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    Hickok45 Removed From Youtube

    Just noticed it was gone... I don't know the reason either. His one with his son is still up though, as far as I can tell.
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    suggestions for new cleaning/lubricating products?

    I'd like to see how each product performs upon adding more downward pressure on the weighted object, spinning around (how much weight it takes to stall the turntable)...also how each stands up to increasing heat, mimicking firing lots of rounds in rapid fashion.
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    Results of gun care product evaluation

    Tagged. Btw, I admit I rushed through this thread, but I was wondering if you did and or plan to do any tests on how these products stand up to heat in repeated firing...i.e. their resistance to flashing off the metal surfaces to which they are applied. Thanks!
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    What knife sharpener should I get?

    The Wicked Edge is pretty idiot proof when it comes to getting your knives sharp, but you have to be careful with the edge facing your down strokes. I made the mistake of sharpening a long Chef's knife while watching TV. One of the stone things bobbled in my hand and my finger tip went down the...
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    Which would you choose in a .40 Cal?

    Sig...but I would recommend you get a 1990's era, pre-Cohen/pre-MIM Sig. Remember to grease the frame rails good as outlined by Bruce Gray of Grayguns.
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    $300 NRA life membership

    Thanks Cvoharley!
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    Please donate whatever you can to NRA-ILA now!

    Donated...not $600 though!...wish I could.
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    $300 NRA life membership

    PT92, can you send me the PM please? Thanks!
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    7.62x39 ammo if AWB passes

    I've been fighting it and fighting it...but it is inevitable: I have to start reloading. I just don't have the time. I guess I won't have a choice eventually.
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    7.62x39 ammo if AWB passes

    What worries me is that Obama can (and will) sign an executive order to ban the importation of ammo. To me, AK's are designed to fire Russian steel case ammo, which is what makes them so attractive for those of us who are not rich. Shooting the AK will double in cost over night...and not do...
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    California and Handguns

    Welcome to gun-owner hell! Seriously though there are a lot of good people who share our interests. A good place to go is You will find all the information you need and more. Personally, I don't know the answer to your specific question...but someone on that site will for sure...
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    Handgun falls to concrete floor; how much damage?

    KaBooms are caused by many things related to over-pressure/lack of enough chamber support...usually an absence of chamber coverage at the rear 6 o'clock, deliberately designed as such to insure better feed reliability. Other big factors are rounds loaded way too hot, weak brass and bullet...
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    Caracal 9mm

    Any word on if and when they plan to release models in .40?
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    Double Taps still phony?

    I only ask because I have a bunch of older DT HP's...
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    Double Taps still phony?

    I pretty much read this whole thread, but it still leaves the question unanswered as far as I can tell: At what point (year) did DT begin to decelerated their rounds?...Or were they always slower than advertised? Does anyone know?
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    Kel-Tec Observations

    I had my P3AT worries about rusting anymore...ever. BTW, it never rusted with limited carry before I had it coated. The main difference is that now it is rust/bullet proof.
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    Caracal C. I'm a fan

    Nice video, as usual. Would very much like to see you do some comparisons with other like guns, such as the Glocks and others like Steyr and XDM's and M&P's using variables such as trigger, muzzle flip, size, reliability, accuracy, ergos, etc. I know lots on youtube do this, but you seem to be...
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    .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum versus 10mm Auto

    I contacted Underwood about their 180gr stuff and this was their reply: "They will definitely fit in the Mag. We do not have a 44 DE to test them out of, but I do know many of our customers do use them in their DE's and we have not had any problems reported. Thanks, Kevin" So I'll be...
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    .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum versus 10mm Auto

    Kinda old thread, I know. But Intercooler (and whoever else has tried the 180gr Underwood XTP's), I am interested in using these rounds in my Desert Eagle, however I want to make sure they will be reliable. Ordinarily, DE's are supposed to use 240gr HP's or SP's to work reliably, but I figure...
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    Dual recoil spring assembly merits

    I'm with you rcmodel, but over and over people swear the dual RSA's make their Gen 4's have a more tame recoil experience than their Gen 3's. Personally I attribute this to them using stock Gen 3 recoil springs which are probably weaker than Gen 4 RSA's...and also their preconceived belief that...