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    Sig 250 Sub compact - brass to the face

    Turns out it was indeed an issue with the aluminum shells. I went through about 150 rounds of Blazer brass with no shells to the head. Tried a few more aluminum rounds and they were forehead magnets. Ouch! No problem. I'll use the cheaper aluminum rounds in my Glocks and will stick to brass with...
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    Sig 250 Sub compact - brass to the face

    I picked up a Sig 250 Sub Compact (9mm), took it to the range and found it was enjoyable to shoot, except I kept getting pinged in the face and forehead by spent shells. I am convinced the problem is not with the gun. There are several factors that make contribute to the assaulting shells. Can...
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    IWB holster for Sig 250 sub compact?

    It's such a new model, I can't find any holsters for it. The holsters for the 250 compact (as opposed to sub compact) don't fit because the trigger guard is different. Anyone know of a dedicated or generic IWB for this Sig?
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    Looking for IWB holster for 686 2"

    Hello, I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has real experience with IWB holsters for the 2" S&W 686+. I was steered to Hoffner's but he apparently isn't making holsters right now. I have a Fist #1 with a belt clip but I think I need something with straps/loops. OWB or a paddle holster is...
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    why's the trigger on my new smith 442 so heavy?

    I have several thousand rounds through my 442 and have done a lot of dry firing. This really smoothed the trigger out. I didn't realize how smooth it had become until I pulled the trigger on a brand new 442 at the gun store.
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    M&Pc or G26???

    I like both but I shoot the 26 better.
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    Honest Ruger LCP Review

    After giving up on my Kahr P380 I bought an LCP. Wish I'd done so in the first place. So far my LCP has worked without a hitch. I found it pointed naturally but after a few trips to the range I got a CT laser. Very accurate. For it's purpose it's a very good gun.
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    Any states require proof of ownership for your CCW

    Are there any states that require a licensed CCW holder to carry proof of ownership on their CCW handgun? I ask because of a conversation at a recent local gun show in which a vendor claimed he receives 3 or 4 calls a month requesting copies of sales receipts, from all over the country, from...
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    Christmas Shotguns....

    The day after Christmas I bought myself an 870 tactical 20ga. Decent end of the year price and they still had the $30 rebate.
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    Difference between S&W 442, 637, and 642

    Equal quality. At one point there were issues with the clear-coat finish coming off of some 642s when coming into contact with some types of cleaning solvent. I really have no idea if that's an issue with current 642s. It was just cosmetic. You can't go wrong with either model. I have had both...
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    My first rifle, Sub-2000

    Only about 25 or 30 feet this time.
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    My first rifle, Sub-2000

    I was fortunate to run across a Kel-Tek Sub-2000 9mm. I amazed at how accurate it is. I only ran about 50 rounds through it but look forward to taking it back to the range soon. I've been shooting handguns for about 10 years. This is my first plunge into rifles. It's a pretty fun gun. I do...
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    M&P vs. Glock Trigger

    When I'm shooting my Glock 26 and M&Pc 9mm side by side, they don't feel all that different to me, at least as far s the triggers go.
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    Kahr troubles

    I had the same light-strike problems with a P380 and Kahr was never able to correct the problem. I have a PM9 that runs like a top.
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    Do Fiocchi .380s have hard primers?

    Good info. The gun I'm having problems with is also a Kahr P380. Been back to Kahr 3 times now. I'm trying to narrow down or eliminate my ammo as the culprit. Thanks.
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    Do Fiocchi .380s have hard primers?

    Anyone know if Fiocchi .380 ball ammo is prone to light-strikes? Do they have unusually hard primers? Asking because I've been having issues with this with one of my pistols. Trying to narrow down possible causes. Thanks
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    Biggest handgun disappointment.

    Kahr P380 2 round trips to Kahr for FTF, premature slide lock and light strikes. Each time it came back it was in worse than when I sent it to Kahr. Bummed because it's the perfect size and shape for pocket carry and it is scary-accurate (when it actually goes bang).
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    my new P380 (Kahr) disappointments

    Clarification: I might be using "peening" incorrectly (or may not understand the term?). The edges marked with the arrows look like they've been planished with a tiny ball-peen hammer. It does not make sense because I can't see any place that makes contact with this area. In any case, I've...
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    my new P380 (Kahr) disappointments

    Yesterday I bought a Kahr P380, and had a chance to shoot it today. It has about 200 rounds through it so far. The good: The gun is very accurate. It has a very smooth trigger. The bad: The slide locks back on the second round about 50% of the time. Sometimes it will lock open on the...