the first place. In other words, a...
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    Some states require ILSes and other safeties?

    Nor common-sense for their legislators, apparently.
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    Why not the FN/FAL over the M14 and AR-10?

    FAL is likely the least accurate of the 3 - it's a battle rifle that runs 2-3 MOA typically. On the other hand, it's a strong and reliable design, battle-proven in countless wars by over 90 countries around the globe; it happens to be my favorite. (I know I'm going to get someone saying how...
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    Starter O/U's??

    Look into 2nd-hand Miroku O/Us - made in Japan and they actually made the shotguns for many respected names eg Browning, Winchester, etc. I have one made for Charles Daly by Miroku - an inexpensive Venture model, but it outshoots me.
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    .308 based AR selection

    Darn - I have plenty of FAL mags, but I hadn't realized that the BCG, barrel, etc are specific to that variant. Thanks for the info :)
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    Ak-47 Parts Kit

    This has been a cool journey to watch, just fyi - congrats on what you've achieved! Now go clean that thing up so it looks like something you'd be proud to show off :D
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    CZ 75b or 1911?

    Buy whichever feels best in your hand first - then buy the other one later, because both are excellent designs :)
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    .308 based AR selection

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    Detonics rear sight

    Interesting reading: How the Detonics .45 Came About, The Very Early Days Includes a lot of the ideas and philosophy behind the design.
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    non citizens owning firearms?

    In my experience, it was no guns until 90 days after the issuance of the Green Card itself.
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    Campus Carry bill Tx

    SB354 has passed 4-to-2 - Huffman, Patrick, Whitmire and Carona vote yes, Ellis and Hinojosa voted no.
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    Practice, Practice, Practice

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    Most common rifle/hunting cartridge in Africa?

    Most South African farmers/hunters keep a .270 or .30'06 around the place. .308s and .243s can also be found in abundance, although they would take second place compared to the first two.
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    1911's overrated?

    Rubbish - the 1911 wasn't even a contender in the trials because they had to go 9mm in accordance with NATO agreements and specifically wanted double-action pistols, so how on earth can you say anything was answered? Even Glock wasn't even allowed to participate because it isn't a double-action...
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    Colt M4 6920 vs. DSA FAL Para

    You can get an AR any time - get a FAL before they're all gone.
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    1911's overrated?

    Fair enough - so which pistol is the best-designed, then, and why?
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    What would you do?

    I have a couple of meandering thoughts here: Pity it's not the old days where two guys could just get into a tussle ;) That said, don't ever fight if you can avoid it - prisons are full of people who said "But I didn't mean to punch him so hard that he fell over and died.". Don't let your ego...